The 6 Best Transcription Software For All Your Needs! [2022]

Have you ever wondered if what you say could be converted into texts? We know Google assist does this for you, for Google search. However, what if you are told about the best transcription software, i.e., the software that convert your speech into text. Oh, the benefits it has. It not only looks like Hogwarts magic but also saves you a considerable amount of time. To know about the top pest control software in 2021, click here.

Moreover, there is a chance of the user getting confused between a dictation software and transcription software. In transcription software, it’s not just the speech of your input. You can also put in audiotapes and replay them accordingly. Once input, the transcriber converts it into a text document. These best transcription software are more flexible than dictation software. 

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The 6 Best Transcription Software

The question now is, which software is best for this purpose? And how to use it. Following is a layman guide to help you with choosing the best transcription software best for you. 


This is one of the best transcription software as it has bagged the top position in this list, due to its numerous advantages and limited disadvantages. It is said to have the best sound quality and converts it into text with minimal errors. It’s easy to download software, which attracts a lot of users. You can convert, even video files into other types of formats. The cost of the software is very affordable. However, it’s different for different countries. In India, it’s around 200 bucks. 

The FTW Transcriber

The one drawback it has is that it just works on Windows. 

Visit the official website here.

Express Scribe 

Quickly found on Amazon, this software is one of the Best Transcription Software presents in the market. It is a better choice for beginners since it’s easy to use. Unlike FTW, it works on Mac as well. It converts almost all files into text documents. However, it is a bit expensive, but affordable nonetheless. 

express scribe

The disadvantage it poses is that there aren’t many features in the software. And the timestamp is not easy to customize. 

Visit the official website here.

Start-Stop Transcription Software

It works with significant video and audio files and works with a lot of precision, the least errors. It comes with a USB foot pedal. The added advantage is that being the Best Transcription Software, it possesses is that there is a free lifetime Technical support and free software update.

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The software is very affordable. However, like most software, it only works on Windows. 

Start Stop

Visit the official website here.

Again, it works with all audio and video files and converts them into text documents with ease. It has its custom time code. Moreover, it works on both Mac and Windows, which a lot of softwares fail to provide. This feature outshines it to be the Best Transcription Software. However, the license is costly as compared to others. For the conversion, they have their text editor. For those who prefer MS word, it can be a drawback. It doesn’t have an automatic translation of formats of the file, so you have to do it by yourself. 


Visit the official website here.


Unlike the other software ranking in the list of Best Transcription Software, this particular software can be used on your web Server only, you don’t have to download anything. Moreover, it lets you use audio files and text editor on the same webpage. The mode of input is as simple as the keyboard. It’s a very user-friendly software and has a lot of advantages. 


Visit the official website here.


No irony in the name here; however, the software is one of the best to use. It provides you the conventional way of providing a way of writing the text and also gives the option of converting the audio file into a text file. It’s easy to use and very user-friendly. However, it requires some practice to get a hand of it. It even inputs the speech you say at that moment. 

transcribe app

The drawback is that it’s a slow process. 

Visit the official website here.


What software do transcribers use?

Express Scribe is a well-known industry tool for professional transcribers. It is free to install on a Mac or PC and allows you to control everything using your keyboard or connecting to a foot pedal.

Is there free software to transcribe audio?

Temi is a highly advanced version of speech recognition software used for speech-to-text transcription. It works by uploading any media, audio or video, and transcribes it in less than five minutes.

How good is NVivo transcription?

NVivo Transcription uses cutting-edge automation technology to offer high-quality recordings of 90 percent accurate verbatim transcription.


In conclusion, these were a few software out of a thousand more available on the internet. These are proven to be the most used and most preferred. To conclude, These are the Best Transcription Software that tends to make your lives more comfortable and at a bare minimum cost. 

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