Best Film YouTube Channels For Movie Lovers In 2023

Are you a movie lover who wishes to watch your favorite movies online on youtube? If so, then this is the most suitable place for you. This article will provide you with the best film youtube channels for movie lovers in 2023 to help you discover the perfect movies. Also, check out the best 3D printing youtube channels.

Some of the best movie youtube channels for you can be:

Most Amazing Film YouTube Channels

Some of the best film youtube channels for movie lovers in 2023 are as follows:

Movie Clips

This channel from Los Angeles, CA, is one of the most amazing YouTube film channels. It has the most extensive collection of authorized movie clips available online on the Fandango MOVIECLIPS channel.

movie clips

Because they are passionate about movies, their genomics team has watched hundreds of them choose the best moments, scenes, and memorable quotes from all their favorite movies. All movie genres, whether action, humor, drama, western, horror, or any other, are covered on this channel, making it one of the best. 

Movie Clips Trailers

As soon as they are released, head over to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers film youtube channels for hot new trailers. The Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers crew is ready day and night to ensure that all the unique, sexiest movie trailers are always accessible whenever needed.

Visit: Movie Clips

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Film Riot

The hyperactive mind of Ryan Connolly created Film Riot, a how-to journey through the art of filmmaking.

film riot

Film Riot delves into the skill of filmmaking in a means you’ve never glimpsed before, making it the best film youtube channel, wrapping everything from how to build incredible effects to following Triune Films through production. Click here for the best youtube channels for Learning Spanish.

Visit: Film Riot

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Channel Awesome

It has a tonne of information on Nostalgia Critic, including reviews of entertainment, most frequently comedies, and any movie you can discover.

channel awesome

It will provide one justification for why things went wrong in previous movies, which makes it the top film YouTube channel. 

Visit: Channel Awesome

Every Frame Painting

Suppose you enjoy learning about artists, filmmaking, and backstage activities. The Movie’s technical team and theory are depicted in every frame painting.

every frame a painting

A truly unique platform to highlight how difficult it is for filmmakers to understand the past. It is one of the great excellent channels for people who love to watch behind the scenes and about the lives of the directors and cast. Read this article for the 6 best codings YouTube channels.

Visit: Every Frame Painting

Mr. Sunday Movies

Suppose you are a Superman or are interested in VFX and sci-fi. In that case, this is the perfect channel with the most fantastic collection of superhero and science fiction films—examining the movies’ omitted scenes, insights, and entertaining elements.

mr. sunday movies

It assumes based on reviews, movie trailers, and the actual film. There are also canceled movies on this channel. 

Visit: Mr. Sunday Movies

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Your Movie Sucks 

This channel airs lousy movies to make you feel bad. Your Movie Sucks explains why certain films are poor, even with positive elements.

your movie sucks

It is the best channel to find humor in bad too, and it makes you laugh and helps you know which Movie not to watch for the right reason. You can giggle while watching the humorous, Ken-observant flagship YMS videos.

Visit: Your Movie Sucks

Screen Rent

A sizable collection of detailed and in-depth videos about every aspect of movies is available through Screen Rent. It includes more in-depth evaluations, fascinating facts, bloopers, and movie theories which the audience enjoys.

screen rant channel

You become wittier and more knowledgeable as a result. Also, you can have different kinds of entertainment related to movies, which is why this is the best youtube channel. 

Visit: Screen Rent

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How Should It Have Ended 

Well, this channel makes your wish come true; this youtube channel creates drawings of potential movie endings. They draw fantastic superheroes, Batman, and comic book sketches.

how should it have ended

This one is the ideal channel for those disappointed in the Movie’s ending and who want something different. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with a movie’s conclusion, this channel will grant your request. Read this article on how you can sell a movie script to Netflix.

Visit: How Should It Have Ended 

Chris Stuckman

One of the best movie critics ever seen is Chris Stuckmann, one of the best film YouTube channels. He always objectively assesses in a fun video and discusses recent releases and older movies.

chris stuckman

He also discusses anime, and on Sundays, he alternates between his very entertaining “Retro Rewind” and “Hilario City” programs.

Visit: Chris Stuckman

Jeremy Johns

Most likely, one of the most well-known YouTube movie reviewers with more than 1 million subscribers. His tremendous energy and stand-up style are entertaining to watch him review movies.

jeremy johns

With a few trailers and analysis videos here and there, he covers every Movie released and gives the most relevant reviews. Want to learn the top 5 best plex plugins for tv and smartphone? Read This.

Visit: Jeremy Johns

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Once upon a time, to get a news update on what was happening in the film industry, I would read 20 to 25 pieces across five different websites. To stay informed, I now watch Colliders movie chat every day. All the most recent news, significant trailer releases, and even what happened at the box office over the weekend are covered on their live broadcasts, which air Monday through Friday.


These were the list of a few best film youtube channels for movie lovers in 2023 that every person who wants to be entertained by movies must know. Now, here are the answers to a few questions that people may ask: –

Visit: collider

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Describe the content that's most popular among youth in 2023?

You can use these tapes to show your audience how your company/brand works. It allows you to display both the inner workings of your company and the relatable, human side. Additionally, this will promote more views and interaction.

Where can I locate YouTube full movies?

On the YouTube homepage, it is at the very top. Enter after typing youtube movies into the search box. It will look for videos on the YouTube Movies channel, where you can rent or buy movies on YouTube.

Does YouTube offer any free movies?

YouTube's free-to-watch films are accessible here, and you can find them easily. While there are over 300 titles available on YouTube for free viewing, you can also rent or buy movies there. All of them are marked as Free with Ads.

Which OTT offers Star Films?

In contrast to occasionally airing programs like MasterChef Australia, India screens fewer premieres and promotes more expensive films on their OTT service Disney+ Hotstar.


Anytime you want to be entertained, you have the list of best movies on youtube channels with you. Also, these channels will provide you with the most amazing content for movie lovers and will not disappoint you.

This article comprised the 14 best films YouTube channels for movie lovers in 2023 that are most popular among audiences. Also, click here for eight movie catalog software to store. Movies

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