Easy ways to Change Your Discord Default Avatar

There has been a rapid boost in digitalization during the pandemic, which has inevitably led to a boom in social media. One of these platforms that have seen a successive rise in usage is Discord. Discord acts like a one-stop for all things communication. It does everything from messaging to video calling to playing music, all for free and indispensable to most netizens. Here, we would be discussing how to change discord default avatar. 

Discord also assists in the organizing of your discussions. It allows you to create your server or join one other have made to issue you an invitation. On Discord, a server is a place where you can build channels based on various topics. A Discord server is similar to a group, and its material is identical to subgroups — each with its purpose. 

Discord default avatar

One other feature that offers more personalization is the Discord default avatar. It is a fun way to set up your profile the way you wish and add some color to your profile. Usually, when you create an account, the Avatar is gray and color and if you want to change the same, keep on reading! 

discord default avatar
discord default avatar

A bot stands out against a blue background in the Discord logo. Clyde, Discord’s user-friendly bot, functions as a Discord guide for novices and users who require assistance navigating the platform. While some people mistake it for a gaming console symbol, it symbolizes their bot mascot. 

To obtain this, you must follow the instructions in the sequence in which they are described above. Firstly, be sure that you have thoroughly read the material. This will ensure that you do not make any mistakes while putting the picture together. You will not only learn how to set the default photo, but you will also be able to add your personal touch to it. 

Usually, accounts that have been newly made already have a default avatar, but in case you have changed your Discord default Avatar, do not worry, as there is an easy way to change it back. 

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Changing Default Avatar on Desktop/PC: 

If you’re using Discord on your computer, all you have to do is go to the bottom left corner of your page and select the settings symbol. This is next to your username and takes you straight to your profile’s settings page. After that, Discord will provide many user settings, the most important is ‘My Account.’ You’ll be able to change details like your username, email, password, phone number, and icon here. 

my account
my account

You can either update your Avatar or click on the three horizontal dots if you wish to. The first choice is to ‘Remove Avatar,’ while the second option is ‘Change Avatar.’ When you click Remove Avatar, you’ll see that your original Discord avatar has returned. Remember to save your preferences, or your changes will be lost. Before you close Discord, a small bar at the bottom prompts you to save your changes.

on pc
on pc

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Changing Discord Default Avatar on Android/App: 

The Discord app also allows you to restore the default Discord app instantly. When you first open the Discord app, you’ll notice a bar at the bottom of the screen with five symbols ranging from far left to far right — the discord logo. The search button in the center, the mentions symbol, and an illustration of a person raising their hand. Finally, on the far right of the bar, your Discord default Avatar. 

You should click on your current Avatar to change it to the default version. This will take you to the user settings page, where you can customize several items. ‘Set Status’ will be the first option under user settings, unlike the desktop version. The next option will be ‘My Account.’ To restore your default avatar, select this option from the settings menu, and your account page will appear. Your current Avatar is at the top, with the words’ Remove Icon’ printed in blue next to it. To get your default Discord profile picture back, click the removed symbol!

on android
on android

If you change your views and want to change your default avatar, you can follow the steps outlined above. You can also change the Saturation under the “Configuration and Accessibility” section to change the hue of your Avatar and edit it according to your liking. Discord makes it very easy to change your Avatar and switch to defaults whenever you wish to. 

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As mentioned above, changing your discord default avatar is not a complicated procedure. It can quickly be done by following the given steps. People and brands alike have begun to use Discord as a way of communication. It has grown in popularity in recent years. You must equip yourself with the skills required to use this platform quickly. Hence you are free to use our easily accessible guide anytime you wish to change your Avatar. 

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Although this app is usually pretty easy to navigate, taking some time to understand the features and the accessibility can help you ease into usage almost instantly. It’s always better to equip yourself with skills that will make your life easier and personalize your page and give it a touch of yourself, and this article will help you do exactly that.


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