Top 5 Most Useful WiFi Analyzer Apps for iOS in 2023

Every second person seems to hold an iPhone in his hand, but very few of them know about their technicalities. Using WiFi on iPhones & iPad is one technical feature that holds a lot of information to know about. The most common problem that arises concerning this is connecting wireless networks to these phones. Thereby, here it is to make you aware of the things which would help you to communicate with these networks. Using the best WiFi Analyzer Apps makes the experience of using the internet more efficient than you’re experiencing to date.

WiFi Analyzer is basically a software application that helps analyze, identify, and recommend perfect WiFi coverage and optimize WiFi networks. It also helps to find the best channel for your wireless router. Using a WiFi analyzer allows you to gather information to increase the performance level of the wireless network. According to The Wireless Broadband Alliance, an industry association formed with the aim to provide an excellent user experience, the total public WiFi hotspots will grow from 362 million in 2019 to 432.5 million by 2020. This may cause traffic congestion when too many hotspots broadcast on the same channel, leading to connection drops, weak signals, and slow Internet speed. Wifi Analyzers find out the channel with the least amount of traffic for the most convenient access to the Internet.

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Installing WiFi Analyzer Apps On iPhones & iPads

There are various WiFi Analyzer applications available on iOS to get on your iPhone. Once installing is over, your phone turns into an active WiFi analyzer, providing a well-optimized network to use internet data efficiently. You may find some of the best Wifi Analyzers on the apple store. Here what you need to do to install an app: Go to App Store > Find the Best Wi-Fi Analyzer app > Tap INSTALL.

Improving WiFi Performance With a WiFi Analyzer App

Once you install the app on your iOS devices, it provides you with a comprehensive WiFi optimization. The analyzer also reveals the least used WiFi channels to achieve a strong wireless connection and higher internet speed. These apps have features like quality data collection, easy-to-understand user interface, and reporting and people consider them as the best WiFi Analyzer apps.

Top 5 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps You Must Try Using In 2023

With this set of introduction about WiFi Analyzer, let’s take a look at some Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for iPhones & iPads –

Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is an extensive WiFi Analyzer app for iPhones and iPads. It is a tool to diagnose various network-related problems, including Wifi network connectivity and LAN Scan. It facilitates a fast WiFi device discovery tool such as WiFi Lan Scanner and ping tool. Network Analyzer is a standard diagnostic tool that detects all network devices connected to your network quickly. You can share this app among your six family members with the help of its Family Sharing feature.

iNet-Network Scanner

iNet Wifi Analyzer app helps to analyze security risks and shows the devices connected to your LAN. This app helps you keep your network under control by informing you about the computers or routers, along with their names, and IP addresses. The correct icon displays on most of the iOS devices and shows hidden devices. The latest version of this app is iNet Pro. This app is also simple to use and a handy tool. It helps to keep track and identify devices on your network.

iNet Tools Pro

iNetTools provides the easiest way to recognize network problems on your iPhone and iPad with the help of its unique features offered. This app includes prerequisite tools such as Port Scan, LAN Scan, Trace Route, Ping, WHOIS, Server Monitor, and DNS Lookup. This app supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and incorporates Server List for frequently used servers. Also, its Recent Tasks records recently executed tasks that allow you to repeat the tasks frequently. It is one of the best WiFi Analyzer apps used to fix network issues for iPhone & iPad.

Speedtest By Ookla

The Speedtest By Ookla is an app that helps in testing internet speeds. It provides the most accurate results and is entrusted by the professionals throughout. This app shows consistency in network connections with the help of Real-time graphs and offers detailed reporting on track past. It enables you to troubleshoot or verify the internet speed to attain the desired speed to access the Internet. As the name suggests, this app allows managing the speed of the Internet smartly. It also provides you to add notes for future references and enables to share speed test result on your social accounts.

Scany – Network Analyzer

Scany Network Analyzer includes a wide range of network analysis tools such as WiFi LAN and Internet Scan, Ping, Traceroute, Port Scanner, WHOIS and DNS Lookup & Trace and many more. This app helps to identify and resolve network issues and perform everyday network tasks. It can find other networks and devices, along with their names and IP addresses connected to your system. This app supports a dark theme with a black and green color scheme to be accessed in the Dark Mode. 


These are some of the best WiFi Analyzer Apps, to name a few, to resolve all your wireless network issues. These apps can be easily installed from iOS Store on your iPhones & iPads. These may help you to get precisely what you desire. After installation, some of your phone settings may change accordingly by default due to the inherent functioning of these apps. In the end, if there’s no such app on your iPhone, then you should consider installing one of these best WiFi Analyzer apps to improve and enhance the wireless connectivity without getting interrupted in any form.

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