The 10 Best Reddit Chrome Extension You Must Try

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve wondered what the best Reddit Chrome extension is. This list of the 10 greatest Chrome extensions for 2023 was compiled after carefully reading many Reddit reviews.

The 10 best Reddit Chrome extensions you must try are:

  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • Redditsave
  • Old Reddit Redirect
  • Redditp
  • Reddit DownVoter
  • Dark Theme for Reddit
  • Reddit Scroller
  • DogeCoin Reddit Helper
  • Recap Reddit
  • LastPass

Memes, gossip, and leaks are all easily accessible on Reddit usernames. The site has no shortage of quality material, but adding a Chrome extension can improve your overall usage or set time limits so you can be more efficient. You may find some of the top Reddit extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Brave browsers in this article.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions For Reddit

We have compiled a list of the best Reddit Chrome extension to enhance your overall Reddit experience.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome browsers provides several improvements to the site that might help you have a better experience. To avoid constantly logging in and out, you can rapidly swap accounts. Also, there are several comment options, including comment count, previews, concealing child comments, and navigation.

reddit enhancement suiteThe main drawback is that this Reddit enhancement suite chrome plugin only functions on outdated Reddit. For the new layout, the developer hasn’t yet optimized it. You can test it out to discover which aspects are useful to you.

Redditsave: A Video Downloader For Reddit

You can repurpose some of the entertaining and funny films that some Redditors post in forums. For instance, some players leak clips and photographs of a future game. The Redditsave is useful because there isn’t a way to save or save the material.

redditsaveWith the add-on activated, you tap on the Redditsave sign. You may choose where to save the movie on your device by selecting a new tab that will open. It is one of the best Reddit Chrome extensions available right now

Old Reddit Redirect

Instead of using the new site, you can still access the older version of Reddit by going to It uploads all the most recent stuff but maintains the outdated design many Redditors still favor. A google chrome Reddit extension add-on called Old Reddit Redirect allows you to click on any Reddit link and open it in a previous website version.

old reddit redirectOf course, it only functions when you’ve downloaded Old Reddit Redirect and have configured Chrome as your preferred browser for accessing URLs. You may click the extension icon to switch to the old format, even if it still appears in the newer one.


Images uploaded by Redditors are shown in Redditp, a subreddit on the social media website. Users may post their best memories for others to view and comment on, much to how Instagram works on Reddit. Using the Redditp extension will save you from manually entering the URL every time in your Chrome browser. This is of the best Reddit extensions to use by Redditors. 

redditpThe Redditp icon opens Reddit on a webpage that displays the most recent forum updates. While there are no additional features, it is still useful if you frequently visit that section.

Reddit DownVoter

Redditors who are particularly sadistic and are having a terrible day should use this Chrome add-on. Reddit DownVoter performs it for you on all of the postings on the page, saving you from having to go into every thread and post and select the “down” symbol. It is one of the best Reddit chrome extension. That makes it easier for you if you would like to engage in a tirade and be critical of everyone’s ideas.

reddit downvoterEven while we discourage downvoting simply for it, many Redditors don’t. To see the downvotes display, click the symbol.

Dark Theme For Reddit

In addition to the various Dark Mode add-ons for Chrome that you may explore, Chrome already offers a built-in Light to Dark Mode option. Nevertheless, it applies a darker theme to every page and website you visit, which is undesirable if you only intend to use it on Reddit. Installing the Dark Theme for Reddit might be preferable for this use.

dark theme for redditIf enabled, just Reddit will display new dark themes and panels. There are no more features; you can turn it on or off whenever you choose.

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Reddit Scroller

You don’t have any spare hands to skim through Reddit postings. Are you having breakfast or knitting the newest jersey? Reddit Scroller is a Reddit chrome plugin add-on that automatically scrolls to the following post. You may set a timer to tell the extension when to move on to the subsequent one.

reddit scrollerIf you are not on Reddit, a little message informing you that it is not active or functional on that page will show. It won’t function on any other website. Thankfully, the programmer made it compatible with the more recent Reddit platform as the best Reddit chrome extension.

DogeCoin Reddit Helper

DogeCoin traders frequently post to /r/DogeMarket on Reddit. The problem is that several scam artists are attempting to steal your cash or personal data. You may see lucrative transactions and blacklisted users after installing the DogeCoin Reddit Helper Chrome add-on.

dogecoin reddit helperThe add-on will also indicate which Skype accounts or emails are used in Reddit frauds as a bonus. If you’re unfamiliar with the website or the DogeCoin money, it’s really useful.

Recap Reddit

Check out this excellent Reddit plugin chrome, which gives the Reddit platform more aesthetic appeal. The main post and the most popular comments are displayed graphically in a Reddit video panel that Recap Reddit puts to the right of the conversation. Viewing it, you’ll hear background music or audio reading the text.

reddit recapYou won’t see arbitrary movies because the add-on only functions when you want it to. Click Recap Reddit when ready to produce a video on the subject instantly with the best Reddit chrome extension.


The development of remote work has made utilizing a password manager obligatory, even if it has long been more advantageous. LastPass is the most popular plugin for storing passwords, and for a good reason. As mentioned by u/grouchy fox, LastPass is cross-platform compatible, encrypted, and has a password saver similar to Chromes. This Reddit plugin for Chrome is one of the best. 

lastpassThe effortless method that LastPass will generate safe passwords for you and preserve them is something we truly like. One device is the only limitation that LastPass has placed on its free users. Further suggestions are provided in this Reddit discussion if it is a deal-breaker for you. The greatest Chrome extensions and applications for Reddit now accessible are hence this product. You can look for the askreddit chrome extensions to find the best ones on Reddit.

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Can browser add-ons be compromised?

Although the majority of extensions are safe and even helpful, there is always a chance for misuse, especially when it comes to privacy. Attackers frequently target extensions because of the precise rights given to them within the browser.

Impacting performance are Chrome extensions?

In addition to using more memory on the extension, Chrome extensions might use more RAM on each visited page. Performance may suffer, particularly on low-end devices.

Can there be theft of passwords through extensions?

Translations: Extensions cannot automatically steal your information. An extension, though, asks for several permissions when you download it. Once you have accepted the conditions, you may have granted the extension access to sensitive data, including credentials.

Why are there add-ons for Chrome?

The Chrome browser experience may be customized by users using extensions, which are computer applications written using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Reddit is a fantastic resource for learning new things, researching, and sharing knowledge. Individuals may communicate ideas, views, and other online nonsense in this vast online community. Reddit is a fantastic resource for learning new things, researching, and sharing knowledge. So these were the best Reddit chrome extension for you.