Top 10 Free Call Tracker Apps for Android | Best of 2022

How to trace a call? Are you tired of spam calls and irritating interruptions? Well here is the solution. If you ever wanted to spy on someone or locate an old contact then try these ten best call tracker apps I figured out. Call tracking and data monitoring apps can be effective utility for any smart phone.

There is no need to get into the complications. The apps today including movie apps, Cryptocurrency apps, flashcard apps, battery optimizing, call tracker etc. are straightforward to handle and apt to several android versions. Find the tools for tracking and much more in these call tracker apps.

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List of 10 Best Call Tracker Apps

Nowadays Utility apps are getting more popularity than any other category. And so here are the Best Call Tracker Apps in the market today.

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Mobile Caller Location Tracker

The first app on this list is called Mobile Caller Location Tracker. The app helps you to locate the mobile number, STD and ISD codes. The greatest advantage of this app is that it does not require internet connection for tracking.


You can record the calls in the latest update of the app. It just requires 2.5 MB of data. Call tracker apps are ample in number on the Play store but this one takes the first position in the list. I recommend this 3.7-rated app to you all.

Visit: Mobile Caller Location Tracker

Mobile Number Call Tracker

The next app is from the Bhima App developers. Mobile Number Call Tracker is one of the well-known call-tacking apps trending on the Play Store. The app claims to track all the numbers from any part of India. It can work in both online and offline modes.


The app size is a bit bigger than compared to rest of the call tracking apps. It has a download size of 11 MB. The 3.8 star rated app is reliable and efficient in working.

Visit: Mobile Caller Call Tracker

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Mobile number tracker

The Mobile Number Tracker app holds the record of 10 million downloads on the Play Store. The app provides the feature of tracking Indian, UK, USA mobile numbers, STD codes and ISD codes.


It provides several in-app features that give you the comfort of smooth communication. You can even detect spam and hoax calls. It even has a pro version that adds more features to the pile. The app has a download size of 6.6MB. I recommend this 4.2 star rated app to all users who want one app solution for several problems.

Visit: Mobile Number Tracker

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Call Tracking

When you use this call trace app the correct word to summarize it is simple. It provides the basic feature like other call tracker apps in the simplest steps and methods.


Call Tracking enlists several details of the calls and provides with daily trends in the on-going and outgoing calls. It has a download size of 2.4 MB. Amongst many other call tracker apps, I found this one with least complications.

Visit: Call Tracer

Mobile Caller Location Tracker

Mobile Caller Location Tracker app helps you locate the phone numbers, STD and ISD codes without internet connection. It has a Caller ID & Phone Tracker function which enables you to search the numbers across 246 countries.


In addition to India, USA and Canada, you can even track numbers from Pakistan. The call blocker feature of this app allows you to prevent unwanted and disturbing spam callers. It has a download size of 3.7 MB and has 3.9 star rating on the Play Store.

Visit: Mobile Caller Location Tracker app

Call Tracker

Next is an app called Call Tracker. It comes with the feature of tracking numbers when the call is taking place. Suppose you are trying to call a vendor or delivery boy and he or she is unable to pick your phone, this app is a great help. It provides you with the information of the nearby places to the caller where you can contact and get help.

call tracker


If you don’t want to take the trouble of explaining long routes to people then this app is surely a boon for you. The app is just 4.3 MB in size and it has a 3.9 star rating on the Play store.

Visit: Call Tracker

Call Tracker

This is another one from the top mobile Call Tracker apps present on the Play Store. Though it has the same name as the previous one, it comprises different capabilities and features all together. You can track your phone calls, SMS and even GPS location.



The app shows call history and even provides back up of all your contacts. It claims to have low battery consumption. You just need to download 2.1 MB and this 4.5 star rated app will track all your numbers.

Visit: Call Tracker

Caller ID & Number Locator

Called ID is one big app that claims to track any number in the world including 246 countries and 12982 cities. The precision of tracking in this app makes it a pioneer amongst other call tracker apps.



You can block unwanted calls with the call blocker option. It provides you the feature of searching ISD and STD codes offline. The download size for this app is 5.4 MB. If you want a combination of features along with call tracking then this 4.2-rated app takes the first place.

Visit: Caller ID & Number Locator

SMS and Call Tracker

Next, up is the app called SMS and Call Tracker app. You can not only track phone calls but also the SMS which is received on the number. It can track the calls even during the ongoing incoming or outgoing call.

sms and call


The app allows you to make notes of the calls and SMS of your device. You can edit these notes in future. The 2.2 MB app is packed up with some unique features. With 100 thousand downloads on the play store, this 4.1 star rated app cannot be ignored.

Visit: SMS and Call Tracker

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Mobile Caller Tracker Location

The last app on my list is really something to look at. The Mobile Caller Tracker Location app has a download record of 500 thousand downloads. Talking about the features, it is a basic app that works without internet connection.

mobile caller


You can view the area and operator of the incoming calls. It can search for STD code all over India and ISD codes from around the world. You just have to download 2.5 MB and enjoy this amazing 3.8 star rated app.

Visit: Mobile Caller Tracker Location


Here I have reviewed some of the best Call Tracker Apps which are efficient in locating your caller. With these apps on your smartphone, you are totally safe and your privacy is protected as well. They are designed with your safety in mind. If you’re starting a business with a low budget, your customer service department can use one of these call tracker apps to track your suspicious customers.

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