Can The PlayStation 4 Play DVDs? | 2 Easy Ways To Do

If you’re a brand-new PS4 user, you might wonder, can the PlayStation 4 play DVDs? How can I use my PS4 to watch or play a DVD if that’s so? You may learn how to use the Playstation 4 to play DVDs in this article.

The PS4 can play 3D movies, DVDs, and Blu-ray, so the answer is YES. In this article, we’ll go through how to play DVDs on the PS4 in two ways: the standard way and the PS4-Rip approach.

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Does PS4 Play DVDs?

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is Sony Computer Entertainment’s eighth-generation home video game console. PS4 is liked by everyone all over the world. If you’re a new PS4 user, you may be curious, can the PlayStation 4 play DVDs? Or can a PS4 play Blu-ray discs?

ps4 play dvds

The short answer is that your PS4 can play DVDs or Blu-ray discs, and you don’t even need a PS4 DVD player. The following section will demonstrate how to view DVDs on a PS4 and how to play DVDs on a PS4. 

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How To Use A PS4 To Play DVDs (Regular Way)?

As was mentioned earlier, the PS4 can play DVD and Blu-ray discs. Thus, the question, “Can the Playstation 4 play DVDs?” The answer is yes. The DVD playback can begin immediately upon inserting the disc.

  • Place the DVD disc in the PS4 console that you wish to play.
  • The TV show or movie that is included on the DVD will immediately begin to play. The X key on the DVD’s film title can also be used to reach the Video section of the XMB menu. dvdonps4
  • The PS4 controller and on-screen UI make it simple to control playback after inserting the DVD into the PS4 gaming system. It would help to have a strong and reliable network connection for the PlayStation 4 to play DVDs. Additionally, you must update the PS4 to the most recent system version. In this case, you must upgrade your PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro to version 1.50 or higher. For more about mtu settings for ps4 check out here.
  • When you connect your PS4 to a reliable network, it will typically notify you automatically that there’s one available computing update. However, if the DVD won’t play on your PS4, you might try updating the operating system first. Selecting System Software Update from the Options menu will let you do it. The new PS4 system is now available for download and installation by executing the on-screen instructions. Click here for the best video editing tools for influencers.

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PS4 Unsupported DVD Playback – Rip

The question, “Can the Playstation 4 play DVDs?” has been answered, so we know the answer is yes. Another situation where the DVD cannot be run will result from the distinctive DVD format variations.. In other words, many manufacturers could encrypt the DVD data using an unidentified method. Another method is copying DVDs that solves the problem of how to watch DVDs on a PS4 in an unsupported DVD format. This entails ripping DVDs into playable digital video formats like MP4 and others.

PS4’s supported file types are:

The following video formats are available: High Profile Level 4.2 with AAC-LC, AC-3 audio in.mkv,.mp4,.ts, and.avi formats; H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video, High Profile Level 4.2 with MP3 in.mkv and.avi formats; High Profile Level 4.2 with MP2 audio in.ts file format H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video.


Audio file types: MP3 and AAC (M4A)

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Possible Causes For The PS4 Not To Play DVDs

Most of the DVDs you’ll locate ought to function without issue. As we already know, can the Playstation 4 play DVDs yes? There are a few reasons, though, why a specific DVD won’t play.


If you’re experiencing problems getting a DVD to run on your Ps 4, see whether any of the following apply:

  1. Never been online – Your PS4 needs a day-one patch to support DVD playback. day-one patch Your console may not be able to play DVDs if it has never been connected to the internet.
  2. Burned DVDs – PlayStation verified on its website’s help page that DVDs that have been burned or cloned wouldn’t function on the PS4.
  3. Region-locked DVDs — Your PS4 can be region-locked and it is based on where you bought it.  region-lockedThe chances are that DVDs you purchase from a different region won’t play on your PS4.
  4. Cracked or damaged discs – A scratched or damaged DVD will probably not play on your PS4. Additionally, depending on the extent of the destruction, your PS4’s disc drive could be harmed.
  5. DVDs that aren’t well-made — Some aren’t well-made, and the PS4 disc drive won’t read them. Although it’s unlikely, you might run into this issue. Want to learn about best video compression software? Read This.

Does The PS4 Sustain Damage When Watching DVDs?

Thank goodness, you don’t need to be concerned about this. As we already stated, can the Playstation 4 play DVDs, yes? They won’t harm your PS4 if you don’t try to play damaged DVDs.


Sony advises against using a few disc types since they could harm your PS4. Avoid attempting to play discs 8 cm in diameter, irregularly shaped (such as squares, stars, or hearts), or that have paper labels attached.

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Will a ps4 play DVDs?

The PS4 can play 3D movies, Blu-ray, and DVD, so the answer is YES. It also offers a few useful apps that make it simpler for you to take pleasure in music and movies.

How are region-free DVDs played on the PS4?

Once the disc playback feature is activated, you won't need a connection to the internet to play DVDs. The PS4 cannot, however, play DVDs with region codes because it is not a region-free player. This may be fixed by using WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, which makes it simple to play DVDs on PS4.

Can you put a DVD in a ps4?

Fortunately, you can play DVDs on your PlayStation 4. Although most of us prefer streaming to using physical discs for our TV shows and movies, it's good to know that you can still utilize your PS4 to enjoy your old DVD collection.

The PS4 (PlayStation 4) is what?

The most well-known video gaming system is the PS4 (PlayStation 4), which Sony Computer Entertainment created. On the PS4, games may be enjoyed to the fullest. A UHD Blu-ray game disc, even one with a 4K quality, can be played on PS4.

Why won't my PS4 play discs that are not circular?

Discs that aren't round. Discs with cracks or distortions. Your PS4 won't play the audio-only side of a DualDisc if it has the DVD standard on one side and audio-only on the other. If you wish to replay copyright-protected BDs continuously, you might need to update the key for encryption for AACS (Advanced Access Content System).

Why can't the PS4 read DVDs?

The PS4 may be unable to read DVDs for various reasons. For instance, the PS4 drive does not support the disc format. The DVD movie may not be compatible with the PS4. Because it works better with digital media, you can rip DVDs and watch them on PS4 devices. We advise using a professional DVD ripper like Tipard DVD Ripper to complete this task.


Your query about can the PlayStation 4 play DVDs has been answered. Indeed, you can play DVDs on your PS4 gaming system. After reading this page, you may play DVDs on your PS4 in 2 easy methods. There are also frequently asked questions about whether can you watch DVD on PS4 available. Also, click here for best video sharing apps.

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