10 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer App for Android to Download in 2023

Did your Wi-Fi get slower suddenly, and you don’t know what caused it? Of course, you can attempt to restart the router, which can sometimes instantly solve your issue. Sometimes there might be something apart from a slow connection. You can use the best Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android to find what is lacking in the connection.

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What is Wi-Fi Analyzer?

A good Wi-Fi tester app will analyze and display the connection’s data, including speed and channel. From the result, you can find out the cause of your slower internet speeds. Doing this will improve the network performance drastically.

best wi-fi analyzer app for android

You can try several remedies, like changing the channel number and the width to tweak speed. But before that, you ought to understand what you can change. So, find yourself the best Wi-Fi analyzing app and find the issue.

Best Wi-Fi Analyzer App for Android

Following are some best wi-fi analyzer app for android:

Netspot for Android

What if we said that you simply need your Android phone with the NetSpot app to analyze your Wi-Fi? Our best Android Wi-Fi analyzer has a striking interface that is incredibly comfortable. You can find and analyze Wi-Fi networks close to you, execute a survey, and test the Internet speed. The thing is, you don’t require a powerful computer at your reach.

netspot for android

You can use this app to test the Wi-Fi signal and build it up to perfection. The limits are vast, using the two modes: Survey mode and Discover mode. The Discover mode enables you to Сollect every detail surrounding Wi-Fi networks; channel, security, signal level performance. On the other hand, in the Survey mode, you can Outline your real-life Wi-Fi data on a map quickly and easily. You can sketch a map, scale it, calculate the Wi-Fi signal, and create beautiful Wi-Fi heatmaps with a licensed desktop NetSpot app.

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Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is one of the best Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android. This app remains one of the finest alternatives out there, and the simplicity of the interface makes it unique. Wi-Fi Analyzer won’t mesmerize you with plenty of settings and features, and that’s acceptable.

wifi analyzer

The app does only one thing well: it pictures wireless networks on a chart, indicating which channel each network is connected to. Shortly, as you turn on Wi-Fi Analyzer, you spot the dreaded channel overlapping and see which channel is used the least. This app is free and includes ads.

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OpenSignal is a robust Wi-Fi analyzer app with multiple attributes intended for Wi-Fi and cellular monitoring. The app can show the tacks to the closest cell tower, execute speed and latency tests, and display coverage and connection quality on a map. It also provides detailed wireless network information.

opensignal wifi analyzer

Opensignal is a free app with no ad sponsorships. It is surprising considering how much it does.

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Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is a great app to test Wi-Fi signal, so people to see as much info about the presently used network. Among the main elements of Network Signal Info is precise signal strength indication with helpful visualization. When you concentrate on a single network, Network Signal Info displays the network’s Wi-Fi-Name (SSID), BSSID, MAC address, maximum Wi-Fi speed, IP address, external IP address, net capability, net channel, subnet mask, Gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1, and DNS2 address, among other things.

network signal info

There’s also a version of this app that charges you some amount with zero ads and many other valuable features.

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Wi-Fi Monitor

Wi-Fi Monitor is a qualified Wi-Fi analyzer for Android with an interface separated into a number of tabs. The connection tab shows data about the current network. Secondly, the Networks tab compares all known Wi-Fi networks by diverse parameters.

wifi monitor

The Channels tab reveals the current Wi-Fi channel traffic allocation. The Strength diagram assists in identifying vulnerable signal spots. Finally, the Speed chart shows details about transmitted and received data.

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With ScanFi, you can change any Android device into a robust wireless network analyzer; with the assistance of advanced features that make Wi-Fi analysis effortless. The app lets you recover details about nearby wireless networks, envision their activity on charts, and visualize historical information about their strength, speed, etc.

scanfi wifi analyzer

This app supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz scanning, and it doesn’t charge a dime to download.

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Wi-Fi Analyzer and Surveyor

Wi-Fi Analyzer and Surveyor is a good-rated apk that works with all Android 4.4 and up devices. The app delivers all Wi-Fi analysis abilities you may require to troubleshoot and repair standard Wi-Fi issues. This makes it ideal for residence users who enjoy getting rid of frail signal spots and interference.

wifi surveyor

The app is separated into four primary tabs. The Wi-Fi channel distribution tab lets you see which channels are utilized the most and the least. Secondly, the Wi-Fi interference tab. The third is about signal strength. The last tab, named Wi-Fi Details, gives further data regarding available networks. 

This app can also construct wireless surveys. It displays Wi-Fi signal strength distribution on a map. The app makes it easy to locate and destroy the so-called dead zones. It is a free app with no ads displayed inside its interface.

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NetX Network Tools

NetX Network Tools is considered one of the best Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android. Its objective is to assist you in discovering devices connected to your network. In addition, you can find as much info as feasible, including IP address, MAC address, Vendor, Bonjour Name, NetBIOS name, and domain.

netx network tools

The analyzer part of the app displays everything from signal strength to speed. You can also operate it to visualize overlapping channels to quickly and readily decide the most delicate settings for your Wi-Fi.

You can use the SSH client to put a remote device to sleep or shut it down from any location. This is possible if your Android smartphone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

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Fing is a Wi-Fi analyzer apk explicitly created to meet the needs of users who have purchased the Fingbox. It has a clever home network protection gadget with built-in invasion detection, monitoring, and parental control. 


The app for Android can discover all devices connected to your network and reveal hidden cameras and other unwanted network members. It can check your internet speed and provide helpful network security tips and recommendations.

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Netgear WiFi Analytics

Finally, here is Netgear. Netgear Wi-Fi Analytics may not stand as the most feature possessing or polished Wi-Fi analyzer in this post. Still, it’s accessible and consistent with Android 2.2 and up.

netgear wifi analytics

Additionally, the user interface of this app is conveniently divided into numerous tabs. So you can examine all components the app holds without having to dig deep inside the menus. Especially worth citing is the channel graph tab. It displays the Wi-Fi channel allocation of unique networks. Therefore, this permits you to see which channels can be avoided and underutilized.

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What is a Wi-Fi analyzer Android?

You can operate your Android device as a Wi-Fi Analyzer! This analyzer app suggests the most suitable channel and location for your network. Wi-Fi Analyzer offers you the most beneficial optimization tips to help reduce interference and boost speed and strength.

Is the Wi-Fi analyzer good?

This is the most exemplary analyzer for Android. It is employed to examine and optimize your Wi-Fi. This app checks nearby Wi-Fi networks and presents rarer traffic channels to improve speed.

How can I analyze my home Wi-Fi?

To analyze a Wi-Fi signal, you require a computer with Wi-Fi and a signal analyzer like NetSpot. You can then initiate the Wi-Fi signal analyzer, pause to collect data about the signal, and see if you can spot anything unusual.


In conclusion, we have all these apps at your disposal. So, you can test every one of the Wi-Fi monitor apps android and find which one of them fits your usage. If you’re using an iPhone, you might have to consider look for WiFi analyzer apps for iOS. Finally, we have all the best Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android listed in no particular order.

Thank you for reading!