DNS Server Not Responding PS4: Fixed | Complete Guide

The DNS server not responding PS4 is causing a lot of customer difficulties. What results in a DNS problem on a PS4? How do you solve it? You’ve come to the correct site if you’re also looking for the answers.

The DNS problem PS4 is also brought on by the internet connection, which includes WiFi and LAN connections. You could connect PS4 to the identical network on some other devices to check if there isn’t an issue with your WiFi and LAN connection. If there are no issues during the procedure, the LAN and WiFi connection should function properly.

Changing the DNS settings on the PS4 is among the most basic yet occasionally successful ways to resolve an internet connection problem. In this brief guide, we’ll establish a DNS and describe how to use the DNS server not responding PS4.

What Is PS4 DNS?

A DNS, or domain name system, is a device that converts domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

ps4 dnsFor instance, your pc utilizes a DNS system to link a domain name to the server’s IP address whenever you open a browser and type “google.com”. In other words, a DNS effectively enables your PS4 to link to the web, the Psn, and gaming servers.

How Can DNS Errors Occur On A PS4 And Why?

When there is a DNS problem, your preferred gaming console is typically unable to join a network. A delayed, shaky, or nonexistent link might exist.
Also, because of this, your PS4 may start having problems with the proxy server. The wrong configuration of your DNS settings may also result in a DNS error on your screen. This might happen if you attempt to adjust your DNS settings to enhance the gaming performance or the PS4 games links to an outdated DNS server.

dns error occurDNS problems occasionally arise due to a server outage, an outdated browser, or a bloated cache to get free internet. These psn DNS failure problems may show up on PS4 with the following error codes:

  • NW-31253-4 means the Response from the DNS server is slow or unreliable.
  • NW-31254-5 means the Response from the DNS server is sluggish or unreliable.
  • NW-31205-1 means the Network connection cannot contact the PSN server.
  • NW-31246-6 means The DNS settings are incorrect.

What Should You Do If Your PS4 Cannot Use A DNS Server?

You may resolve the DNS problem on your PlayStation 4 by identifying the root cause. Here’s how to attempt to fix most DNS server not responding PS4 issues: 

Restart The Devices

If you cannot access the PS4 DNS server, you likely have connectivity problems like the PS4 DNS error

Resetting your modem and router is the simplest solution to the problem. The operating system will reboot using this technique, enabling a fresh start.

  1. First, turn off all of your electronics as DNS problem on a PS4. turn off all your electronics
  2. Disconnect the power cords.disconnect power cord
  3. Reconnect them after waiting a few minutes and Link them up with the Internet.link them with internet

Manual DNS Configuration

If restarting the PS4 and the Internet device does not resolve the issue, a setup issue is to blame. Manually altering the DNS settings is the only method to fix a DNS error has occurred PS4 problem.

To modify a PS4’s DNS settings:

  1. Firstly, choose the Settings tab. open setting
  2. Choose Set Up Internet Connection from the Network Settings menu for a good internet speed.link them with internet
  3. Choose the network (WiFi or LAN), and double-check that the Ethernet wire is plugged into the router.set up internet connection
  4. Select Automatic for IP Address Configuration under Network Settings.
  5. Choose Manual from the DNS Settings menu as DNS problem on a PS4.choose manual
  6. Enter or for Main DNS. Enter either or 208.67.2020.2020 for Secondary DNS to fix Nintendo Switch Error.dns
  7. Choose Automatic and indicate that the proxy server should not be used.choose automaticSee Also: Can The PlayStation 4 Play DVDs? | 2 Easy Ways To Do

Reset Your PS4

The problem should be resolved by performing a hard reset on the Playstation 4 if your device still lacks the information required to connect to a network. It will restore your settings to their original state without erasing any of your files or game-related information.

The PS4 may be reset by:

  1. Switch off your Playstation first.power off
  2. Disconnect all ethernet, power, or wired controllers from the computer.disconnect all
  3. Replug the power cord after waiting a few minutes.
  4. Holding down the power button may put your PS4 games into Safe Mode.hold power button
  5. Get a USB cord and attach your controller as DNS problem on a PS4.get a usb cordAfter everything is back to default, you may look for mistakes. You can try manually setting the DNS again if they’re psn DNS error

Close The Firewall

Close the firewall, but keep the PS4 ports open.

  1. Access the admin panel or web interface for your router. The best IP address of your router must be entered in the browser’s URL bar (this is usually all that is necessary). enter the ip address
  2. To log in, use your allocated credentials.log in
  3. Find and deactivate the Firewall section. Remember that depending on the manufacturer or type of your router, this option may have a different name.choose port option
  4. Choose the ports option and forward the ports to the IP address corresponding to your PS4 if you need to access the Playstation 4 ports.

Get IP Address

To get the IP address as well as other data that may be useful, including the DNS, subnet, and default Gateway:

  1. Access your PS’s Settings menu.ps setting
  2. Access Network. access network
  3. Rather than choosing Set Up Connection To the Internet this time, choose to See Connection Status.connection statusCertain ports are necessary for your PS4 to interact successfully with local servers from the PlayStation. These ports may be blocked by the rules of a router’s built-in firewall, resulting in the infamous “a DNS error has occurred“. Use the methods listed above if your computer displays the Playstation 4 system error stating the DNS server could be utilized. You’ll have no trouble using all of your PlayStation online services if the DNS servers are functioning. So this was all in the DNS server not responding PS4 fix.

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What should I do on my PS4, when I cannot utilize the DNS server?

You can try manually adjusting your DNS settings if your PS4 claims a DNS server cannot be utilized. You can also try rebooting your network and modem if that fails and resetting your PS4.

What is the solution to a broken DNS server?

It would help if you thought about restarting your router, erasing the Cached DNS, and manually configuring your DNS server based on what is to blame for the problem.

Which DNS should I utilize for PS4?

Google's Public DNS Settings are the ideal DNS configuration for the PS4 (8.8. 8.8 and 8.8. 4.4). Besides being safe and cost-free, they deliver effective results.

How can my DNS server be reset?

Switch off your PS4 and wait a few minutes to reset the DNS server. Next, go to Safe Mode on the PS4.

How do I restore the default settings for my PS4 DNS?

You have to manually set up the DNS, as you can do under the Network Settings, to restore your DNS to its default setting.

What does DNS server cannot be utilized mean?

If your PS4 displays an error message stating that a DNS server cannot be utilized, it implies a problem preventing it from connecting to the web. Incorrect settings or connection issues may be at blame for this.


When PlayStation DNS error codes are shown, this typically indicates that your network connection is problematic. A poor connection or an incompatibility with your DNS settings might be to blame. The great news is that there are several things you can attempt to repair. We hope this article on the DNS server not responding PS4 has helped you solve your issues.