Top 10 Best Youtube Channels For Kindergarten Kids [2023] 

We have often heard about the adverse effects of extended screen time on a child’s mind. When balanced with other activities, a little screen time can be a relaxing exercise for your child. However, it doesn’t always hold. Nowadays, most parents and kids, even toddlers, are used to seeking Youtube for entertainment. But how do you pick the right kind from a plethora of preschool Youtube channels available to us? How do you determine which are the best Youtube channels for kindergarten learners?

youtube channels for kindergarten

Don’t stress out! We have assembled a list for you.

Here are the list of 10 best Youtube channels for kindergarten kids 

BlippiMachine for Kids
The Learning StationSuper Simple Play
Patty Shukla Kids TVLots to Learn Preschool Videos
GoNoodleLearn Colors Tv
Super Simple TVTeeter Taught Animation

Read on to learn more about the kind of content created by these channels and why they are the best educational youtube channels for preschoolers.

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Best YouTube Channels For Kindergarten Kids

Let’s discuss the 10 best youtube channels for kindergarten kids briefly.


This toddler’s show is created by Stevin John, who plays the part of Blippi, the show’s host. Blippi wears funny blue and orange attire and talks in a childish fashion. He goes on curiosity voyages exploring colors, numbers, letters, and other little things which fascinate tender minds. 


In addition, this channel has the best learning videos for preschoolers, designed interactively to grab their attention. Parents love the educational content, and kids learn much from Blippi’s goofy antics. 

Blippi also has other partner channels on Youtube, namely Kideo and Blippi Toys, which showcase similar content with more toy features. 

Visit: Blippi

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The Learning Station

The Learning Station” is a children’s music band created by the husband-and-wife duo Don and Laurie, along with their friend Jan. Their Youtube channel is filled with animated music videos for juniors. Also, they create engaging songs for toddlers and preschoolers, ranging from nursery rhymes, dance, and camp songs to maths musicals and Christmas songs.

the learning station

Baby Shark and Boom Chika Boom are two popular songs created by “The Learning Station.” Dancing to these fun songs is a fun exercise for your kid’s mind and body. Without a doubt, it is among the top YouTube channels for kindergarteners.

Visit: The Learning Station

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Patty Shukla Kids TV

Mrs. Patty Shukla is a lovable lady who sings energetically for the tiny tots. She creates the best learning videos for preschoolers, which talk about numbers, shapes, colors, alphabets, months of the year, days of the week, and sign language.

Her channel also has action songs for kindergarten kids to encourage them for physical activities like dancing and jumping. 

patty shukla kids tv

Mrs. patty also markets music downloads and apps along with her videos. Her videos often feature small kids of preschool age joining her for all the fun in the action songs. Kids also learn basic daily skills like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, etc.

Visit: Patty Shukla Kids TV


GoNoodle is a fantastic channel that encourages kids to dance, sing, read, and paint. The videos on this channel are designed for kindergarten students and utilize pop culture and hip-hop references to educate them. 


Also, these videos are focused on creating lessons around the well-being of mind and body in a fun and exploratory manner. Kids learn a great deal from these videos about community building as well. Some of their popular videos are “Chicken Dance” and “The Maxarena.”

Visit: GoNoodle

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Super Simple Tv

This educational youtube channel for preschoolers features episodic-style cartoon series. These series are mostly animated, although they use puppetry sometimes. These cartoons help kids learn about the alphabet and numbers in an amusing way. 

They also tell simple stories at a slow pace to let the small ones understand the characters and settings according to their level of comprehension.

super simple tv

These videos entertain the kids and encourage their curiosity to explore their creative prowess. No wonder this is considered one of the best Youtube channels for kindergarten children.

Visit: Super Simple Tv

Machines For Kids

The channel showcases very simple videos. They mostly consist of plain footage of trucks, boats, diggers, tractors, bulldozers, airplanes, etc. But we can see why small children love these kinds of videos. Their tiny minds are captivated by these machines and the work they do. 

machines for kids

These videos will help spark your children’s curiosity if you believe they enjoy playing with their toy machines. Despite having a Blippi connection, this channel lacks a host who can interest the children in discussion.

Visit: Machines For Kids

Super Simple Play

This is an associate channel of Super Simple TV. The channel creates a show titled “Caitie’s Classroom,” where the host ‘Catie’ sings classic childhood songs to entertain the kids. Catie usually repeats her words while singing to make it easier for the preschoolers to learn the words. Sometimes the videos also include puppets who interact with Catie and sing with her.

super simple play

The channel also features another series of videos that explains simple art and craft for preschool kids to promote creative learning. Caitie occasionally performs science experiments or goes on field trips to beaches and zoos. These videos keep the kids engaged and help them learn about different surroundings.

Visit: Super Simple Play

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Lots to Learn Preschool Videos

This channel is smaller than the others, but ‘Lots of Learn’ provides children with different learning. Preschoolers’ emotional development is the main subject of the content.

At this age, whatever kids see and learn, influences their minds strongly. The channel focuses on teaching kids to be mindful, especially of nature, at the ideal age.

lots to learn preschool videos

Their videos showcase nature in abundance, with background music featuring original songs about animals. Apart from this, the channel also produces conventional content for kids. Surely one of the best Youtube channels for kindergarten students to teach them about mindfulness and self-reflection. 

Visit: Lots to Learn Preschool Videos

Learn Colors TV

This animated channel features a cheerful yellow elephant named ‘Bru.’ The content mostly narrates engaging stories about Bru and his buddies and their experiences.

learn colors tv

These stories encourage preschoolers to discuss more serious concepts like fear and friendship.

Visit: Learn Colors TV

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Teeter Taught Animation

Teeter Taught offers an entertaining alternative to conventional learning methods to teach kindergarten students. Also, this channel features colorful animated characters that recite the alphabet and numbers.

teeter taught animation

For instance, you will find videos teaching numbers by displaying a giant set of teeth that are munching lollipops! This kind of technique is a fun way to boost children’s learning process.

Visit: Teeter Taught Animation


How many hours a day should a 6-year-old be watching TV?

Children in the age bracket of 5-10 years should limit their screen time to 2 hours.

Is there a kid version of YouTube?

Yes, YouTube Kids is a family-friendly version for kids and families. The app has popular kid's videos and a myriad of new content, supplied in an easy way for children.

How is Youtube Kids different from YouTube?

YouTube Kids has a considerably smaller bunch of content available as compared to YouTube's primary app. So, YouTube Kids mostly contain family and kids-friendly videos.

What are some good YouTube channels for toddlers?

The top YouTube channels for toddlers include Blippi, Super Simple Tv, GoNoodle, Patty Shukla Kids Tv, and Teeter Taught Animation.

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Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, we’ve created this list of the 10 best Youtube Channels for Kindergarten kids, which you can follow to find age-specific and valuable content for your kids. There are many more channels on Youtube related to art, hunting, crypto, and more that you can explore to get more videos. You can also check out ‘Youtube kids, which has more content designed solely for kids.

Youtube videos can provide valuable learning lessons for your kids if watched responsibly and with moderation. However, you can always watch them together to have some fun with your family. Above all, singing and learning with your kids boost their understanding process and sense of belongingness. So get into the curiosity wagon and start exploring with your little ones.