Discord Screen Share No Audio Error – Fix (Step By Step)

Have you ever heard about Discord screen share no audio blooper? Perhaps it is a common issue faced by many discord users around the globe. Here we will discuss this glitch and the fixes by learning about it.

Fix Discord screen share no audio:  Open Discord and go to Voice & audio > User settings. After scrolling down, click the red “Reset voice settings” button at the bottom of the page. Click OK after reading the warning message to carry out the operation.

Before further understanding that Discord streams no audio, we should check whether other apps and websites like Youtube have sound when running them. Mending This glitch audio is only possible if other websites are audible. The below-mentioned list of fixes will guide us further. 

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How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

There are several easy fixes to this issue, and we have listed some of them below:

Keeping A Check On The Discord Server And Its Status

One of the obvious reasons for any application or website getting errors can be server issues.

discord server (1)

One can check the Discord app for any current server issues. If there are no visible server issues, there might be a need to fix some other underlying glitch.

Restarting The Device 

While running multiple programs or applications on our PC, some hindrances might be popping up while running the Discord app, which might be the root cause of it.  Hence restarting the computer can be one of the sorted solutions.

restartAll the apps running in the background shut by restarting the computer, and we can start using them afresh, including Discord.  If the discord share screen with the sound option still doesn’t work, the next issue needs a fix.

Resetting The Voice Settings In The Discord App

Incorrect voice settings can end up hampering the smooth usage of Discord. With little changes in the settings, there might have been some alterations in the voice settings in Discord We can reset the voice by going to settings options and following further steps:

  1. Click on the settings app to open Discorddiscord voice setting
  2. Monitor the video and voice, thereby resetting the audio settings. discord voice and video
  3. Furthermore, click on okay to proceed discord click okay
  4. To check if the glitch has been resolved, we can test it by screen sharing again.

screen sharing on discord

Despite this, if there is no fix to this issue, several other solutions exist to check which one suits you.

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Switching To Legacy Audio Subsystem

Ever wondered when do audio issues occur in Discord?  It is only when our computer’s hardware doesn’t seem compatible with the updated version of discord audio. What to do in such a scenario? Well, once again, on running Discord, we need to click on the settings icon, after which we need to click on the audio and video option. discord screen share no audio Under that comes the audio subsystem, followed by clicking on the option Legacy. The next fix can help us get through if this doesn’t fix the issue. 

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Inclusion Of The Programs In Discord

On sharing the screen, we need to ensure that the program to be streamed is included in Discord. Specific steps to it are:

  1. Operating the discord program and willing to share. Opening it with a click on the settings icon. settings
  2. On clicking the tab, we get an option to add it, which we will click on. add the game
  3. Further, we can select whatever we want to share by clicking on the add option. select the game
  4. There will be an option termed overlay, beside which the toggle option needs to be turned on.  overlay

 Despite this, the following fix may come to the rescue if we still face discord screen share with no audio.

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Audio Driver Update

An obsolete audio driver can also be one of the causes for the discord screen share with no audio popping up. It’s essential to check the Audio Driver’s regular updates. On going to the required website, the audio driver is fixed by installing it. But for those people who aren’t tech-savvy or have a shortage of time, this fix is possible via DriverEasy.  For a better understanding, specific steps are mentioned below:

  1. Locate and transfer Driver Easy drive easy
  2. Could you open it and click the scan now button? By doing this, DriverEasy detects the underlying issues by scanning the computer.  driveeasy
  3. There will be an Update Now button present next to the audio driver. On clicking that, the correct version can be downloaded, followed by installation of it manually. update driver
  4. On the other hand, we can click on the Update All button to download and install the correct version of missing drivers on one’s system [possible only on the paid version.] Run a check through Discord.


 If the discord screen share no audio still exists, another fault may be fixed.

Clearing Roaming Data On Discord

One of the fixes is to get back to screen sharing with audio on Discord by clearing roaming data on Discord. Well, are you wondering how that will be possible? There is a simple solution to it which is given step-wise below:

  1. Passage out from Discord. quit-discord
  2. We click the windows key on the keyboard and type in %appdata%app data
  3. We can follow it up by relaunching it by right-clicking the Discord option and selecting the delete option.  delete discord

 Hence this way, we can stream audio on Discord. Nevertheless, there are a few more fixes if this doesn’t work out. 

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Update The Website

Like other apps, the Discord app or website also needs regular updates, which the programmers perform. It is updated regularly to eliminate bugs and glitches. How to update Discord?

  1. Click the Windows logo and R key simultaneously on the keyboard, showing the Run dialogue. window logo and R key (1)
  2. On typing in % localappdata%, we can click the okay button. app data
  3. Open the discord file.
  4. In the next step, click on Update.exe. update the exe
  5. After the Update is done, relaunching Discord can fix the issue of no audio during screen sharing. 

launching discord

Disable The Antivirus Temporarily

If the audio problem still exists, then it is a possibility that the antivirus might be creating trouble. By temporarily disabling the antivirus, we can still check whether or not the issue is there. 

disable the antivirus temporarily

After this change, if Discord runs without any glitches, it is essential to contact the antivirus agent to discuss this issue and sort it out. [ PS: It is essential to be aware and careful while opening websites and emails when the antivirus is disabled to avoid further problems.]

Restore Corrupt Files

System files can go missing or corrupt, leading to audio issues in Discord. To check it further, scan the overall system with the Restoro tool.  This repair tool checks the computer thoroughly and repairs any broken issues independently, without meddling with any personal data on the PC. Guide to Restoro tool :

  1. Downloading and installing restoro.restoro-download-and-install
  2. Run a scan by opening restore. restoro update
  3. After getting the detailed report, click on Start Repair. ( requires a paid version of restore) discord screen share no audio
  4. Relaunch Discord to check the glitch.

launching discord

Uninstall And Reinstall Discord

By uninstalling and reinstalling back Discord, it sorts the audio issues. 

  1. Tick the Windows logo key & enter control and click the control panel. control panel
  2. Click on Uninstall a program option. control-panel-uninstall-program.png
  3. We can remove the Discord app by right-clicking on Discord and pressing the Uninstall button. uninstall discord
  4. The next step will be downloading Discord again, opening this downloaded file, and installing it as per the instructions.

download discord (1)

Out of these 11 fixes, one of them can be of some help in restoring audio in Discord during screen sharing. 


How To Share Audio On Discord?

First step is to turn off the screen sharing option. Then, we can click the share now button to enable the sound mode from applications to help share audio during a screen share.

How Safe Is Discord?

Discord is a safe app to use within a close-knit circle. It can be risky only when we go to sites through open public chats. As per the policies of Discord, it is recommended that the user should only connect with known ones.

What Audio Format Does Discord Use?

WebRTC provides audio and video features to Discord. The browser apps have to rely on WebRTC to provide such features.

How To Improve The Audio Quality On Discord?

The audio quality can improve by modifying the channel's bitrate. Further, we can increase the input volume by clicking on voice and video settings on the track.

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Discord is more or less like any other social media application where people of the age group 13+ can do free texting, chatting, and voice and video calling. Initially a gamer’s app, it was very well-known among gamers. But with time, it has become common, and everyone can use it to chat, message, voice, video call, play several board games, and much more.

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