Best Video Calling App for PC | Download Zoom Right Now! [2022]

Video conferencing is a new form of communication in the present and the future. It enables felicitation on work and personal calls over an internet connection, requiring an audio and video allowance. Zoom is the best suitable choice for video conferencing and is widely popular. Therefore, here are the features of ZOOM that determine why this is the best video calling app for PC. This is because it offers a variety of high-quality components even to the free users available on the application. 

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Here are the features of ZOOM. They provide us the answer to the question-“Why it is the best video calling app for PC”:

Why is ZOOM the the best video calling app for PC?

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HD video and audio

Zoom video conferencing app can stream high-quality video and audio and provide excellent picture quality. Participants struggling to connect to the internet or face network issues can lower the picture quality and attend the meeting smoothly. This is one of the reasons it is the the best video calling app for PC.

Participant camera feed

Though it is a video conferencing app, it also requires permission from a user or administrator to allow screen sharing, i.e., make it visible to other participants. This depicts a good sign in privacy and security aspects.

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Audio only conferencing

Zoom is a video conferencing app, but it also gives freedom to the users in a meeting as per their requirements. For some reason, if a user is not willing to start a video camera, they have an option to turn off their cameras and even mics.

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This, in turn, provides freedom to the users to make the application work accordingly, making it the the best video calling app for PC.

Cross-platform communication

All versions of this application support cross-platform communication. From video to audio and instant messaging, it provides various communication options. Video conferencing through zoom can also be done with the help of the mobile app, desktop client, and even the Browser.

Password protection

Security and privacy are significant factors in demand in today’s world. The ZOOM application is password-protected, and Facebook, email can access it, and Google but requires sign-in from a user to access their account.

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Apart from this, private meeting rooms are also protected by a password. Individual meetings can also have a password if the user wants it and provide them with another level of security.

End-to-end encryption

ZOOM is currently working to provide end-to-end encryption as a part of their security upgrade, which comes with an enable and disable option at any time as per the user’s requirement.

end to end encryption video call app

Some communication systems work better without this feature, but ZOOM will have this feature as default in upcoming versions. This makes it the the best video calling app for PC.


In conclusion, this was our take on the best video calling app. We hope you liked it. Keep zooming!

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