13 Incredible Crossword Tracker Apps in 2023!

Video games are the ultimate companion of youngsters today. You have played a lot of MMO, action, or adventure games. Sitting in front of a screen and connecting with others around the globe hasn’t been better before. But maybe you should try some Crossword tracker apps to churn your brain cells.

Techyhost and CrazyGames bring you a fantastic collection of crossword tracker apps that will surely boost your brainpower.

Parents often complain games are their children’s foes. But with some fantastic Android crossword tracker apps, they would probably no longer complain.

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Crossword Tracker Apps

Crossword games and riddles are the best possible way of teaching children to learn exponentially. Researches show that Crossword tracker applications improve memory concentration among children. Many schools have also included these amazing brain-teasing games in their curriculum.  

crossword tracker apps
Crossword Tracker Apps

The games being extraordinarily lightweight and resource-friendly, can be played on any device. So why wait? Challenge your grey matter today with some of the best Crossword Tracker Apps available online.

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Ten best Crossword Tracker Apps to try in 2023

We bring you the best Crossword Tracker Apps for your PC, iOS, and Android. Challenge yourself today to solve these fantastic games.

English Crossword Puzzle

The English Crossword Puzzle is the most popular crossword tracker app on this list. The 6.8 MB Android game with an excellent user rating of 4.6 has more than 1Million downloads.

English Crossword puzzle
English Crossword puzzle

The game brings with it some of the most exciting gameplay modes. Developers have given special attention to the coloring and music as well. If you are looking forward to improving your vocabulary, this game is for you.

The game is available for free in the Google Play Store. We would highly recommend you to try this Android crossword tracker app.    

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Crossword Cakes

If you think crosswords and riddles are boring, Crossword Cakes is here to change your view. It is a lot simpler in the initial stages, but you will feel the heat as you proceed.

Crossword Cakes
Crossword Cakes

With super-cute graphics and music, Crossword Cakes can surely brighten up your day. The game requires you to find the hidden words hidden in the icing of the cakes. You can also customize your cake’s flavor or color as you earn points.

This unique Crossword Tracker App is available only in pc versions. To download and play, visit here.

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Anagram Solver

One of the best crossword trackers for Android, Anagram Solver brings you the most intriguing puzzles available.

An inbuilt dictionary to find a particular word and its definition makes Anagram Solver the most friendly. You can also have some fantastic hints to solve these riddles.

anagram solver
Anagram Solver

The game has an impressive rating of 4.5 and over 100thousand downloads. Do try out this game for free from Google Play Store today.

Crossword Solver

This Android game is one of the most challenging crossword puzzle games. With more than 20000 words to choose from, it can leave you flabbergasted questioning your brainpower.

crossword solver
Crossword Solver

Do try out this game to test your brain muscles. Havoc Word Games developed the game. Download it for free from Playstore. This is one of the most challenging Crossword tracker apps.

One Clue Crossword

If you are new to crossword gaming, you must try One Clue Crossword. As the name suggests, you have to solve the crossword based on a particular clue.

one clue crossword
One Clue Crossword

The game gives you plenty of hints and expert solutions. There are about 550 levels and 36 gameplay options.

With an excellent rating of 4.3, the game is available for free in Play Store. But do remember the ads can bother you a bit.

Wordalot – Picture Crossword

The unique game in this list takes crossword gaming to a new height. It gives you pictures as hints to solve the riddles. With some fantastic graphics Wordalot – Picture Crossword can keep you glued for hours. The lightweight Android game has an excellent user rating of 4.6.

Wordalot – Picture Crossword
Wordalot – Picture Crossword

Wordalot – Picture Crossword has more than 5Million downloads on Google Play Store. So we highly recommend our readers to try this game.

Across Lite Crosswords

This game is exclusively for iPad users. Unique features like expert advice and customization make it a must-try for Apple users. The game is available for free in-app Store. Across Lite Crosswords is by far one of the best Crossword tracker apps.

Across Lite Crosswords
Across Lite Crosswords

Developed for Apple users. However, you have to compromise a bit with its graphics.

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Crossword Heaven

If you are a regular crossword solver, then you will enjoy it. The website platform of Crossword Heaven provides crossword riddles from esteemed Washington Times and New York Times. Without mentioning the Crossword Heaven, this list of Crossword tracker apps would have been incomplete.

crossword heaven
Crossword Heaven

You can play this game anywhere and anytime for free. So do try Crossword Heaven today.

Visit: Crossword Heaven


The Dictioary.com is one of the best crossword dictionary-free apps. It is a fun game where clues are placed to get the appropriate word.


Dictionary.com builds your vocabulary and your logical thing. Try this cool, fun game today. This is one of the top Crossword tracker apps.

Visit: Dictionary.com

Crossword with friends

A multiplayer crossword game where you challenge your friends to solve a crossword. The first one to solve wins the game.

crossword with friends Crossword tracker apps
Crossword with friends

The game is fine, but you have to follow its more ad policy. But to have a gala time with your friends, do give it a try.

Words Of Wonders: Crossword

Words Of Wonders Crossword is the best game to try if you want to enrich your English vocabulary. Unlike others, the game gives clues in the form of pictures.

Decode them and solve each puzzle. At first, the game may seem intricate, but you gain the expertise to solve them with each level. All features in the game are unique, except that too much hindrance due to ads may disappoint you.

Words Of Wonders Crossword tracker apps
Words Of Wonders Crossword

Try this fantastic game with over 100 Million Downloads and a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store.

Visit: Words Of Wonders: Crossword

Crossword Puzzle Redstone

This is one of the most challenging Crossword tracker apps on this list. If you solve riddles, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

Every week you get to solve new puzzles. There are Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. Moreover, there are more than five thousand crosswords available.

Crossword Puzzle Redstone tracker apps
Crossword Puzzle Redstone

You can install Crossword Puzzle Redstone from Google Play Store for free. There are over 1 Million downloads. Do try this awesome lightweight game.

Visit: Crossword Puzzle Redstone


As the name suggests, the game has tonnes of crosswords available. The bright color of the game simply lightens your mood.

Crossword tracker apps

You get a lot of clues to solve each puzzle. So, if you are a beginner, you should definitely try Crossword.

Visit: Crossword

Try these fantastic brain-teasing games to churn your brain muscles.


Some of the most asked questions about Crossword Tracker games.

What is the best crossword puzzle game?

New York Magazine Crosswords are the most classic puzzle game presently.

How to play crossword puzzles?

Crossword puzzles come in the shape of a rectangular grid or square with black and white squares. You must fill those white squares with letters based on the given clues.

Do crossword puzzles boost brainpower?

Crossword tracker apps and puzzle games increase brainpower a lot.

What is the best crossword app?

Alphacross Crossword is the most downloaded crossword app to date.

How to play free crossword games?

You can find free crossword games in various newspapers.

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We bet crossword tracker apps will definitely deliver you a completely different experience altogether. Solving these riddles may take some hours or even days. But you can’t be bored of it. Experience gaming in a unique way today. For more such excellent content, follow Techyhost.