Fake News Generator Websites | Top 10 Fake News Generator Sites

The internet can serve many purposes. However, not all of them are useful. For example, have you ever read a piece of news and learned it was fake? Websites that serve various evil purposes are among the many legitimate websites competing for your attention. With the growing number of websites responsible for creating fake content, you must have experienced something similar. Many fake news generator websites create fake news, some of which can fool people. Although nothing good comes out of these websites, they can be used as a way to have fun with your friends and family. Like fake news generator websites, you can also look at Best 7 Fake Paypal Receipt GeneratorSeveral tools on the internet can also help you generate fake receipts to keep track of your expenses.

fake news generator websites

While discussing fake news generator websites, we have compiled a list of the top 10 websites. These websites allow you to read and create fake news according to your requirements. This article will take you through top fake news generator websites, so you know what is authentic and fake.

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Top 10 Fake News Generator Websites

 Fake news websites have their reasons for creating websites that often misguide people. But it is our responsibility to differentiate the truth from the lies. Read further to know the top 10 websites responsible for generating fake news.

The Onion

  • The Onion is one of the leading websites that generate fake news. No other satire website comes close in terms of brand recognition and readership.
  • The best thing about The Onion’s website layout is its design. It’s similar to what you would expect from a news site. There is no hint that the articles are satire. Many high-profile figures have criticized this approach.

the onion_fake news website

  • For example, John Fleming, a Republican congressman, famously rants on his Facebook page about an article entitled “Planned parenthood opens $8 billion abortion plea”. At the same time, Fox News quotes segments from Obama’s non-existent 75,000-word email to the American people. Other sections cover News, Science and Technology, and Entertainment, making it look like a replica of an authentic website.

Visit: The Onion

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  • The people responsible for The Onion are also responsible for the Clickhole.
  • The Onion is a news site that presents itself as severe, but Clickhole draws its inspiration from BuzzFeed and Upworthy.
  • Its goal is to “make sure all [our] content panders and misleads readers just enough so it goes viral.” The Guardian newspaper has asked whether the articles are “satire of clickbait” or good satire done in clickbait.


  • Have a look, and you can make your own decision. Every day, you can expect ten new articles from this website, obviously fake ones.

Visit: Clickhole

Waterford Whispers News

  • Are you looking for satire that includes a healthy dose of Irish humor? Then Waterford whisper news is just for you. It also stands among the best fake news generator websites.
  • Ireland is known for its endlessly funny jokes. Waterford Whispers News uses this stereotype to create a humorous and engaging website.

wfw news fake

  • You can also find many swear words, as you would expect from an Irish website. The majority of headlines include at least one curse word.

Visit: Waterford Whispers News – Irish Satire news

El Jueves

  • El Jueves is undoubtedly the best Spanish-language and best fake news generator website that did a hilarious fake news prank.
  • The parody begins with the name. Despite being called El Jueves (Thursday), the newspaper’s print edition is published every Wednesday.

el jueves fake news

  • Its primary focus is comic strips and cartoons that mock the day’s news. This publication has been frequently in trouble with the law.
  • The most recent example was 2014, when the front cover featured King Juan Carlos giving a crown made of feces to Prince Felipe, his son and heir.

Visit: El Jueves

The Beaverton

  • This list of the fake news generator websites is followed by The Beaverton, one of Canada’s most famous satire websites. This site alternates between comedy and satire based on real life.
  • Predictably, they give the most attention to politics and current affairs, but there are sections for Sport and Business.
  • Their featured sections also include Celebrities and Lifestyles.

beaverton fake news

  • The website once posted an article on NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield. He became famous for his tweets from space and was charged a $1.3million roaming fee upon his return to Earth. This news was a popular reporter in many Asian countries in 2013.

Visit: The Beaverton


  • SatireWire existed between 1999 and 2002. After eight years, it was back in 2010 when it became the best fake news website.

satire wire fake news

  • It won many Webby Awards during its first three years and often surpassed The Onion’s readership numbers.
  • The creator decided to write a book and then work for the BBC, so it ceased operation. However, it has been back for seven years and continues to deliver a steady stream of fake news articles and satire daily.
  • Although it may not reach the same heights again as in 2002, it is well-deserving to be on this list of fake news generator websites.

Visit: The SatireWire

Faking News

  • Faking News has left India’s most prominent satire news website after The UnReal Times abruptly shut down in late 2016.
  • The site presents its content as if it were real news, just like many other sites on the list.

faking news site (1)

  • Due to its geographic location, the stories mainly focus on India and its neighbors.
  • Don’t let this put you off from reading. The news in India lends itself to satire. Both English and Hindi versions of the content are available.

Visit: Faking News

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The Borowitz Report

  • The Borowitz Report is a column in The New Yorker.
  • It was written by Andy Borowitz, the man behind “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
  • The website also takes a humorous look at current affairs. Although the topics are usually centered on politics, they can be adapted to any topic.

borowitz report

  • Each week, readers can expect to see three or four new articles. Although the pieces aren’t very long (often only 400 words), they are all well-written and give you a good laugh.

Visit: The Borowitz Report

Private Eye

  • Private Eye is a British magazine and is one of the oldest fake news generator websites. The Private Eye has been around since 1961.
  • It is also the UK’s most popular news and current affairs magazine.
  • Surprisingly, its circulation numbers are increasing as we move forth in the calendar.

private eye fake news (1)

  • In 2016, it averaged 250,000 copies per week, a new record.
  • It is known for its sarcastic humor and mockery of everyone, from Prime Ministers to newspapers.
  • It is now so well known that many of its columns, recurring features, and parodies are part of UK pop culture.

Visit: The Private Eye

Bizstandard News

  • These stories became real news for many and were then shared and cited.
  • The disclaimer states that the stories could be true because reality is so bizarre nowadays.
  • The disclaimer also states that it is a satirical website to mock the 24-hour news cycle.

bistandard fake news (1)


  • Its name also shares an uncanny resemblance with Business Standard, an unrelated Indian English-language daily newspaper.


How can I verify that a URL is safe to use?

Copy/paste URLs into the search box to determine if they are safe. Hit Enter to confirm. Google Safe Browsing's URL Checker will quickly test the link and give you a report on its legitimacy and reputation. Google's URL scanner is easy to use.

Which websites are termed phishing websites?

Phishing schemes are more sophisticated and potentially more dangerous today than ever before. They are created to trick people into thinking it is legitimate. A phishing site is a website that looks and acts identical to an official website.

What if I accidentally clicked on a suspicious link?

After clicking on a phishing link, you need to disconnect your device and all networks from the internet. This will stop malware from spreading to other synchronized devices.

Is HTTPS safe?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It uses an SSL security certificate. This certificate encrypts all communication between the website's visitors and the site. This certificate encrypts the information that you provide on the website. Cybercriminals can't intercept it.


Now that you know the best fake news websites from all over the globe, it is up to you to decide which is your favorite. Many of these websites have a layout similar to several authentic websites that can often be misleading. These websites deliver a wide range of content from different geographical locations, contributing to their authenticity. You can also visit Sites Like Reddit: Best Reddit Alternatives in 2023 | Check it Out if you have a knack for online reading.