Download GIFs from Twitter on Your Phone in Just Few Minutes

Are you wondering  how to Download GIFs from Twitter easily? People nowadays, spend much of their time and remain active on social media. The reason these social networking sites experience such colossal traffic is that people get their daily dose of entertainment that is enough to relieve their stresses. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are among the most popular sites these days. They allow you to upload, download, post, share, etc. any form of media. Initially, they only supported the texts and images on their platform. But now, they even support other forms of media like video, GIF, etc. Thus, you must know how to Download GIFs from Twitter.

Today we will be talking about the and how you can Download GIFs from Twitter by following some easy and simple steps. But before we begin, let us give you some brief about GIFs and in case you know about what is a GIF then stay tuned for knowing the easy and simple steps for downloading them from twitter.

Twitter app from iPhone

GIF is a moving image without any audio. They are video cut out from any movie, music video, animation, etc. The size of a GIF is minimal compared to a regular video size, and sometimes they can be as small as an image. Through GIFs, people can express their emotions more precisely, as they are more expressive and distinct than the traditional emojis or stickers that we use till date.

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With no doubt, GIF has gained a considerable popularity among all the online users. People had been using GIFs for expressing their emotions. And when you come across some cool GIF on twitter, you always wished to download them with the power of your “right click” and save them on your phone or computer. But, unlike other social media platform, Twitter does not allow its users to save GIF to their devices directly. So, there are some straightforward steps that you can follow to download your desired GIFs from twitter:

The steps involved in downloading GIFs on your computer and smartphone is very different. Therefore, we have differentiated the steps, for your smartphone and your computer. Apart from that, being a smartphone user, it might not be an easy job to download GIFs from twitter, as there are both Android and iOS users. So we have furthermore categorized the steps for both the users.

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Download GIFs from Twitter for Smartphone Users

For Android

  • After you open the Twitter app, there you will see an arrow icon on the top corner of the GIF file. Tap on the arrow icon and then on the “Copy link to Tweet”.
  • Now, here you can proceed further in two ways, either you switch to any third-party app to download the GIF, or you can go to your internet browser and enter the URL. You can also use Tweet2gif or any other third-party app for android to download the GIF.
  • In this step, all you need to do is paste the link that you copied in the first step. You will get two options: Download MP4 or Download GIF, download as per your requirement. The downloaded file will be saved to your phone’s storage.

Download GIFs from Twitter in Android phone

  • This is how you Download GIFs from Twitter in Android.

For iOS

  • Open the Twitter app from your iPhone, tap on the top right corner arrow of the GIF file and further on the “Click link to Tweet”.
  • You need to install an app from the Apple online store named, GIFwrapped. The app will cost you no money. After you are done with the installations, just paste the link that you copied.
  • It will load the GIF, and then you can tap on the top right corner for saving it into your phone’s library.

Download GIFs from Twitter in iOS

  • This is how you Download GIFs from Twitter in an iOS device.

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Downloading GIFs from Twitter on Computer

As we have seen that downloading GIFs from Twitter on your smartphone is no more a difficult task. Unlike smartphones, you will need to put some more effort for downloading a GIF from Twitter on your computer. But there is nothing to worry about; we are here to make things simple and easy for you. Here are the steps followed:

  1. In the first step, all you need to do is open the Twitter website from any of your computer’s browser and copy the link of the GIF.
  2. Open “New Tab” and enter this URL & paste the copied link to the box. Remember, on this site; you will only be able to download the GIF as a MP4 file, not a GIF format.
  3. Again switch to another New Tab and go to this site and upload your download MP4 file. You will now get an option to trim the video, set the start time and end time, and much more. Depending upon your requirements, you can adjust that, but too much adjustment might lead to a large file, so it is advisable to keep it simple.
  4. Click on the “Convert to GIF” and after converting you can save it to your computer.

Download GIFs from Twitter in the website

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