Top Free Apps Like Procreate To Boost Your Creativity

You wish to download free apps like procreate. Without question, Procreate is a unique app; when it comes to visual creation on portable devices, Procreate is unique. Only the most recent and sophisticated iPad devices can use it. However, Windows or other OS system users who are artists also wish to enjoy using Procreate.


We present you with the most comprehensive list of free apps like procreate to meet the demands of brilliant and fabulous artists worldwide. Here are free apps like procreate- Vectornator, Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Painter 2022, and Tayasui Sketches.

You are not a software cracker; you are an artist. It is only productive if you spend little time using complicated emulator tools. This article will offer a quick rundown of apps like procreate free. So let’s go over the list step by step.

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Top Free Apps Like Procreate

Let’s discuss the top free apps like procreate mentioned below.

Adobe Fresco

While Adobe Fresco works with many devices, Procreate is only compatible with high-performance iPads. For instance, you only need to make one purchase to utilize the product across many operating systems, including Windows, iOS, & iPadOS.

It is among the free apps similar to procreate.

Its main artistic attributes are:

  • Painting with live brushes
  • Vector and raster brushes adobe fresco
  • The digital art studio is appropriate for illustrators, artists, animators, and other creatives.

Thanks to the great artist Kyle T. Webster’s thousands of imaginative paintbrushes and Adobe Photoshop Artboard customizations, you can use watercolor and oil paints on the same canvas.

  • Effects of smudge and swirl on your artwork and illustrators
  • To display 3D textures having height & depth, use virtual color thickness.
  • With a cloud-based artboard, you may begin drawing on an iPhone and finish it on a Windows PC or vice versa.

Visit: Adobe Fresco

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A sketchbook enhances creativity with its tools for creating quick drawings and finished artwork. Given all the professional features, you can quickly call it to reproduce for Windows.

Users receive a wide range of movable rulers, brushes, guides, & stroke tools that they can use to create the desired precision and style. This tool’s layers & blend modes provide you the versatility you need to experiment with different drawing styles and color palettes.


With its simple interface, Sketchbook gives the impression that you are drawing on paper. Tools like brushes & pens can be used effortlessly, giving users complete control. You may focus on your artwork by hiding the app’s toolbars and palettes when not in use.

Visit: sketchbook


Are you looking for a free program that functions similarly to Procreate for Windows? If so, Inkscape is a fantastic option for web designers, illustrators, and artists of all skill levels.


It gives you calligraphy, pencil, and pen tools to draw calligraphy freehand with straight lines and curves. Another helpful feature of this program is adding any form to your work with the shape tools. Alignment, & layering are other features of this program. You can use the color picker tool for coloring to select colors, fill pa11tterns, alter gradients, and mark paths.

Visit: Inkscape

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Affinity Designer

Windows app for picture and illustration editing that works on Windows, Mac, and iPad is called Affinity Designer. It is a highly effective professional program that is perfect for graphic artists.affinity designer

It enables you to produce world-class concept art, UI designs, logos, icons, print projects, & mock-ups—artists who desire a seamless integration of vector and 2D design tools. You can pan & zoom while working on it at 60 frames per second to see it in more detail.

Before saving their work, artists can evaluate all transformations and curve changes. On this tool, there are also live previews of the blend mode. Other essential elements of Affinity Designer include effects, live gradients, & tweaks.

Visit: Affinity Designer

Corel Painter

A stable and high-quality tool for digital art is Corel Painter. Its realistic brushes, excellent blending, & art tools let you create illustrations, paintings, and drawings with unrivaled skill. It is among the free apps like procreate.


World-class pic tools for painting on a blank canvas are available on this platform. It is a unique tool because of features including brush control, canvas control, color mixing, and customization. You may bring your ideas to life with its interactive digital brushes and Natural-Media emulation. Additionally, you can personalize the brushes, patterns, & palettes with this software. 

Visit: Corel Painter


To enjoy digital drawing, you must be familiar with the Krita drawing application. This is unquestionably the best Procreate substitute. This tool, which is of a professional caliber, is free. With this free software, you can produce beautiful paintings, cartoons, works of art, and intricate graphics.


It is jam-packed with numerous potent tools to aid your creative process. To compete fiercely with Procreate, they upgraded the user interface. It also supports raster graphics.

Visit: Krita

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Clip Studio Paint

For individuals who desire a program that is simple to use, this drawing tool is perfect. You can sketch with a realistic brush feel, thanks to it. You can produce flawless artwork with remarkable precision using this tool.

clip studio paint

Thanks to this, you can choose brushes depending on the art you wish to make. Overall, this application is packed with features.

Visit: Clip Studio Paint


Use ArtRage if you’re starting started with digital painting. It has various painting tools to produce stunning works of art.


You can adjust all of your tools for greater flexibility. The user interface is orderly and tidy for the best possible experience.

Visit: ArtRage

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Is There a Windows procreate alternative and apps similar to procreate?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the better options. It is a premium piece of software with a tonne of functionality. Inkscape and Krita are good choices if you're looking for a cost-free substitute. Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint are further excellent alternatives to Procreate.

Which apps are free alternatives to procreate?

Procreate has more than 25 substitutes available. AutoDesk Sketchbook is the best option if you want the closest substitutes. It is a well-regarded drawing program comparable to Procreate. The program's availability for free is its best feature.

What surpasses Procreate in quality?

2019 saw the release of Fresco, a new app for iPad users. This program is thought to be on par with Procreate, and some people even think it's better. Despite being new, Procreate already has direct competition in this app. It completely changes the playing field in the industry and includes robust tools. Both vector & pixel formats are compatible.

Is Procreate a Good Investment?

One of the top software programs for creating graphics is called Procreate. It enables you to produce incredible graphic creations. Not only that, but you may also use it to sketch and draw. Additionally, it offers complex layers, art tools, more than 100 brushes, and many other features.

Final Words

You’ve already seen some fantastic free apps like procreate that you may use to doodle and illustrate regularly. Windows supports all of these applications. Procreate may be used on any iPad, regardless of age. You can launch your graphics design career by using any alternate programs.

Try any of the programs above if you want to give your visual arts projects performance and originality similar to Procreate. You will agree after trying them that these visual art tools are on par with Procreate for Windows.