Top 6 Closet Organizing Apps for Android [Latest 2023]

Hundreds of apps launch new features daily and update their functionalities worldwide. Closet Organizing apps for Android are a few of them.

Best Closet Organizing Apps for Android to Use In 2023

  1. My Closet | Organize Your Clothes With The Weather
  2. Mod Man – Men’s Fashion & Style
  3. Smart Closet – Fashion Style
  4. Your Closet – Smart Fashion
  5. Closet Planner 3D
  6. Combyne – Outfit Ideas And Outfit Creationyle.

Closet organizers are handy to us, especially fashionistas. They allow you to organize your virtual wardrobe and plan your outfits regularly. You can also mark your calendars to get ready and pick a pre-planned perfect outfit on that day.

6 Best Closet Organizing Apps for Android to Use In 2023

The following are the best six Closet organizing apps for Android among many. These apps can improve your wardrobe without causing you much trouble. Excited? So I am.

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My Closet | Organize Your Clothes With The Weather

It is one of the great ways to plan your outfits. Also, it is the best among other closet-organizing apps for Android. You get to keep it all in a way that helps you choose the perfect depending on the weather outside. You can write the tags for different categories your outfits fit in, thus making it easier to sort your clothes.

my closet
Click photographs of your clothes. Put together different items to create an outfit: Mark your calendar to see what you have worn on a particular date. Plan what outfit you want to wear for a special occasion. Along with the weather updates, you would get instant outfit suggestions, depending on the temperature!

Download: My Closet 

Mod Man – Men’s Fashion & Style

Mod Man is a perfect app for men who love the style – organized style. This app has different features:

  • Closet Organiser – Click pictures of your clothes and save them in the app. You will be able to create outfits that you’d like to wear on a particular day.
  • Outfit Planner – You can plan your ideal outfit ahead of time. Besides, there will be alarms about the outfits you can wear on a specific day. There’s a less likely chance of wearing the same outfit again.

mod men


  • Shop for more! – Apart from your clothes, you can buy more clothes from top brands. Know more about the new running trends and styles depending on what is available in the store.
  • More tips – This feature allows you to bring your inner fashionista out. Stylists will give you many fashion tips – whether you want to use them or not is totally up to you – but how awesome is learning new styles and modifying yourself, right?

These are but just a few features of the app. There are many more features. But one disadvantage would be this is only for men. Sorry, girls!

Download: Mod Man

Smart Closet – Fashion Style

Smart Closet is another virtual wardrobe initially designed for girls, but it now has added a feature supporting men’s closet ideas. As usual, you can click a photograph to combine your clothes in your wardrobe. The features of the app extend to editing your clothes and details. Also, you may get the option to change minor details like color, etc. 

smart closet

You can choose different pieces of an outfit to create more innovative looks. Also, it will have a complete account of how many shirts you have or how many sweatshirts you have. Moreover, you can track the number of clothes you have in a particular color and the number of clothes you bought from a specific brand. 

Download: Smart Closet 

Your Closet – Smart Fashion

This app is probably an ideal closet organizer for a girl! Not only this app allows you to take pictures, but it also has the option where you can import other photos to arrange your fashion wardrobe. You can edit your details, and you can change the background color. (My suggestion is white in this app).

your closet

Imagine adding fashion notes to your clothes like size, material, etc. The app further immerses your imagination with online shopping by trying to mix and match to create new links!

Download: Your Closet 

Closet Planner 3D

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Closet Planner 3D is a different version of Closet organizing apps for Android and my favorite. You can create your Closet, from the number of partitions you want to the kind of wood and color you want for your wardrobe.

This app lets you be your interior designer free of cost, but if you need more details or features you’d like to use, you will have to buy the PRO version; then, you can access everything this great app offers.

closet planner 3D

I mean, think about it! Your dream closet and YOU are the one who will be making it! Incredible. Besides, you can change the colors of the floor and the room. You can transform the entire Closet and room into your ideal one.

Download: Closet Planner 3D

Combyne – Outfit Ideas And Outfit Creation

Combine lets you focus on creating your ideal outfit at the peak of its perfection. It is one of the famous closet-organizing apps for Android. This app is not just a closet organizer but also a world in itself.

You can follow other friends, view their fashion ideas, and buy many clothes from top brands directly from this app. You’ll be inspired to find so many new ideas, and you’ll be able to view the running trends all over the world right here in this mini-fashion world.


You can design fashion challenges, and you’re going to be the judge of it all. You can meet many fashionistas and share many things in common, or you can learn more ideas from them. Combyne’s fashion partners include Armani and Urban Outfitters!  

Download: Combyne

Frequently Asked Questions

How do closet organisation apps function?

Can I shop for new clothes using closet organization apps?

Some apps for organizing closets include online shopping tools that let users explore and buy clothes directly from the app. These apps offer suggestions depending on a user's current wardrobe or popular fashion trends.

Are apps for organizing your Closet free?

Many Closet organizing apps for android applications offer free versions with only the most basic capabilities, while others could charge for extra premium features or require a subscription. Different apps may provide different features, both free and premium.

Do women exclusively use apps for organizing their closets?

Many closet organisation apps now offer services for both men and women, even though some initially catered to specific categories, such as men's or women's fashion. Certain apps' features for recording garment information like size, fabric, and brand are even more helpful for everyone.

Can I change how my virtual Closet looks in these apps?


I hope you read all about these virtual closets in this article! If you find anything interesting, install them without any hesitation! No waiting. Have a good time by enjoying designing and enhancing your dress-up game with your very own wardrobe with the help of any of these closet-organizing apps for Android.