Connect Mac To TV : Best Fixes To Try This Season

Are you tired of studying online, playing games, or social networking with your homies on your regular iMac screen? Do you crave a larger screen for work or leisure? Don’t worry. We heard you. This tutorial will provide you with the easiest hacks to connect Mac to TV.

Many people complain, unlike pc, iMac is very difficult to connect with TV. So Techyhost brings you the simplest ways how you can do it.

Do remember connecting iMac to tv doesn’t require many technicalities. But we advise you to follow our tutorial carefully to gain a seamless experience.

If you have a Apple TV (3rd gen) that needs to be jailbreaked, we have an article for you.

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How T0 Connect iMac To TV

Let’s look at how we can connect mac to tv.

HDMI Cable

First, connect to HDMI cable to Mac. Click on the Apple Icon.

1.  Select System Preferences.


Select Displays.

2. Then click “Default for Display.”

default for display

Now, to ensure you use your TV’s audio again, go to System Preferences.

3. Select sound.


Finally, select your speakers on the TV.

This process will ensure you connect Mac to any tv.

Apple TV

This process will exclusively work on Apple TV.

1. First we have to go to System Preferences from the Apple Icon on Mac.

system preferences

2 Click Displays on the left


3. Then select Apple TV from the AirPlay Display.

apple tv

4. A 4 digit code appears on the Apple TV.


Enter it on Mac, and you will be connected.

This process helps you connect Mac to Apple TV wirelessly. This is the most trusted way of connecting the iPhone to Mac.

Visit: Apple TV

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All iPhone or iPad users have this feature of AirPlay pre-installed on their device. No third-party app is required to use it. Moreover using it is also very easy.
If you don’t know how to use this awesome feature of the iPhone, please follow the steps below:


We firstly tell you how you can see video on TV.

1. Firstly, click on the AirPlay option while playing a video. The option is present primarily at the upper right corner of the screen. However, if you           don’t find the symbol, press the cast button.

airplay button

Then select the option of AirPlay and Bluetooth devices, as shown in the picture above.

2. Next, select the device you want to use, AirPlay.


3. Next, the device, which is a TV, displays a code.


Now type the code on the iPhone or iMac on the AirPlay is open. Finally, select OK.

In this way, you can share screens from Macbook to tv.


To cast your photos on TV from your iOS device, follow the steps below:

1. Firstly, select the Share button.


Then from the options, click on AirPlay.

2. Now, the nearby Apple devices will show up.

select device

Select any of the devices.

3. Next, the TV(in this case) shows a code.


Type it on the space as shown above in the image. Press OK to complete the process.

This is probably the safest way to connect Mac to TV since it is Apple’s own product.


Here are some third-party apps that screen mirrors to connect Mac to TV.

Mirror Screen On Smart TV

This is an excellent app for connecting wirelessly. You can find this app in the store. The app is available for free for a demo of 3 minutes. But if you like the performance, you can go for the paid version.

mirror screen on smart tv

The app is compatible with running on any smart TV. You don’t need an Apple TV to run it. 

Download Mirror Screen On Smart TV

AirParrots 3

For both Windows and Mac, AirParrots 3 is one of the best choices for screen mirroring.

It provides the highest quality video quality. Moreover, the audio quality is also commendable.


Moreover, it works smoothly on Chromecast Apple TV. The app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. Android users can enjoy it for free. But iPhone users have to go for the paid version.

Download AirParrots 3


ApowerMirror is an excellent app that helps in screen mirroring across Mac and Android. The third-party app has features like recorders, screenshot takers. This is ahead of others on the list.


Moreover, using it is pretty simple. There are both free and paid versions of ApowerMirror.

We highly recommend our readers to try this app.

Download ApowerMirror


LetsView is a fantastic app for screen mirroring MacBook to tv. You can wirelessly connect your Mac to TV with just a few clicks here.


Moreover, screencasting can be done among a wide variety of devices. From Android to iOS devices, it works smoothly.

You can download this from the app store.

Download LetsView

Reflector 3

If you are wondering how to mirror MacBook to tv, then Reflector 3 is the best app to go with.


It provides 1080p video quality wirelessly. We highly recommend apple users use this app to connect Mac to TV effortlessly. But please remember this is not a free app.

Download Reflector 3


AirServer is a one-stop destination for screen mirroring any device. It supports all iOS devices, Android, and Xbox devices.


This very simple app does not have any other feature except screen mirroring. The user interface is also quite impressive.

Download AirServer

Screen mirroring for Smart TV

This is a free app that is available on the Google Play Store.

The main USP of the app is there is no lag or latency while mirroring. You can connect wirelessly without any hassle. Moreover, screen mirroring is also possible on all browsers.


You get three days of free trial to use the app. This app indeed takes place in our recommendation list.

Download Screen mirroring for Smart TV

We advise you not to download any unknown app for screen mirroring as they could breach privacy policies.

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So now let’s look at some of the Frequently Asked Questions on the internet.

Why Isn’t My Mac Not Connecting To The TV Via HDMI Cable?

Your Mac is not able to identify the display or HDTV. As a result, the Mac is not able to connect via HDMI. To solve the issue, unplug and plug the HDMI.

Why Is No Signal Displayed On TV When Connected Via HDMI?

Your TV can say no signal when you use the wrong HDMI cable for connecting.

How Can I Wirelessly Connect IMac To TV?

You can do wireless connecting with AirPlay on your Apple TV. But if you do have Apple TV, you can use applications like Mirror Screen on Smart TV.

Can I Connect My Mac To A Non-Apple TV?

Yes, you can connect Mac to a non-Apple TV. Read through our blog to know how you can do it. You can also use Mirror Screen on the Smart TV app to connect.

Is Using Mirroring Apps Dangerous?

Always install mirroring apps from Google Play Store or App Store to avoid dangers.

We hope we can answer the most asked questions on the internet.


In conclusion, we believe we could help you connect your iMac to TV without much hassle. But still, if you face any trouble, please contact us through the comments. And we will be more than happy to help you. For more such tech tips and solutions, please Follow Techyhost.