Top 6 Ways To Fix Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Issue

Our laptops have sort of,  become parts of us. We spend the majority of our time with our laptops on our laps on in front of us, typing those important office documents, playing games, or listening to our favorite jams and dribbling away on them. All of that takes a great toll on the battery. But it is all well and good until we can charge it back to life. The problem starts when owing to a hurdle or another, you can get that battery to show ‘charging’. One such problem has been unearthed by the dell users. It is the ‘Dell laptop plugged In Not Charging’ issue.

What happens is, even when the user has slid the charger in the port, the device just would not charge. That has freaked out a lot of loyal dell customers and even the company technicians as to what is happening and what they should do.

6 Methods to Solve Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Problem

So if you, like hoards of many others have been scouring the internet for the answers to  ‘Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging’ hitch, then my friend, your search ends here. Because like always I have come bearing answers to the most queer queries.

Keep A Keen Eye Over Your Systems’ BIOS

The expanded form being the Basic Input/Output System, it is a collection of programs which is held responsible for commencing the working of your system. It is the first program to run when you turn your laptop on and it chains the others in. Thus, bearing its significance in mind, it not being up to the mark can cause all sorts of disastrous issues in your system, and the ‘Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging’ could be one of the problems in the long list.

A quick fix to it would be to go to dell’s official web platform and install the settings that work the best in tandem with your system. Don’t forget to have all of your data saved somewhere, in case things get messy.

Busted Adapter

Sometimes while we’re looking the other way, to resolve the ‘dell laptop plugged in not charging’ hitch, asking people and trying everything in our power, the solution is right under our noses.

Maybe the adapter you’re using is busted and hence can’t get your battery up. Just ask one of your friends for the same charger and try to work your problem out with that. If that works, get yourself a new one. Tadaa! Problem solved.

Drivers Behind The Problematic wheel

Like all else, there are device drivers for charging the laptop too! Surprisingly true!

So if they’re too old or obsolete, it may be causing your ‘Dell laptop plugged in Not charging’  glitch, it may also cause similar problems too. As serious as it sounds, it has a conventional fix, get rid of the old outdated ones and get your system equipped with the latest ones.

Go to the device manager in your system, quickest way to do it rather than taking the long route is to search for it in your Laptop’s search bar, the one at the left which adjacent to the window icon. once there you’ll have to enlarge the tab which says ‘batteries’, and then scour for the ACPI device manufactured by Microsoft.

Get rid of it and then you can scan for changes that have been made in the hardware by the ‘action’ option, right there.

Then all you gotta do is, give your system a nice quick restart and it will get the said driver up and working in no time.

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Wall Socket is Your Savior

A lot of times when nothing else works, sockets on the walls do. Maybe it’s your adapters compatibility issue or something wrong with the surge adapter device. 

Just slide your adapter in the wall socket and witness it working its magic and solving your ‘Dell laptop plugged in Not charging’ hitch 80 out of a 100 times. One catch is before you do it, ensure that your laptop is turn off, that way it won’t harm by any kind of fluctuations.

The Good Ol’ Reconnecting Hack

That sort of thing always works, doesn’t it? So to say bye-bye to your ‘dell laptop plugged In not charging’ hitch, let me walk you through a very simple to perfect hack. First of all, for it to work, you have to turn the device’s power off.

Open it up and take out its batteries and detach the adapter or charging source. Next, maintain pressure upon the power button, to release all the residual power that has been residing in the system. 20-25 seconds will do.

Then put the battery back, plug the adapter and switch it to life. More often than not, it works for everyone.

Your Last Resort–Technical Help

If nothing seems to work and the ‘dell laptop plugged in not charging’ hitch still prevails, your best bet is to get in touch with experts who have probably dealt with enough of similar cases to know what to do. You must contact Dell Support at the earliest.

So call up the company technicians and get all the professional help that you need.


In the end, I would like to acknowledge the fact that problems like ‘dell laptop plugged in Not charging’ can make you miserable to your wit’s ends. But help is always given to those who ask for it right? 

So yes, read the article and one or the other way will work for you. If not, we always have our last resort to go to.

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