Top 5 Best Whiteboard Animation Software In 2023

Is it always a hassle to look out for the best whiteboard software. A software that can create both appealing and less boring presentations to do? To boost the value of your content, you don’t have to put your energy into finding that one perfect software. This software can turn the whole process of creating a powerful presentation into a fun job, but does it? With the advancement of whiteboard animation software, any designer can put their efforts into a well-made product presentation. You start looking for how many software made it to the list of the best whiteboard animation software in 2023. But before that, we must understand every aspect of this software.

What Exactly Does Whiteboard Animation Software Do?

This software presents the thought and idea of your business and entity as a whole into an animated form that can be easily inserted into the audience’s mind. These are basically “Doodled videos” that present your brand more effectively among the viewers. With your words, it converts into a video form, which makes it easier for the audience to relate to you and your brand. When you compare it to the previous era, it is a commonly known fact now that the marketing strategies are changing vastly. The only way left to grab the attention of this socially busy audience is to enter the social world with the help of these best whiteboard animation softwares.

5 Highly Recommended Whiteboard Animation Software

Now let’s take a look at the best whiteboard animation software and what are their pros and cons.


 This software used to be known as Go! Animate. It is a cloud-based platform made for the creation of animated video content. Previously popular as “Go! Animate”. In 2015, this platform shifted its range from Adobe Flash to HTML5, which opened the gates for mobile device compatibility. Two years ago, it was renamed as VYond while remaining a product of Go! Animate.Inc.


It comes with an interface of drag and drops, which enables the users to get access to a library of thousands of free, animated assets. Furthermore, it supports the uploading of media files through which users can import the project and include text music and sound effects. It also supports the export of the final project to different social websites.

Visit: VYond


This software comes primarily under desktop-oriented software. Unlike VYond, this software also supports point and click feature apart from drag and drop. As the name suggests, this software has the base of doodling. Coming with a multifunctional platform, this software allows users to upload the media and export the final project into multiple formats with a vast range of quality levels.


This software provides the facilities of point and clicks and drag and drops through which the users can import their pictures and other media files such as audio clips and voice narrations to further edit them into the customized project.

Visit: Doodly

Render forest

This software also comes in the category of cloud-based animation software. This software enables the users to professionally edit their videos into brand marketing videos and also infomercials. As the description of one of the best whiteboard animation software says, it provides a platform to create anything from promotional videos to clean typography which relates to all kinds of business introductions, promos, etc. Therefore, this platform allows you to preview or edit your videos before the final save. 

render forest

This software comes with the facility of online editing with the help of over 200 to 400 pre-created animation templates and previewing them before saving the presentation. This not only helps in saving time but in creating useful content without falling into any rocket science. 

Visit: Render Forest


Unlike others, this whiteboard animation software open source is a web-base animation software. This software comes in two variants of free and paid versions. With the paid version being the one with added features. This software allows users to create animated presentations by importing images, adding music and/or voice-over, etc. This software demands you to create an account as it reduces the hassle of downloading the software through which you can start your own presentation with just a one-step process of creating an account.


Like the above-mentioned software, this one also comes with a drag and drop feature. It comes with preoccupied features of multifunctional use of images and other media. It allows you to choose your own image as well as to search it on Flickr. Not only this, you can use other media files which are either in-built or user-defined.

Visit: Powtoon


This is another one of the best whiteboard animation software that comes in the category of one of the most popular video scribing software. Released in 2012, it is one of the top software in the software business. As its description says, this software produces ‘Quicktime movies and flash videos‘ because of its development under the category of Adobe Flash. It is available as a desktop version, an Android app, and an iPad app. The desktop version of the software comes with a seven-day free trial, with otherwise coming in subscriptions on a monthly, yearly, or one-go basis.


This software comes in online application format as on different platforms which gives access to create presentations without any worry. Coming in paid as well as a time-bound free version. It allows users to get a look at the features this software has. The software also allows multi-user accounts which ease the problem of different genre presentation creation.

Visit: Videoscribe


 With this, we come to the end of our list of the best whiteboard animation software. This list will give you an overall look at each program. This will also help you to create that one great presentation that you’ve been waiting for. Happy creating!