7 Best Star Wars Board Games [2023]

Do you like playing the best star wars board games? Do you want to revive those amazing star wars moments? What is the Star Wars frenzy? Want to know about some of the star wars themed coolest board games?

If all of these questions and thoughts are your major concerns, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you can find our well-researched and tried, best star wars board games of all time, which will serve their function and provide an extremely reminiscent, enjoyable user experience of Star Wars.

Continue reading further to know everything about the 7 best star wars board games of all time. Check out these games that you can play offline.

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Best Star Wars Board Games

Below are some of the best tabletop star wars games that you can use to play and relive your Star Wars experience.

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Star Wars: Rebellion

Now that we’ve discussed the starship battle, it’s time to discuss Star Wars: Rebellion, which is arguably the best Star Wars board game ever created. Rebellion is an asymmetric board game with miniatures endorsed by Dicebreaker’s on Wheels. It allows players to experience the fight between the Empire and Rebel armies in a remarkably well-realized way.

Star Wars Rebellion board game

Rebellion is exceptional because it is more than just a game about spaceship battles; that aspect is clearly up to par. It also aims to show what exactly goes into fighting a conflict of this magnitude, from clandestine space missions to looking for Rebel bases that have vanished.

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Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion, another game from Fantasy Flight Games that concentrates on-ground action and includes paintable miniatures, is very popular among super-fans. The core set that comes with Legion includes a starting area with key characters and iconic equipment. There is an opportunity to create a custom miniature collection, which has become a hobby in and of itself. Build your army, then lead them into battle using gameplay that offers many surprises to simulate the ferocity of combat. 

Star Wars Legion board game

Six rounds of competition between two players in which they battle for opposing goals while using Jedi mind tricks and the Force can last up to two hours.

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Board Game

This board game, which is the antithesis of Star Wars: Rebellion, encourages players to channel their inner Sith. Although this game differs from Rebellion in certain ways, such as having a game with a linear timeline that begins after the Battle of Yavin 4, players can alter the specific circumstances and control special strike teams or defensive forces.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Board Game

One to 5 players can engage in conflict over different regions of the galaxy in a variety of situations, with almost every decision taking no longer than two hours. This best Star Wars board game is the perfect choice for players that like AT-AT walkers over speeder motorcycles.

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Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition

In many Star Wars board games, the player is in command of an army unit, and this particular game features the recognizable X-Wing aircraft. Although the first version of this game is still a favorite, the second edition makes some of the earlier aspects more useful for gameplay. In a variety of situations, players command their own squadron of fighters engaged in a tactical battle. 

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Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition board game

For two players only, the game takes anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, which makes it the ideal entertainment choice for game nights or parties. It’s also fantastic for larger parties looking for a more competitive or team-oriented smaller, quicker game.

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Star Wars: Destiny Board Game

A mere three years after the collectible dice game’s initial release, publisher Fantasy Flight Games recently announced the end of its Star Wars: Destiny product line, which is a shame because Destiny is actually a rather amazing debut in the genre with some unique mechanisms that elevated it above being just a card and dice game with iconic Star Wars game board characters.

Star Wars Destiny board game

Destiny may no longer get active support from Fantasy Flight, but given how well-liked it is, it may endure a fan-supported afterlife akin to that of the extinct living game of cards, Android: Netrunner. Whatever the case, there are still several ways to obtain cards and dice right now, so Destiny isn’t completely gone yet.

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Monopoly Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Monopoly Star Wars: The Mandalorian, one of the most recognizable board games ever, combines classic gameplay with fan-favorite additions. Your objective? Protect The Child, who shifts between players and bestows them with additional skills. You’ll also need them since you’ll have to deal with Imperial pawns like Mob enforcer Gideon, Incinerator Shock troops, and Death Warriors, who add more strategy to the game by attempting to “bring you in the cold.”

Monopoly Star Wars The Mandalorian board game

“Monopoly typically requires HOURS to play, and there is no true conclusion in sight unless someone declares bankruptcy or gives up, according to one reviewer. “This variation has a goal. Since everyone wants to save Grogu in the end, I appreciate how he gets handed around. It’s my favorite.”

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Star Wars: Dark Side Rising Board Game

You know what’s bad, right? Death Star. Particularly not when it comes to being a rebel who loves freedom and only wants to support himself or herself. As its entire premise is based on preventing the construction of the Death Star, the co-op board game Star Wars: Dark Side Rising most definitely comprehends this viewpoint.

Star Wars Dark Side Rising board game

Additionally, players will be able to join the aid of legendary Rebel allies like Leia Provided a detail. And Luke Skywalker as new threats materialize.

Fans of Star Wars should give Dark Side Rising a try. The board game recreates a crucial plot point from A New Hope and the players set in to adventure after defeating the dark side on the board.

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Are there Star Wars board game?

There have been numerous iterations of the Star Wars tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) since the 1980s, including one using a d20-based system from the Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast. 2012 saw the release of the most recent version, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Star Wars Rebellion allows for solo play. You control the Rebel Alliance in STAR WARS REBELLION Solo Variant, while an AI assumes command of the Galactic Empire (referred to as 'the Empire' in this article).

How much is Force Unleashed worth?

There isn't anything here that is actually worth your attention on its own merits. This one is difficult to suggest because to its simplistic level designs, lacklustre combat, many quick time events, and low replay value.

Will there ever be a Star Wars game with an open world?

A variety of Star Wars video game projects are in the works, following last year's declaration that future Star Wars games will fall under the LucasFilm Games brand. One of them is the big open-world Star Wars game being created by Massive Entertainment for Ubisoft.


Do you have other choices of the best star wars board games we didn’t refer to? Do you feel like your favorite Star Wars-themed board game isn’t available in the games above or better than the ones documented here? Knowing that the world of Star Wars and Star Wars tabletop games is always expanding and increasing is reassuring. The article mentioned above is a quick reference in case you have trouble finding a tabletop star wars game. If these work for you, feel free to share them with others and also try other star wars tabletop games. Who can be certain? You might even score another number one!

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