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The topic we will cover in this article will be the Top X Games Like Mahjong That Are Equally Fun. Mahjong is a strategic traditional Chinese game invented in the early 19th Century AD. This game is difficult to play and has many interesting strategic turns, which is why people like to play this game. But, do you ever feel like playing the games like Mahjong? Then, stay tuned. Because in this article will discuss the list of top X games that are similar to Mahjong and that you would enjoy playing them. Let’s move on to the list of games strategically similar to Mahjong.

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8 Best Games Like Mahjong

Below is the list of 8 games like Mahjong. Read this article to look for games like pokemon go.

Games Like Mahjong: Santorini

If you are searching for games like Mahjong, then Santorini is the game you would love to play.

A game that can be played with 2 to 4 players with plenty of strategy for experienced players. Even kids can enjoy this strategy-building game. The participants, who work in two teams, assume the roles of an ancient Greek deity or goddess building Santorini and vying to become its patron.


Two builders are available to each side, who can move them about the board and set building components on a neighboring tile. Builders entering that square after a level one structure has been placed will climb the building. The first team to the third level wins the match. The building components are a stack.

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Azul is a great arcade strategic game that Michael Kiesling made. This game is a pretty interesting game with simple rules. You play an artisan in Azul entrusted with decorating the Royal Palace of Evora’s wall surfaces with vivid tiles.


You can earn points by putting sets of tiles that match or satisfy the requirements of a specific pattern; however, wasting tiles results in a foul. It is one of the best games to play when you want to play the Games Like Mahjong.

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Games Like Mahjong: Onitama

The next on our list is one of the most popular games that are much more similar and strategic to the Mahjong game. Onitama is a complete intelligence conceptual game for two players having a random starting configuration. Each player begins the game with five pawns on their side of a 5×5 board, with the main piece in the center.


There are two available cards for each player, each showing a potential move for any of their pieces. Onitama is a quick-paced chess-like game in which players alternately use predefined movements to destroy the army of scholars and masters of the opposite team. 

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Anyone looking for games like Mahjong will like the deceptively straightforward abstract strategy game DVONN. Kris Burm created the two-player multi-game DVONN, played on a hexagonal board with 23 pieces for each player and 3 DVONN pieces.


Players start by freely moving all of their pieces around the board, beginning with the DVONN pieces. Then, by stacking your pieces on top of other pieces, you will move them all around the board in turns.

Only pieces partially gathered by other elements can move, and you must move your piece or pieces as many squares as there are in their pile. 


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Games Like Mahjong: Nova Luna

Lova Luna is the best game and a good strategic alternative for the Mahjong game. The amazing conceptual board game Nova Luna, created by Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel, is suitable for playing 1 to 4 players. You’ll appreciate Nova Luna’s simple but elegant mechanics if you’re looking for board games comparable to Mahjong.

nova luna

The board, a magnificent baroque ring with artistry by Lukas Siegmon, shows the moon’s phases. Certain “recipe” tiles on the board can be removed and put ahead of you. You advance throughout the board by the recipe tile’s number, and once you’ve placed the necessary colored tiles adjacent to each recipe, it has been completed. Once a recipe’s requirement is met, you put your token on it. You must lose all your tickets in the game to win this.

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Dragon Castle

Hjalmar Hach, Luca Ricci, and Lorenzo Silva created this four-player game with gorgeous illustrations. Here’s how you play this game:

dragon castle

  • stack the tiles as shown in the image
  • use these tiles to construct your fort on your board
  • you get points if the tiles are of the same color or pattern.
  • Once you score the tiles, turn all the tiles and start the second layer.

On each turn, you can also sacrifice one tile from the ‘Dragon Castle’ for a shrine.

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Games Like Mahjong: Zendo

If Mahjong is your type of game, then you will love Zendo by Kory Heath and Andrew Looney. It is a family game, and 3-4 players can play at a time, but it is not the easiest game where you play for the satisfaction of winning. 

games like mahjong zendo

Zendo consists of colored pieces arranged in pyramid and block forms. Here is how to play Zendo:

  • Select one moderator for the game
  • they get to decide the hidden rule for pyramids and formations

As the first hint, the moderator designs a good and inaccurate structure. Players then take turns building their constructions and either asking the moderator whether they are correct or having all players guess if they are correct. Guess what? Keep guessing. If you thought the hidden rule right, you earn assuming token points, which can lead to victory. 

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Shogi, commonly known as ‘Japanese chess,’ is a 600-year-old two-player complex tactical board game. Many rules are identical to those of Chess: to win, one must checkmate your opponent’s ‘king,’ and you have several different pieces with varied move rules. Shogi is played on a larger board (99 with flat pieces, some of which do not have a comparable piece in Chess.


Other changes in Shogi include that captured pieces become yours to play, and you can ‘promote’ specific pieces by getting them within three squares of your opponent’s side. Check out this article if you want to know about games made with unity. 

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According to the Mahjong rules, what is a player's time limit in a Mahjong game?

According to the rules of Mahjong, each player has his time to finish his part of the game. However, each player has a total of 3 minutes to perform their turns. The time-limit penalty is a little strict; you lose 5 points every 15 seconds above the time limit.

Mahjong consist of how many advancing levels?

Mahjong solitaire has a total of 300 different levels.

Which Mahjong game is most played and one of the most popular?

The Mahjong Epic game is the most played and one of the most popular of all Mahjong games.

What is the maximum count of players that are eligible to play Mahjong?

At a time, a Maximum of 4 players can play Mahjong.


Solving the levels and completing the tasks is a big challenge for all the players that like to play Mahjong. Mahjong is difficult to play and has many interesting strategic turns, which is why people want to play this game. In this article, we saw games like Mahjong that can be played as an alternative to Mahjong as they are built up strategically so well. If you love playing Mahjong, you should try playing these games like Mahjong.

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