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“Dance to the beat of your drum.” You know what? All men were created equal, but then some became drummers. A drummer is an essential person who lays the foundation in a band, which in fact, is the only person who gets to sit on his throne. ‘Throne’! Yeah, you heard it right. Being a drummer is pretty hard. He is not just a follower but instead a leader who has a hell lot of stamina like a football team. He is a weird kind of a leader who is unnoticed by people as he is struggling at the back to bring the best while the front guys take all the limelight. So we listed drum programming software to bring out the drummer in you.

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So basically, what I mean is, “No drums, no life; no drums, know life.”

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Why Drum Software?

If one is scouting for the best drum software for yourself, no worries, I will get you there, but I know many of you dumb people will be thinking, why not physical instruments?

  1. Cheap. Now when I say that, I mean not only its purchasing cost but also its operational cost. As everyone pretty much knows that how many times you need to repair your instruments, I don’t think something as decent as software would need that.
  2. Versatile. I totally get you cant get the vibe of the real drum, but it offers you much more than that. I mean, as long as you are a rational consumer, getting more at less cost is what you will expect, and that is exactly what it will offer.
  3. Space. Many times you lack the space to put your equipment, so the best possible alternative available is obviously the best software drummer, which will offer you absolutely perfect rhythmic track.

Best Drum Softwares

Here are the best drum software for 2021

Geist 2

Now there are two kinds of opinion on this. The first type believes that this basically fucks up the workflow and GUI, but the good part is only a handful of them speak like that. These are basically people with lame perceptions of believing geist one the best and all those lazy asses who find it hard to learn the new features. Anyway, let’s not drag their ideas and know this software’s real worth.

Geist 2

Guys, trust me on this. Geist 2 is far better than Geist1 in almost every possible way. I mean, having eight layers on a pad with velocity split is what one can ask for? More than anything, it’s fast and fluid. It’s worth your investment as the company did take lots of effort for its second version, unlike some of them whose promises are so high, but in reality, there is hardly any change. They haven’t fooled you, is what I bet.

All those cheap bugs are fixed by this revolution, which is why you will feel a whole new instrument. Also, what about going back in time with an old school touch? Then you should definitely try its sampler emulation mode.

It’s easy peasy to manipulate the sounds that too, really fast. If you are a fan of live sequencing and modeling, don’t wander. This will appeal to you fully.

Visit: Geist 2

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Xfer Nerve

It might look quite simple and two decades old, but it is not so ordinary in actual working. It is infact best drum machine software. It’s quite extraordinary with its top sound designers. Sounds and sounds and a hell lot of sounds. It basically has this huge library of sounds. It pretty much covers more than what you would actually need, although its naming technology is a bit different in sounds, that’s what makes it stand out.

xfer nerve drum software
Xfer Nerve

Its effects are pŕogrammed, which is both good and bad. Good as there is no chance of you waiting for the software to respond after it hangs up. Some softwares hang so much so that a point comes where one could easily complete a 1000 words essay, but they won’t respond. Coming back to its disadvantage is you no longer be able to set up parameters for a certain effect.

Visit: Xfer Nerve

Arturia spark 2

To get the real feeling of a drum, you can’t miss this one. Go creative quickly. For all those creative heads out there, do not miss this one, as it allows you to exploit your creativity quickly. You can either use it as stand-alone software or otherwise as it pleases you. It comprises the latest GUI.

arturia spark 2
Arturia spark 2

A slightly different feature of this masterpiece is its library is vintage, which is quite rare to find with high-quality standards. The best feature, I believe, is its Automation.

Visit: Arturia spark 2

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Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 Drum VST

In case you are a professional searching for something more professional and reliable, this is best for your studio.

toontrack drum software
Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 Drum VST

It’s one of the oldest in line, and that’s how easily you can rely on it.

Visit: Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 Drum VST

Image line Drumaxx

This is the best midi drum software. It suits best for music enthusiasts and, of course, professionals. This is an incredible app for music making.

image line drumaxx
Image line Drumaxx

No matter which genre you would like to arrange your grooves and beats, these drummer’s plugins are just Wow!

Visit: Image line Drumaxx

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