F1 Live Streaming In India To Watch In 2023

Lights Out! It’s F1 time. Want to watch your highest racing benchmark, Formula 1, live in India? Is F1 live streaming in India available for free? If these questions are your major concerns, you’re in the right place! Here’s a detailed guide on watching F1 live to make your F1 streaming experience alluring and worth the try!

Formula 1 is currently facing a situation in India where, after a long period of approximately 20 years, it does not have an official broadcaster. Star Sports, which has been the longstanding official broadcaster of Formula 1, made the decision not to renew its rights with the sport.

This page is one for you on where and how to watch F1, even if you’re just a rookie looking to start your wonderful F1 streaming experience. Most of our readers have also opinionated that you’re mostly here watching the popular Netflix show Drive To Survive. Is this true?

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How To Watch F1 On TV?

Looking for an F1 broadcast in India in 2023 on TV? Ready to raise those adrenaline levels?

f1 on tv

Star Sports or Fox Sports is the official broadcast platform of F1 in India. If your cable operator offers these channels and you have a subscription for the same, you can conveniently view F1 using this means.

Other Streaming Sites Or Platforms For F1 Live Streaming In India 

Looking for live TV apps or platforms to watch F1? Let us accept that you are living in India or are voyaging abroad. What’s more, you don’t have a membership to Star Sports. What will you do for F1 live streaming in India? Web control won’t permit you admittance to limited other regions. You can also try downloading a VPN to watch F1 live streaming in India. Yet, you need to be familiar with paid and free channels first to avoid any problems.

Platforms for F1 Live Stream 2023 India: Free Using A VPN

Below are some of the best platforms for Live F1 Stream In India 2023.


SuperSport has a splendid user interface.


Also, you can look at the planned matches on their main home page.

Visit: SuperSport



You will have some thoughts regarding how to watch F1 in India free of charge. Pick BossCast. It is even liked as a most loved streaming channel on the web. You can stream F1 in India on it if you have a dependable VPN association.

Visit: BossCast


Reddit is best for Formula 1 to stream live for free.

reddit It has fantastic video quality, and the clients also can share recordings. 

Visit: Reddit

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Paid Channels To Live F1 Broadcast In India 2023

Below are some of the Paid Channels for Live F1 Streaming.

Total Sports Network

Using a VPN, you can conveniently watch f1 live streaming in India on TSN. There are likewise other paid platforms for F1 streaming in India.


The RDS, RTS, RSI for Switzerland, and Noovoo for Canada require a commendable mention. You can pick any of these to watch F1 streaming in India on the surety that you have a VPN association.

Visit: TSN


The occupants of the USA can watch F1 live streaming in India on ESPN+. The use of this particular channel is free of cost.


That being said, it is only accessible to those having a subscription to the channel. It includes the connections of the matches on the landing page. For F1 live streaming in India, get a VPN administration.

Visit: ESPN+

Sky Sports

For sky sports, you will require a dependable VPN administration, for example, NordVPN, to supplant public control or Geo-hindering while using this means.

sky sports

You will need a reliable VPN administration, for example, NordVPN, to supplant public authority or Geo-hindering. Be that as it may, Geo-obstructing may confine you from getting to this channel from India.

Visit: Sky Sports

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F1 Streaming India On OTTs: Several Options To Choose From

The adrenaline, the good times! 

It’s okay to wind the principles a little free for all F1 streaming India offers. How do you watch F1 in India when you don’t have access to a particular site? The web is brimming with links for F1 streaming in India not long before the match begins. You simply need a dependable VPN association to pursue the sites. Awesome right?


Other options include formula one live streaming in India on my favorite choice, The Disney+ Hotstar Ott, with a paid subscription. There are many more Ott platforms to watch live matches of not just F1 but other sports as well.

Download it with the help of this.

Issues That Can Arise During F1 Streaming in India.

Haven’t you got any VPN administration at this point? A few specialized and lawful issues can hamper your experience of F1 streaming in India. Peruse the following segment to learn how to watch F1 in India and defeat these perils.

Low Streaming Quality

low streaming quality on f1

Buffering and broken pictures can influence your F1 streaming experience in India. How do you watch F1 in India with VPN to avoid this issue? Trustworthy VPN suppliers get you far from the carefulness of web access providers. Further, any VPN with a high-level convention lets no outside substance affect your web association.

Control Issues

How to watch F1 in India, or how to stay stowed away? Public or nearby oversight might limit your admittance to F1 streaming India destinations. control issues on f1Certain local websites F1 Streaming India might also be obstructed in your working environment. 

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Schedule For 2023: Formula 1 

The F1 plan for 2023 has 23 lineups, dependent upon the agreement’s provisions among race coordinators and the Formula One Group for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as well as tolerant COVID-19 standards laid out by nearby specialists and the Formula One Group.

formula 1 2023

For a detailed schedule and their respective circuits, you can click here.

What Are F1 Sprint Races 2023?

After a fruitful preliminary attempt in 2021, the F1 Sprint races are back for the 2023 season. Fans at the track and home are waiting for some virtual adrenaline rush at the end of the week without losing out on the customary qualifying time on Saturday.

f1 sprint races 2022

A ‘conventional’ qualifying race will happen on Friday evening. In three meetings, drivers will push to set the quickest lap in three unique rounds. Toward the finish of the initial two races, the slowest five drivers will be disqualified. During the third meeting, the last ten drivers intend to set the quickest lap with time. The sequence where the 20 drivers finish is the sequence they will arrange on the race track for the Sprint race.

Sprint qualifying, in a nutshell, is a short-structure Grand Prix – a race that is 33% the laps of the headliner on Sunday. Nonetheless, the drivers are engaging for positions on the race track, to begin with, on Sunday.

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Is it possible to watch F1 live online?

Yes, you can stream Formula 1 live on F1 TV and various other options provided above.

Which channel shows F1 live streaming in India?

The Star Sports Channel shows F1 Live in India.

Is Formula 1 Live India stream available on Amazon Prime?

As recent news goes, Formula 1 TV Pro on the Amazon Prime website is ready to be made available. The subscribers of Amazon Prime Video can conveniently then access Formula 1's web-based feature, ensuring that they are situated in regions where this assistance is accessible.

Can I watch F1 on Hotstar?

Yes, you conveniently can with an active subscription.


Do you have other better ways to watch F1 Live in India? The world of F1 and its various streaming platforms is constantly evolving and increasing in number. The article mentioned above is a quick reference to the easiest possible ways to stream F1 in India. If this does work for you, feel free to share it with others who might want to enter the world of F1. For more info on F1 -related concerns, check out our other articles.

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