Best UPI Apps for You in 2022 | Complete list

In India, the Unified Payments Interface is fundamental for facilitating virtual transfers, and it is gaining traction and is quickly becoming one of India’s most popular online payment solutions. Since their debut in 2016, these apps have aided millions of Indians in doing cashless transactions. Here we would be talking about the best UPI apps.

Best UPI apps:

If you’re thinking about starting to use UPI apps or looking for the best UPI apps, this is the way to go.  


Paytm is a financial technology and an e-commerce payment service firm housed in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. This mobile wallet app startup has also partnered with the UPI platform to make it easier for clients to transfer payments. With the use of the UPI ID, users can now add money to their Paytm accounts. Paytm’s QR code can also make in-store payments at grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, and similar establishments. It is one of the best UPI apps.


Users could use the Paytm app to receive and send money, recharge their phones and DTH, and pay their bills. This software allows users to purchase movie tickets and invest in gold and mutual funds. Gas reservations and travel tickets are also among their essential advantages, and it also provides a debit card payment option.  

Google Pay

If you’re familiar with Google Pay, you’re aware that it originated as ‘Tez,’ India’s first mobile payment app. The software was then relaunched and became quite successful. Google designed this virtual payment system for contactless power transactions in mobile devices in-app, online, and in-person. As a result, users can make payments using their Android phones and tablets. Near-field communication, or NFC, is used to convey card information and make funds transfers to the shop more accessible and widely known as the best UPI cashback app and one of the most extensively used money transfer services. 


Furthermore, this one of the best UPI apps offers several notable characteristics, such as that you can utilize it in various Indian languages. It shows a unique virtual account number for the convenience of consumers. Every payment in the app also requires authentication. Users can secure their screens by locking them, furthermore, instead of displaying your card number at the moment of payment.


As the name implies, Bharat Interface for Money is an Indian application, and one of the best UPI apps. This software is easy to use and was created by the National payments corporation of India, NCPI. Unlike mobile wallets, which keep money, the BHIM software allows you to transfer money from one bank account. Their transactions are nearly as frictionless as their competitors’ and may be conducted at any time, including weekends and holidays.


Everyone with a bank account can use the service to accept payments. You can send money to friends and family members and pay for things in stores and online. Users can also purchase flight tickets and secure their screens with a screen lock.

Amazon Pay

Amazon owns and manages this payment processing facility. This one of the best UPI apps, launched in 2007, uses’s user community. Amazon has also helped Amazon Pay gain worldwide fame in a short period. It also allows customers to pay for items on external merchant websites using their Amazon accounts.

amazon pay
amazon pay

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Amazon Pay allows consumers to send money to friends and family via phone numbers. Amazon Pay has several functions, including money transfers, bill payments, gift cards, and more. In addition, consumers receive several benefits such as cashback and gift vouchers.


One of India’s top UPI payment apps, PhonePe has attracted attention among the youth demographic. In fact, according to reports, the app outperforms Google Pay in terms of transaction volume. The software allows you to send and receive money quickly, making your life easier and more pleasant. This one of the best UPI apps is a one-stop shop that offers UPI, money transfers, recharges, and bill payments, among other things.


When users book flights, order food, or buy groceries, they receive benefits. It allows users to use all of their favorite apps without downloading them first. There is no need to log in when using this program because of its simple user interface. Furthermore, with the user’s agreement, it provides an Autopay service. When they make their first UPI payment, they must pre-authorize PhonePe to make payments for that service on the user’s behalf in the future.  


The slogan digital India has gained popularity in recent years, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. People have begun to incorporate it into their daily lives, so it is no longer just a hashtag. It has continued to advance people’s lives to provide them with a pleasant and luxurious lifestyle. Here were some of the best UPI apps. Furthermore, the “new normal” has increased the number of people who choose to do financial transactions online.

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