The Best Partition Scheme For Multiple Linux Distros – 2023

You often feel the need to install more than one operating system on a single pc. You may use a virtual machine for it. But there’s another way of doing it. By using a partition scheme for multiple Linux distros, your job gets easier. 

The different operating system brings with them different features and properties. Some, like Windows 10, give you complete access to the gaming world. So to resolve the issue, Techyhost brings the best partition scheme for multiple Linux distros.

Before partitioning, we want to make you aware that this hack can be a bit tricky. Please follow the tutorial carefully. If you don’t have much technical knowledge, please don’t attempt it.

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Best Partition Schemes For Multiple Linux Distros

Partition schemes help to install multiple linux distros on the same computer.

Please keep all your data and files in Google Drive or pen drives to avoid losing them.

So let’s look at the step-by-step processes.


1. First, start by putting the SSD into SATA port number one present in the motherboard.

port number one

2. Then boot the first one present in the System Disk in UEFI BIOS.



3. Finally, with the ‘Secure boot’ option to ‘Other OS’ to install any other OS.

other os

Next look at partition.


ESP(EFI System Partition) is the most crucial step. 

1. /dev/sda1 is the first partitioning known as EFI System Partition.

ssd running

2. To keep the SSD running, you need to make at least 1000MB in size. You can create partitions as many as you want according to the number of operating systems you want. Remember to keep at least 100 MB per partition.


various partitions

Look at the various partitions.

3. Please remember before installing, keep the boot flag marked in the first EFI boot partition. If you do not do it, there is a massive chance of your installation failing. This is one of the most crucial things to remember in the partition scheme for multiple Linux distros.


For Fedora, you must also mark the second partition with the flag of bios_grub.


4. After all these steps, let’s look into how we can install the Operating System Xubuntu.

Install Xubuntu

Now you need to install Xubuntu. To give the work and storage permissions, run the following commands

1. Firstly run this

  • / ( /dev/sda4, EXT4 )

2. For work permissions, execute the following command.

  •  /work ( /dev/sda12, 25 GB EXT4 in the SSD)

3. For storage permissions, execute the following command.

  •   /storage ( /dev/sdb1, 3 TB NTFS hard disk )

Temporary boot loader

For boot loader installation, choose /dev/sda in all the distro installations.

To complete this process execute the following commands.

device for boot loader installation

For the execution of the command wait for some time.

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Refind Boot Manager Installation

It represents the menu option that opens when the first starting up of the computer. 

Execute the command:

execute the command:

In this way, Refind is installed.

Refind Theme

This is the penultimate step of finding the refind theme. Look at Github to find some.

Installing The Theme Regular For The Refind Boot Manager

Finally, install the theme with these commands.

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/refind_0.10.4-1_amd64.deb

Now your computer is ready for multiboot Linux distros.

After this, you need to go on installing other Linux operating systems.

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Best Linux Distros To Try

Here are the best Linux distros available in 2023.


Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution developed by Canonical.

It was released in the year 2004 and gained massive popularity over time. It is developed using programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python. The stability and the smoothness of this Linux version are simply amazing.


Ubuntu is the best Linux distro for dual boot. For all beginners, Ubuntu is the most preferred one. Installing it is also pretty simple.

Download Ubuntu

Fedora Linux

The first version of the Fedora Linux was released in 2003. Fedora Project and Red hat Software, IBM, FLOSS community developed it together.

The main USP of Fedora Linux is that it gets regular updates. On November 2, 2021, Fedora Linux received the latest update.

fedora linux

We highly recommend our readers to try the excellent Fedora Linux.

Download Fedora Linux

Arch Linux

Arch Linux performs one the best in partition schemes for multiple Linux distros.

It works best with x-86 processor computers.

arch linux

The flexibility of Arch Linux makes it stand out among others on the list. But let us tell you, Arch Linux is not suitable for beginners. It is a lightweight Linux distribution.

Download Arch Linux

SUSE Linux

The SUSE Linux is primarily used for deploying IT services. Moreover, it is compatible with different environments.

suse linux

SUSE Linux is basically for IT professionals and experts. So, if you are a novice, it’s better not to try it.

Download SUSE Linux


Another Linux distribution is known for being user-friendly and straightforward.

Often people question whether Deepin is safe or not. But let us tell you, Deepin is extremely safe and secure.


The Chinese Linux distribution was first released in 2004. You can try their latest version of 20.4, which got recently released.

Download Deepin


Maegia is a heavy-duty Linux distribution that can run both software and games. It is relatively new as compared to others on the list.

This was the version where MariaDB replaced MySQL.


It’s incredibly safe and secure to use this free Linux distribution. Moreover, it is available in more than 167 languages. So, if you want something different, definitely try Mageia.

Download Mageia

Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux is another extraordinary lightweight Linux distribution that was released in 2001.

bodhu linux

This is presently the oldest version of Linux distros. Over the years, Bodhi Linux has received many updates.

The latest release brings in swift shutdown and fast booting.

Download Bodhi Linux


Let’s answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Linux distros.

Can Two Linux Distros Have The Same Partition?

Yes, two Linux distros can have the same partition.

Is It Possible To Have Multiple Distros?

Yes, we can have multiple distros by using the dual boot method.

How Many Linux Partitions Should I Have?

Ideally, there should be three partitions, namely Swap Root Home

Can 2 Linux Distros Be Dual-Booted?

Yes, you can use dual boot 2 Linux distros. Please read through the article to know about the entire process.

What Are Linux Distros?

Linux distros are basically various versions of the Linux operating system.

Which Is More Reliable, REFInd Or Grub?

Without a doubt, rEFInd is more reliable than grub for Windows.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding the partition scheme for multiple Linux distros.

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In conclusion, this guide will help you have a partition scheme for multiple Linux distros. You can now enjoy computing better than before. If you face any issues, kindly convey us through the comments. And we will be delighted to help you out. Please follow Techyhost for more such fun tech content.

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