Discord Alternatives For You To Download In 2023 [Top 6 Picks]

Here, we have enlisted Discord alternatives regarding functionality and feature sets. While we have kept gamers in mind, we have also mentioned some more enterprise-like apps, but you can use them to create private communities and instant messaging. 

The alternatives of Discord can be:

  • Telegram: Edit and Replace Pictures After Sending Them.
  • Element: Used by gamers, it allows users to share videos, messages, images, and files of any type within groups of any size
  • TeamSpeak: Lag-free communication with automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation.
  • Slack: Upload a file to any channel over HTTPS simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Overtone: The experience is simple and reliable.
  • Skype: Allows you to make one-on-one or small group private audio and video calls.

You can displace your Google Translate app with other alternate apps we collected. Continue reading to learn about the alternatives in detail.

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Why Use Alternatives to Discord? 

While Discord is famous for its bots, neat UI, ease of use, private servers, and gaming-related features, some drawbacks are usually not discussed. For instance, Discord does not support End-to-End encryption (even for private messages), which is disappointing given that many competitors or alternatives started using E2E long ago. 


The file upload limit is just 8MB for free users and 50MB for paid users, which is significantly low compared to other rivals. Lastly, there have been reports of intruders spamming into private servers, which are significant security concerns. And that’s why you should look for Discord alternatives. 

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List of Top Apps Like Discord


Telegram might be seen as a WhatsApp rival, but the popular messaging service is much more than that at the heart of it. I would say, Telegram competes directly with Discord rather than WhatsApp. It has many features, instant chatting, supports hosting communities (private and public), public channels, endless customization, and much more, making it one of the best Discord alternatives. 


The best part is that Telegram now supports video calling and applies to one-on-one and group calls. And similar to Discord, you can create or add bots to manage huge groups, integrate scripts, automate queries, etc. That said, what sets Telegram apart from Discord is the fact that Telegram at least offers End-to-End optional encryption for private messaging

Whereas, Discord falls short in this regard. So Telegram will be an apt pick if you are looking for apps like Discord but with improved security. The service is free, so you will have no issues jumping from Discord to Telegram. 

To sum up, Telegram brings a boatload of features like Discord with End-to-End encryption, and you must try it. 

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While Discord is an excellent app for gamers, it doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, which means your conversations aren’t as secure as you might want. If you’re looking for alternatives to Discord that provide better privacy, you should check out Element a text and voice chat app with end-to-end encryption. Element is primarily meant for team collaborations, and as such, it includes many tools to help you streamline your team’s workflow. Built on the Matrix open communications protocol, Element allows you to talk to anyone in the Matrix.org ecosystem.


It can come in handy if someone you want to talk to is using different Matrix-based software. While it’s not designed for gaming, Element can also be used by gamers, and it allows users to share videos, messages, images, and files of any type within groups of any size. Now, there is also support for group video calls and voice calls.

Download Element for Phone: Android | IoS

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Before Discord was even a thing, many gamers relied on TeamSpeak for their in-game communication needs, and quite a few dedicated fans still stuck around. 

Much like Discord, TeamSpeak uses the opus codec for low-latency voice comms, and being a long-term user of the service, I can attest to its capabilities as an excellent text and voice chat app. Also, TeamSpeak’s UI has been completely overhauled, and it looks very similar to Discord, making it one of the perfect Discord alternatives.


TeamSpeak allows users to create dedicated servers for their needs. Other users can join these servers to communicate about a common topic – be it for games or productivity. To keep your conversations secure and private, TeamSpeak uses AES encryption. This ensures that all of your conversations are safe from prying eyes. 

Unlike Discord, you must download the TeamSpeak client to use it on your device. It doesn’t include browser support. While TeamSpeak is accessible on several platforms, you must pay to set up a new server. 

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If you’re looking for the best Discord alternative for professional use, check out Slack. It is a team messaging platform whose programs are like Discord. The service has the same clean and simple user interface as Discord. But it’s more towards a professional setting so you won’t find any gamer-y things. 

Instead, you’ll find several helpful features that aim to improve your productivity at work. However, check out other options if you’re looking for lag-free voice comms. Slack differentiates itself from Discord by providing integrations for over 800 third-party software businesses. 


It also lets you receive notifications through the software you’re using without requiring you to open the app. File sharing is also more accessible and convenient on Slack as it has a 1GB limit on uploads, whereas Discord permits files up to 8 MB.

Slack is worth a shot if you’re looking for a chat app for your business. It is not something you’d use while playing games with friends.

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Overtone is a simple-to-use one of the Discord alternatives that looks and feels a lot like its competitor. Based on Vivox, one of the best-integrated voice chat services. Popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, etc use it. Overtone aims to bring exclusive technology directly to gamers around the world. 


On top of that, Overtone also features a couple of social features. These will help you connect with people with similar interests and discover teams playing the same game. Much like Discord, you can also run Overtone on a web browser. So you don’t need to download a separate client for your communication needs. 

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If you aren’t looking for everything like Discord, bells and whistles, all the above apps have to offer. You want a simple, familiar service that will get the job done. Then, it would be best to consider using Skype for your in-game communication needs. 


The famous text and voice chat service is quite simple and offers all the basic functionality to communicate with friends in a group. Skype even allows users to share files in a chat, along with video chat capabilities, which might not be handy while gaming. But may come in useful if you use it in a professional setting. 

It’s worth noting that Skype weighs heavily on system resources. This might impact your gaming experience, depending on your system configuration. So here is where your hunt for sites like Discord ends! We Hope you found the best Discord alternative.

Download Skype for Phone: Android | IoS

Download Skype for PC: Windows | Linux | Mac

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Is there a better alternative to Discord?

You can try other alternatives like ClickUp, Slack, or Troop Messenger instead of Discord which works similarly. You can also try Chanty, Mumble, and Steam Chat as a change.

What app was before Discord?

The most used app Before the launch of Discord was TeamSpeak. People switched from Discord to Team Speak because of its advanced API and features.

Can Discord replace WhatsApp?

Discord and WhatsApp are similar regarding communication via the application. They offer the same features but to different groups of people. Discord acts well for online gamers to chat along while playing, and WhatsApp is better for people to chat online in groups or personally.

What is safer than Discord?

Telegram is considered to be safer than Discord. It features fast messaging, transferring photos and videos with end-to-end encryption to avoid user risk.