Games Like Huniepop You Must Try | 9 Top Picks Of 2023

If you enjoy watching simulation sports, you are probably already familiar with the Huniepop game. In this game, you can simultaneously play two games: tile organization and dating entertainment. You can search for and play several games like Huniepop to pass the time. Let’s look at the 9 best games like Huniepop in this article.On the internet, there are several tile-matching puzzle games. One of the most well-known is Huniepop, which resembles an adult crossword puzzle. But sometimes, it becomes boring playing the same game all the time. So, there are many alternatives to this game.

In this article, we present you games like Huniepop:

  • Roommates
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Sengoku Rance
  • Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars
  • Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker
  • Shira Oka: Second Chances
  • The Flower Shop
  • Celestial Crossing
  • Adorable Crush

While some games use the same concept, others use a different storyline. As a result, you will discover several intriguing plotlines you had never considered. Additionally, you can open a variety of items and win adult-only gifts. So, let’s look at some apps and games similar to HuniePop for iOS and Android.

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List Of Top 9 Games Like Huniepop

Even these games can get you bored after a time, so we gave you a list of 9 games similar to Huniepop.


Because it belongs in the same category as Huniepop, the game is also famous as one of the most excellent alternatives. You can play visual novel games like Huniepop Android on most mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android.

roomatesYou must choose Anne or Mane as the game’s protagonist depending on the gender you want to play as in Roommates. Max is a college-age musician and singer who likes to rebel, unlike Anne, a shy and reserved girl.

Download Roommates

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Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messanger is among the most excellent games, like Huniepop. However, it is a game you may enjoy; women mainly play it. Cheritz created this fantastic game, also available for iOS and Android smartphones, in 2017.

mystic messengerIt has fantastic romantic games where you can alter the female lead’s name. While simultaneously downloading an app, she decides to meet six new people. The main character begins a relationship with a new kind of creature to uncover the truth about the organization that created the application.

Download Mystic Messenger

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Sengoku Rance

You don’t need to search further to enjoy games similar to Huniepop because Sengoku Race is the ideal option. It is a well-known dating sim game where you can take pleasure in humorous situations.

senguko ranceThe game’s protagonist is a ruthless and stern warrior named Rance. If you enjoy games like Huniepop for PC-style games, you won’t be able to put this fantastic game down. The significant characters differ significantly from the norm. This is because they seek to kill enemies out of wrath rather than any desire to exact revenge, and there is no melodrama acceptable in the entire scenario.

Download Sengoku Rance

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Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars

Conception II: Children of Seven Stars is a fantastic role-playing game similar to Huniepop. In the past 2013, Spike Chunsoft brought this super exciting game to the market, and it was globally official in 2016. Platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS, Windows, and PlayStation, are easily accessible and supportable. The offer is of only the single-player mode.

conception 3The focus of the game is on high school pupils that have ether in their bodies. He has a chance to win over more admirers, thanks to that. You participate in a game with your peers the entire time.

Download Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars

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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers Matchmaker is another free game like Huniepop for Android and iOS. Magic Notion set up it, and Mastertronic Group officially launched it in 2014; it is playable on all operating systems and consoles.

matchmakerEverything works on compatibility; therefore, Kitty Powers decides to start a matchmaking company. It employs you as a matchmaker. To identify the ideal match between two persons, you must provide information about one character to another.

Download Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Shira Oka: Second Chances

If you’ve found playing games like Huniepop boring, you should check out this great game since it will show you another way to play games of this type. You play a game with a high school-based plot, which makes it far more novel and relatable.

This game is an adult visual novel in which every character is a person. It develops around role-playing and offers the chance to have fun throughout. You’ll enjoy participating in the many mini-games. It is an easy-to-play game that will keep you busy for a while.

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The Flower Shop

Another title by Winter Wolves is The Flower Shop. Due to parallels with games like Huniepop, you will find it astonishing that they published it in 2010. It is available solely in single-player mode and works with iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

the flower shopYou will receive a visual novel and a farming mini-game when you download this awesome game. You can choose from various characters to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Download the flower shop

Celestial Crossing

This excellent visual novel game is one of the most well-known games like Huniepop, where you can indulge in dreams and various reality projections. Although you start weak, your objective is to develop solid and intellectual characters.

Hikaru, a high school student who likes to sleep all day and play his favorite games all night, is the character you play. But one day, two worlds merge, and suddenly his room is home to her game character. Playing games with him is the best and most exciting way for her to explain every notion in this world to him. Games like Huniepop for pc can also play it.

Download Celestial Crossing

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Adorable Crush

The virtual reality massively multiplayer online game similar to Huniepop is Adorable Crush. It combines a dating sim with anime/manga characters and puzzle gameplay. To win this adult game, you must approach all female characters and entice them (possibly with your puzzle tile game skills).

games like huniepopThis game, like Huniepop, includes various endearing characters that make leveling up fun as you meet more of them. Additionally, it is set in 2030, when dating anime ladies in virtual reality is possible. Games like Huniepop on Steam can also play it.

Download Adorable Crush

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Is HuniePop worth a try?

The main focus of this game is an adult visual novel. What you'll appreciate about games like Huniepop is that the designers tried to make it humorous rather than overly including obscene material. Without a doubt, the game is worth checking out.

What is the story of HuniePop?

In the dating simulation and adult visual novel game genres, Japanese games like Huniepop are a tremendous hit. In terms of expressing fantasies, the game has never been better. Kamidori, an orphan boy, is the central character in this game's story.

What attracts people to adult games like HuniePop?

These adult games are popular because of their frantic gameplay and romantic subject matter. I'm hoping you'll enjoy these games like Huniepop as well. Some of them are more interesting than Huniepop itself.

What are the best games like HuniePop?

Our second choice in the genre of games like Huniepop is Mystic Messenger. Most of the players in this game are women, as is typical in visual novels. Cheritz both created and released the game. It became accessible for Android and iOS consoles in 2016.

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Despite being an enjoyable dating sim game, HuniePop occasionally requires you to complete complex tasks. For clarification, you can download one of the nine games like HuniePop for Android and iOS that is previously reviewed. Then, participate in an exciting game cycle by playing all the close Huniepop options.

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