How To Have A Blank Twitter Name | 2 Methods

Have you ever wondered how someone created a Twitter account with a blank username i.e. a blank Twitter name? Twitter usernames are a crucial site component, acting as both a user and a brand’s digital identity.

Knowing how to leave your name off your profile might be useful for privacy concerns or to ward off stalkers. To accomplish this, you must include a special character in your name field that Twitter won’t recognize. This will enable you to omit your name and not receive a return error.

To find out how to have a nameless Twitter profile, keep reading. The process of establishing a blank Twitter name, its advantages and disadvantages, and some advice on how to maximize its potential are all covered in this article.

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To Have A  Blank Twitter Name: 

You can have a blank Twitter display name by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Twitter app in step one. Open the Twitter app on your tablet or phone to get started. In case you do not have the Twitter application, you can easily download it on your mobile from Play Store or app store.launch the app
  2. Navigate to your profile settings in step two. Tap on the representation of your profile in the top-left corner of the screen to access it. Tap the “Edit profile” button after that.tap edit profile
  3. Subtract your present name. Your present name will be shown on the profile editing page. Simply delete the text in the “Name” field to eliminate it. After that, paste a blank character like to Change Reddit Username.
  4. To create a blank name on Twitter, enter a character. By replicating the Unicode character U+3164, you can locate a blank character. This character is acceptable in Twitter’s username format and appears as a blank space. Save your new blank name.replicate unicode character
  5. After pasting the blank character into the “Name” column, save your modifications after you’ve copied it. Your Twitter name should be empty now, and your name will no longer appear in the name field on your twitter nameOn Twitter, it’s not particularly difficult to leave your name blank with Twitter phone verification. The workaround approach is simple, even if it could seem difficult with a blank Twitter profile.

Using Twitter With A Blank Name Using Method 2

To have a blank Twitter name or no name, just follow these easy guidelines.

  1. Open Twitter on your mobile device. Launch Twitter. Press on your profile image on the screen. open twitter
  2. A sidebar containing profile options will show up as a result. On “Profile,” click. Below the cover image, there is an “Edit profile” option. Click “Save” to finalize these changes.edit profile
  3.  You will only need to accomplish that. If you refresh your profile, your name will disappear.
    refresh profile

We can apply a clever workaround even without a proper mechanism. You should have a unique character while changing your profile.  This will completely delete the name from your Twitter profile and have a Twitter invisible name.

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The Special Character Of Twitter

The distinctive character “is known as a Fathatan. Arabic is its mother tongue.

fathatanWhen it is not followed by a letter, as it should, Twitter immediately deletes it, leaving the box empty. Want to know how to pin any tweet? Click here.

Using A Blank Name On Twitter Is Another Option

Here’s a simple tutorial showing you how to create a Twitter account with a blank Twitter name:

  1. Visit a website or application that can generate blank characters, such as the Unicode Text Converter or the Blank Text Maker from YayText, to use Twitter voice.visit the app
  2. To access your profile, open Twitter and press on the profile photo. Your current name should be removed from the “Name” profile
  3. Copy a blank character and paste it into the “Name” field. To save your changes, click “Save.”

copy blank space

There you have it! Your name will be blank, and your name will no longer be displayed on your profile. But remember that this can reduce your exposure on the site as it might be more challenging for users to recognize or recall your profile.

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What does a Twitter blank name mean?

On Twitter, a blank name denotes the absence of any text in your username or display name. We can use it to maintain anonymity or to develop a distinctive look. It is a technique to make your profile stand out.

Is it right to use an anonymous Twitter name?

The legality of using a blank name on Twitter can vary depending on your motivations. Using a blank name to safeguard your privacy and remain anonymous could be moral. But, it could be viewed as unethical if you employ it to trick or control people.

Will having a blank name have any impact on my Twitter account?

Although having a blank name won't impair the functionality of your account, it could hinder your visibility and interpersonal interactions. Your interaction on the site may be limited if some users have trouble recognizing or remembering your profile.

What does Twitter's invisible character look like?

Use the invisible U+3164 HANGUL FILLER character to send out a blank tweet! When you click the Copy button below, the character will be copied to your clipboard. You may then paste it into the tweet editor on Twitter and press the Send button. Done! Both the mobile app for Twitter and the web client support this.

Once I've changed my Twitter name, can I return to a blank name?

If you have the blank character stored elsewhere and know how to enter it into the Twitter settings, you can revert your name to the original character. However, Twitter may not allow it if they change their regulations regarding blank names; keep that in mind.

Is it acceptable to have an empty Twitter name?

On Twitter, it is possible to have a blank name. To make a blank character, though, the procedure is not simple, and you might need to use a third-party software or website.

Can I still utilize hashtags and mentions on Twitter with a blank name?

With Twitter, you can still use mentions and hashtags with a nameless hashtag. As no name is displayed, it could be more difficult for users to find and interact with your Profile.

How can a blank Twitter name be made?

Go to the name-changing screen as displayed above first. Then, duplicate the symbol found inside the apostrophes and paste it into the Twitter name field. Before hitting the Save button, be careful to remove the apostrophes. If you refresh the page, your Twitter name will be empty.

What guidelines apply to Twitter names?

Your username must be longer than 15 characters. Keep usernames short for convenience, although you can have a name that is as long as 50 characters or as short as 4 characters. Except for underscores, a username can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, digits 0-9).


A unique method to stand out and draw attention to your profile is to use a blank Twitter name. With the help of this simple instruction, you now know how to have a blank name on Twitter, and also you can easily create a username and use it to make a plain comment on the platform. It’s important to remember that certain users could find it difficult to recognize or recall your profile without a visible name. Use this tactic judiciously, and consider if a blank name fits your Twitter objectives and strategy.

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