Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Keep Yourself Fit, Healthy, And Young

It’s become even more obvious that you don’t need to go somewhere to engage in a good workout as at-home exercising has increased in popularity. For instance, these best yoga channels on YouTube may bring your preferred style of yoga class directly to your living room.

YouTube yoga is a terrific option for those who want to try Yoga but need more time to be ready to take a class in person or want to learn more about the poses before doing so (Checkout this, if you want to learn new words). There are plenty of best yoga channels on youtube for beginners. Some names are Yoga with Kassandra, Yoga by Candace, Yoga with Adriene,, Aham Yoga, and more mentioned below. 

yogaYou can get your dose of everything from basic Yoga flows to strenuous fitness classes—or even just some basic stretching workouts and routines—by reading about the best yoga channels on YouTube for Yoga at home.

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The 8 Best Yoga Channels On Youtube

Below are the 8 best yoga channels on YouTube.

Yoga by Candace

You should subscribe to this channel to do 15 minutes of Yoga in bed to unwind or 15 minutes in the morning to wake up.

For those new to Yoga, Yoga By Candace is the ideal YouTube video to follow because of her simple, step-by-step instructions. Additionally, she offers a wonderful series called “Yoga as Therapy” that examines de-stressing, postural awareness, and Yoga for digestion.

yoga by candaceOwner of a studio, best-selling book, and full-time worldwide yoga teacher, Candace places a lot of emphasis on BOSU yoga positions. You may add balance to each exercise because it’s low-impact Yoga. Practice Yoga in the comfort of your student housing with her selection of 15–18–and 30-minute sessions!

Visit: yogabycandace – YouTube

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene has been consistently disseminating yoga teachings on YouTube since 2012, intending to bridge the gaps between you and your personal space. She has a humorous and approachable personality, making her the best yoga instructor on YouTube.

yoga with adrieneHer movies have incredibly detailed thumbnails, making it easy to find the one we’re looking for. She has all the answers, regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned practitioner. Additionally, yoga routines last 10 minutes or less, 10-20 minutes, 20-30 minutes, and 40-60 minutes. So, depending on your schedule, you can choose any part of the video.

Visit: Yoga with Adriene – YouTube

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Fightmaster Yoga’s “Total Body Yoga Workout”

When you want to feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little, try this 30-minute flow of difficulty standing and sitting poses. This Total Body Yoga Workout was taped on a beach retreat in Italy, and Lesley Fightmaster guides you through it with her calming yet inspiring voice. Depending on your degree of experience and what you’re up for that day, Fightmaster gives tips to make the poses more or less difficult. 

fightmaster yoga'sAlthough you can join the Fightmaster community to access individual lessons and videos geared toward achieving certain objectives, this video is free.

Visit: Total Body Yoga Workout | Get Energy & Feel Great!

Yoga With Kassandra

Even though Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga With Kassandra has more than five years’ worth of videos covering a range of yoga types, her calming Yin yoga sessions are widely regarded as some of the best on the Internet. Among many other things, her Yin playlist has a video exercise specifically for hip-opening stretches, one to target upper back knots, and even one made for runners.


yoga with kassandraFor those unfamiliar, Yin yoga is a slow-paced, therapeutic form that gently stresses the connective tissues in the body to enhance flexibility and boost blood flow to the joints. This kind of Yoga focuses on the concepts of Yin and Yang,’ where ‘Yang’ is hot and dynamic, and ‘Yin’ is calm and still.

There are no frantic flows in this practice; the positions are held for up to two minutes or longer for experienced yogis. Yoga with Kassandra can be a good choice if one is finding for the best yoga youtube channels for beginners

Visit: Yoga with Kassandra – YouTube


This best yoga YouTube channel offers numerous yoga styles, with over 600 videos currently accessible that cover many advantages. There are many yoga forms and styles for energy, fitness, and relaxation here. Tara Stiles’ method strongly emphasizes movement and fitness to make Yoga as approachable as possible for newbies.

tarastilesTara makes great yoga YouTube content in a variety of formats. To make her Yoga approachable to everyone, she incorporates elements of traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi, and qigong. She also provides live classes, which are friendlier and more intimate than her films. There is also an app to aid in healing, stress reduction, and overcoming obstacles in life. 

Visit: Tara Stiles : Yoga that Feels Like You – YouTube

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The content on YogiApproved’s channel covers various topics, including Yoga, fitness, diet, health, and wellness. There is much to keep you occupied on this site, from arm toning exercises to quick yoga sessions. They look at Yoga, lifestyle goods, developing core strength, and even healthy eating dishes in addition to Yoga.

yogiapprovedBecause it is a little more lifestyle-focused, this channel differs from the others on the list. They will go through specific yoga equipment, meditation pillows, and exercise mats. YogiApproved is an excellent place to start if you want to advise and make product recommendations as you start your yoga adventure.

Visit: YogiApproved – YouTube

Aham Yoga

Aham Yoga, a Washington-based studio, regularly broadcasts videos and provides online yoga lessons. Indian immigrant and yoga instructor Arundhati Baitmangalkar, a former Bollywood dancer, created it. The channel is for anybody interested in Yoga, including those who wish to follow along with a workout (whether it’s a morning yoga flow or a five-minute introduction for beginners), improve their poses, or learn more about the discipline of Yoga. 

aham yoga If interested in learning more about the history of Yoga, Baitmangalkar also presents a podcast called Let’s Talk Yoga, where she talks about issues including the authenticity of Yoga, cultural appropriation, accessibility, and Yoga as self-care.

Visit: Aham Yoga – YouTube

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Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a kind of Yoga taught in the ‘Purple Valley. Ashtanga Yoga is the best YouTube yoga channel. This style of Yoga coordinates movement and breathing.

ashtang yoga goaThis channel may be better for someone familiar with Yoga or who enjoys working out because of the lengthy and quick-paced routines. You may be sure you’re getting the highest caliber instruction because the channel showcases teachers from a Goa yoga retreat.

Additionally, yoga videos for beginners are available for Ashtanga yoga, which might be a little taxing for beginners.

Visit: Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary Series | John Scott @ Purple Valley

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Is 20 minutes of Yoga each day sufficient?

Lack of time is frequently one of the most prevalent excuses for not being able to exercise. Yoga can be practiced for a short period to be beneficial. You can burn calories and improve your well-being with even a 20-minute workout.

Who among the American yoga teachers is the youngest?

Tabay Atkins, a 16-year-old vegan chef, and athlete who holds the record for being the youngest yoga teacher in America to complete 500 hours of training, is swiftly gaining recognition from companies like Nike.

What drawbacks does Yoga have?

1.9 percent of the respondents claimed that Yoga harmed them. The three most often reported negative effects were soreness and pain, (ii) muscular injuries, and (iii) exhaustion.

Is seventy too old to begin Yoga?

You can practice Yoga at any age! Keeping flexible and gaining strength through low-impact movements helps you age better. Pick a yoga style that works for you and give it your best.


So visit these best yoga channels on YouTube for workouts to help you reach your fitness objectives if you want to keep yourself fit, healthy, and young. Many YouTubers focus on fitness, but some may better match your personality and fitness goals than others. Hence, the finest person to follow is one who inspires you to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

See your healthcare professional or a personal trainer before beginning any workouts to ensure they are appropriate for you. So many offer wonderful routines and wise fitness guidance. Above mentioned the 8 best yoga channels on youtube could lead you to the right path. When you’ve done your homework and identified a source of inspiration, you may continue living a fit lifestyle even when you can’t get to the gym.

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