How To Bypass Twitter Phone Verification | Complete Guide

In today’s article, let’s examine the topic: How To Bypass Twitter Phone Verification.

Here’s how to Add your phone number to your Twitter account:

  1. Open Twitter settings.
  2. Select “Account.”
  3. Add the phone number, and verify the password.
  4. Enter your phone number, and click “Next.”
  5. Verify with the SMS code sent by Twitter.

By the end of the article, you will know What Twitter is, why there is a need to Bypass phone verification, and how to bypass Twitter phone verification. So, Stay tuned.

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What Do You Mean By Twitter?

Twitter is an online networking platform that allows users to express their thoughts through Tweets. Other users interested in having a conversation can like, retweet, or comment on the respective tweets. It is the same way as interacting with people with similar interests. Users can pin any tweet on Twitter of their choice to their account in straightforward steps. The pin-to-profile feature shows the interest of the users.

what do you mean by twitter

Along with Tweets, the user can post media, audio, or videos in the form of Twitter media. Twitter allows users to tweet their topics of interest unless it does not violate any violation rights of Twitter. You can also change your Twitter handle on Twitter if you want a different account for use. It is also a simple process, and Twitter has various features like this one. Let us move forward with what phone verification is on Twitter and how to bypass the Twitter phone verification process.

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What is Twitter Phone Verification?

Twitter is a media and online socializing app where users interchange and communicate through tweets and direct messages. Many users use Twitter because of its excellent and robust security and privacy services, and Twitter applications are more secure and ethical regarding the privacy and safety of the user. Your data is secured and not released to any third-party applications. 

twitter phone verification

However, the user needs to activate the two-factor authentication to keep his Twitter account safe. So that even if someone knows your password, it will confirm your identity with your registered phone number linked to your Twitter account to stay safe and aware of the breach. Moreover, some users find it annoying and want to know how to bypass Twitter phone verification. 

Need Of Phone Number To Register 

Twitter asks for your Phone Number and email address when you register or sign in with the credentials to your Twitter account. However, an email address or phone number is an option, but some users don’t prefer to give phone numbers. Users need to register with a mobile number to activate the two-factor authentication, the recently added feature of Twitter. The two-factor authentication ensures that the person logging in to the account is the user or someone else trying to be him. 

register phone number on twitter

The phone number registration is also required to save you when you forget your password. It often happens that the user fails his password and wants to reset the password. But the link sent to the email is inaccessible. At that time, phone verification is helpful. It may help you get back your account, and you can change your password.

Methods To Bypass Phone Verification On Twitter

As you know, you need to register to Twitter with your phone number or the number your use to activate the two-factor authentication. But there are some ways you can bypass the phone verification process by Twitter.

methods to bypass phone verification on twitter

Let’s see what those are

Using Disposable Phone number

We say the internet is where everything is made available in seconds. You can get a disposable phone number that will be temporary just for the sake of Twitter verification and for receiving the SMS.

disposable phone number

You will not require any contact number for that. Do not forget to scratch the number after the verification process. This is just like using a fake phone number for Twitter.

Using Your Permanent Number

Using your number is another option when you know your phone is always handy with you, and you can easily access the Twitter two-factor authentication and the verification process.

By using Google Voice Account

This method is the simplest of all to Twitter bypass phone verification. Follow the steps to bypass Twitter phone verification. 

  1. Enter the Gmail account that you have chosen. Set up a Google Voice number. Enter and add the number voice number
  2. Then you have to connect your phone to that number. You will get a confirmation message in a dialogue box. You have to click on “OK.” After clicking on OK, wait until the Google Voice number confirms.
    google voice number
  3. You have to copy the number you will receive on your device. After copying the number, enter it in the phone number column. Then, you will get the code at the Google Voice Number. You must complete this process by adding this code to Twitter. code to twitter

This is how you will bypass the Twitter phone verification process quickly.

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What if I don't register on Twitter with my phone number?

Twitter asks users for their phone numbers for user safety to activate the two-factor authentication in their devices. However, it is your choice you use your number.

Can I associate my phone number with opening my other alternative Twitter accounts?

Yes, you can create upto 10 Twitter accounts registered with your phone number. That means you can have the freedom to make 10 accounts on a single phone number.

Can someone else use my number to text?

If you have given them access, it might be possible that they use your number for verification.

How do I get my account back if my phone is stolen?

You can log in from another device and change your password after signing in with your credentials.

What to do if I see some user violating Twitter rights?

You can report that tweet or user for mentioning inappropriate content.


Twitter is a media and online socializing app where users interchange and communicate through tweets and direct messages. This write-up covered the methods to bypass Twitter phone verification in simple steps.

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