Best Scanning Software to Scan Documents on The Go | 2022

In the digital age, the commonly used devices are phones and tablets. However, at times we come across handwritten documents that require a file to carry or a notebook. Now, it is true that writing on a notebook using a pen is a lot easier than typing or writing on your smart device. But it doesn’t mean that you need to carry your notebooks every time, mainly when you aim to read the notes instead of writing them. For activities like these, you need the best scanning software to make your work easy.

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Scanners are available on the market to carry these handwritten notes or any document in a digital media. However, these devices are bulky and cost money. So, how can you scan your documents without a scanner? The answer to this question is quite simple. You can use your mobile instead of a dedicated scanner. And I don’t mean taking pictures, which provide not only unsatisfactory results but also creates multiple files.

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The 7 Best Scanning Software Available on Your PlayStore 

Scanning apps provide a solution to this dilemma. On your mobile app store, you could find dozens of scanning apps. They might be free of cost or require you to pay a small price to download. Here, we are going to talk about some of the best scanning software on the market and their features. So, let us begin.

Adobe Acrobat DC Price: $12/month

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most well-known and one of the best scanning software on PC, i.e., to handle PDF files. The mobile version of this app does exactly that, but on the side, it also allows you to scan documents on your phone. The best thing is that unlike taking pictures of the materials which create multiple files, Adobe Acrobat stores them in a single PDF file. On top of that, it offers additional features such as password protection, the ability to highlight and create comments, among other things.

adobe acrobat dc

  • Pros: Feature-packed thanks to lots of tools.
  • Cons: Requires monthly subscription

Abbyy FineReader Price: $199

Just like Adobe, Abbyy is also a popular and ranks in the enterprise of best scanning software provider. Its FineReader is a perfect app for scanning documents with your phone. It ranks in the list of best scanning software too. The software allows you to edit, review, and convert PDFs along with features that let you find any previous changes. It also boasts of an “unparalleled” optical character reader technology. This feature enables you to convert pen and paper documents to searchable PDFs and other file formats with ease. It is also capable of recognizing 192 languages, making it one of the best document scanners on the market.


  • Pros: No monthly subscriptions and easy to use
  • Cons: The price is a bit steep

PaperScan Price: $149

PaperScan is the best scanning software that you can have, which is not only affordable but also provides high-quality scans. The latest version of PaperScan supports over 30 languages, has a brilliant optical character recognition feature, and comes with an ability to edit PDF files. It is also one of the software that offers a free option with basic scanning functionality along with the premium version that gives OCR, annotation, and other features.

paperscan scanner

  • Pros: Provides free service
  • Cons: Cloud compatibility is missing

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It is a different and the best scanning software service as compared to other entries on this. The main reason behind this is that instead of letting you scan the documents, they pick up your materials and browse them for you. It frees you from the mundane task of studying each page on your own. To use Docufree, you contact them and handover the documents in a box to their team, who pick it from your home or workplace. Now, they take the documents to their office and scan and convert the files. After the completion of the process, they will return the original documents to you, or if you want, you can ask them to destroy the originals.


  • Pros: Saves your time and energy
  • Cons: The scanning fee is the same for any number of documents

Readiris Price: $49

Readiris is also among the best scanning software as it lets you scan and edit your files thanks to its excellent OCR technology. It enables you to convert text or picture from a document into PDFs, word files, etc., to write comments and highlight the text in digital form. What makes it better is that it also enables you to record voice for feedback and annotations.

readris Scanning app

  • Pros: Extremely affordable
  • Cons: PDF compression is not good

NAPS2 Price: Free

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) is a PDF scanner (call it irony!), which is simple and effective. Just tap, and you can scan your documents and save it in the desired format. The software is made to be easy to use and contains only the essential functions required to scan and convert a document, and it supports over 100 languages.

napsq Scanning app

  • Pros: Extremely easy to use and free
  • Cons: None, as a matter of fact

CamScanner Price: $5/month

This list may not complete without the all too popular and best scanning software that supports mobile, i.e., CamScanner. It comes with an OCR, document sharing capability, and loads of other cools features. You can use to scan documents or photos and convert them to high-quality PDFs or JPEG files, respectively, and it supports 16 languages.

camscanner Scanning app

  • Pros: Free version available, wireless printing
  • Cons: OCR is not up to the mark


These were the seven best scanning software that may help you to scan your documents with easy methods. You may access them with a low price.

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