5 Tips To Dominate Miami Strike In Black OPS Cold War

If you’re thinking of playing the new map, the Miami Strike map, we got you covered. The map is small and can only accommodate the 6v6 gameplay. So it encourages close-quarter combat, and that means hot fights. So, you must prepare to give your best or die. Thankfully, there are some covers where players can sometimes duck to avoid flying bullets. The article discusses to dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War.

You can easily dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War Using our Five Tips that choose a suitable weapon, The Vehicles Are Useful, Strategize The Miami Strike Corners, Dominate The Paramour,  and Strategize Your Movement To Dominate.

One can always utilize them for a tactical attack. You need some pro-tips to dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War. You might also need Call of Duty Cold War hacks to play better on this map. Check them below and upgrade your skills for the best games on origin access. Read below to learn more about dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War. 


Here are some of the best features of the Miami strike cold war:

  • Miami Strike’s daytime neighborhood setting provides a distinctive and lively background for multiplayer fighting.
  • The medium-sized Miami Strike map is perfect for close-quarters action and long-range encounters with players who want to feel the game.
  • Miami Strike has a lot of verticalities, with several buildings and other structures that players may use as cover and provides them tactical advantages.
  • There are several open areas on the Miami Strike map, including a central courtyard and multiple streets, providing players a fair chance for distant interactions

features of the miami strike cold war

  • Players in this map can take multiple routes to navigate through alleys, rooftops, and inside buildings, providing ample opportunity for hiding and surprise attacks.
  • Miami Strike offers many objective-based game modes, such as Domination and Hardpoint, which up the strategic content of the game.
  • Miami Strike is also a fast-paced game which provides players a dynamic gaming experience that keeps them on their toes with its blend of close-quarters action and long-range confrontations.

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Tips To Dominate Miami Strike

If you want your gaming techniques to level up in Black Ops Cold War, you will need these five tips.

Choose A Suitable Weapon

This map is different from others and therefore requires care when choosing a weapon. Cold War Miami Strike pushes players close to one another in fights. So, the SMG classes would be best for you. 

If you get the Bullfrog, it will help you make some good kills. This gun is versatile and can be helpful in every situation. Its loadout will take you a long way if you get it right. So choose the best perks, attachments, etc.

black ops bullfrog weaponAnother good gun is Streetweeper that handles close-range fights to dominate. This semi-automatic shotgun can blast many enemies away in just a few seconds.

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The Vehicles Are Useful

There are many vehicles to dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War. You can use these vehicles as flanks to close off areas where you can’t reach against imminent attacks. Also, vehicles can serve as cover for you in free mac games. You can duck behind one and dive carefully to kill enemies when under fire.

the vehicles are usefulWhat about reloading? These vehicles can be your hiding spots to reload your gun safely before more fights. So, make sure to use them since they’re available on the map. 

Strategize The Miami Strike Corners

This map has four corners, and players can utilize these points tactically. Since the map is small and brings the players closer to one another, you can use these corners as ambush points. Nothing guarantees more kills than when you take an enemy off-guard.

strategizeSo, if you target these corners, it will be easier to win. But don’t forget that other players can ambush you too. So, try to be mindful of them too. Always approach the corners carefully because someone might be hiding there waiting for you. Also the corners can also serve as entry points for players. With this method, you can dominate miami strike in black ops cold war.

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Dominate The Paramour 

This building offers a lot of tactical advantages. If you played the Miami map, you probably know much about Paramours. But the best spot is the upstairs bar area, where you can easily see and fight off other players.

paramour in miami strikeThis bar gives you total control of what goes on closer to you. The bar lets you see many players as they climb the stairs through the alley or move about in the downstairs bar. Moreover, you can see other players as they run outside, and there’s a spawn point to target too. But don’t forget that other players are also targeting the upstairs spot. So, prepare to fight it out before gaining the command you seek. 

Strategize Your Movement To Dominate

If you want to dominate Miami Strike, it requires a lot of strategies when moving about. This is especially important from the moment you spawn into the map. The fastest possible way to move is diagonally and not straight. 

strategize your movementDiagonal movements might seem slower, but the truth is that you can cover more areas safely. Since the map is small, a vertical movement might expose you to others with voice chat apps. But when you move diagonally, you’ll be safer, spend less time covering the target areas, and kill some enemies.  


What is the Miami strike cold war map in Black Ops Cold War?

Miami strike cold war map cold war is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that is set in a Miami neighbourhood during the day. It is a medium-sized map with plenty of verticality and open spaces, making it ideal for close-quarters combat and long-range engagements.

How do I dominate on the Miami strike cold war map in Black Ops Cold War?

You should concentrate on taking control of the map's centre and using the different buildings and structures if you want to dominate on the Miami strike cold war level. The many sightlines and chokepoints on the map should also be recognised and used to your advantage.

What are some tips for playing on the Miami strike cold war map in Black Ops Cold War?

Using the RC-XD scorestreak to swiftly explore the field, hiding behind the numerous buildings and structures, and flanking your adversaries whenever feasible are some strategies for playing on the Miami strike cold war map.

What weapons are best for the new Miami map cold war in Black Ops Cold War?

On the Miami strike map cold war, assault rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles are all valuable weapons. The best weapons for close quarters fighting are submachine guns and assault rifles. Long-range encounters are efficient with sniper rifles.

What are some common strategies for playing on the Miami strike cold war map in Black Ops Cold War?

Controlling the middle of the map, using the numerous buildings and structures as cover, and flanking your opponent whenever feasible are frequent tactics for playing on the Miami strike cold war map. Also, you should be aware of the various sightlines and chokepoints on the map and make effective use of them.

Does the Miami strike cold war map new to Black Ops Cold War?

As part of the game's Season One update, the Miami strike cold war map was introduced to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is a brand-new map created especially for the game's multiplayer mode, and gamers have immediately liked it.


Miami Strike requires a lot of tactical knowledge to survive. The map is not as large as others and, as such, will demand a lot from players. For instance, there will be more close-range confrontations, so we recommended the SMG classes. Also, the vehicles can serve as cover and entry points to make things easier. Keep these tips to dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War. Also, while using the corners, ensure other players don’t kill.

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