4 Best Free & Paid Cleaner Software for Windows

I know you all love your Windows PC, and you have all the reasons to. Windows OS is a great platform with dope features and incredible functionality. Sadly though, nothing in this world is perfect (except maybe my SoundOne Bluetooth headphones!), and Windows PC has its issues These maybe related to some random error like Error 651 or sound issues etc. It is a lot more vulnerable to Trojans and other junk hoarding malware that eat up storage and slow down the system over time. Thus, you must know about the best Cleaner Software out there.

Now, it may not be the same for everybody. Some of you might have the system stay by your side for years before it finally breaks down or starts showing minor issues that are worthy of your attention. It all depends on your usage and the type and amount of data you generate on it. It doesn’t change anything if your computer is beefed up, all systems will slow down sooner or later, as data continues to build in your HDD/SSD by the day. So even if your system is not slowing down right this moment, you better be prepared, because it will look at some point during the long run.

The solution to this is pretty simple, isn’t it? You’re going to need some sort of a cleaner software. But unfortunately, a lot of the ones out there have lots of ads and other freeware bundled with them, so you are actually adding more junk to your already overloaded system in your efforts of cleaning it up. Some of the premium ones are incredibly unreasonable and are downright unworthy of the price that they ask. But chill! I make it my job to be your everyday hero without a mask, and help you pick the best ones in any software category.

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Four Best Paid and Free Cleaner Software for Windows

Here are four best paid and free cleaner software for Windows.


This Cleaner Software has both a free trial version and a paid full version. Piriform CCleaner is one of the lightest but most effective junk cleaners in the present industry. Downloading this is a breeze thanks to its smaller size and is also has a relatively fast installation process. Once installed, you can clear cache, browser history along with cookies, scan specific folders and more.


You also get to choose which apps and services you want to keep running at start up and which ones need to be blocked. Sure, you can do the same from Windows built-in service manager as well by using services.msc though the Run menu. But CCleaner helps you do the same thing much faster and easier. Also, it has a neat duplicate file detector and remover facility built in. You can choose a loaded drive from among your partitions, and the software will stack up all the replicas of a file.

One irritating thing that I found about CCleaner was that you need to manually choose the duplicate documents that are identified. It doesn’t naturally keep one of them and select the other to be erased. I don’t know if it was only my experience, but this tool took a very time to erase them all.

You can download this trial version and then get the full paid version if you like it.

Download CCleaner here

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PC Decrapifier

This product does precisely what its known for. It decrapifies your PC! This product is a great help for those PCs where OEMs have topped off a ton of bloatware for you already. On the off chance that you like those extras, great! I for one found that I don’t generally use all these crapware that Sony (my laptop manufacturer) has tossed into my workstation. In cases like mine, it just wastes space and usually slows the system down.

PC Decrapifier
PC Decrapifier

This Cleaner Software is a life saver for bloated systems like mine. So if you share a similar story, get it and save yourself a world of hassle which you would deal with manual uninstallation. The best part about this software, in my opinion, is that it only runs when you want it to.

Meaning you do not have any background services to worry about. It does not install itself on your hard drive either, so that’s another plus point right there. You can get this on any PC and clean it up with a few simple clicks.

Download PC Decrapifier here

Advanced System Optimizer

This is one of the most straightforward and the most affordable PC junk cleaners that I can think of. It is not as fast as the PC decrapifier I’ll give you that. But it does its job damn well, and that is what matters. This software handles your PC security, cleaning as well as optimization. Of course, you will have to pay for the full version to get the most out of this software. It has registry optimizer, disk cleaners, and its dedicated backup and restores function.

Advanced System Optimizer
Advanced System Optimizer

Other than cleaning out the crap from your hard drive, this Cleaner Software also has a separate section named as common problem fixer. It is as literal as it sounds, it has tools to fix common issues that you might face in your day to day usage. What’s even cooler is that this has an independent game booster which detects a game launch and optimizes your system by clearing out some RAM and stuff. That is the usual stuff that we see on smartphones, which is cool to have on your Windows PC, especially if you have a gaming rig.

I have nothing better to recommend to you gamers out there. Step up your performance maintenance and junk clearing game and get the Advanced system optimizer software.

Download Advanced System Optimizer here

AVG Tune Up

You’ve probably heard of AVG. It was the first ever antivirus that I installed on my phone. Yeah, that is a valuable piece of my biodata that all of you must know. Anyway, Tune Up is a pretty dope software tool to posess, mainly because it gives you a ton of functionality in the free version itself. But if you do decide to buy the full version anyway, it is not too expensive at all to get.

AVG Tune Up
AVG Tune Up

This Cleaner Software has a system speedup tool which dynamically monitors your storage. So you don’t have to fire this up yourself every day and hit the scan button yourself. It even tracks apps that are updating and every new entry in your cookies or history of your browser. As I said, it’s pretty dope!

Go ahead then, download AVG Tune Up trial version. If you like it, pay for the full version and say sayonara to the junk in your PC’s trunk.

Download AVG Tune Up here


So if you are fed up with all that junk stuck up in your device, you do not have to worry anymore. Go ahead and download the best Cleaner Software for windows from all the alternatives available here.

These Cleaner Software are arranged according to their utility and capability which varies according to the PCs. In case you have any doubts drop them down in the comments.

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