6 Free & Paid Best Network Monitoring Software {2023}

The uses of computers are ever increasing. In recent times it has become essential for any big organization to take care of the organization’s networking. The ever-expanding infrastructure of IT professional industry has made it imperative for installation of Best Network Monitoring Software in the respective premises.

Even for those who don’t have a huge amount of traffic to handle can also use the software to increase the productivity of their small business. The use of Best Network Monitoring Software can reduce your cost and can even make their whole working simple.

This ease and substantial effectiveness make the following software very compelling. So let’s dive in and see the 6 best in their category.

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Best Network Monitoring Software | Top 6 of 2023

Here are the 6 free and paid best network monitoring software.


Pulseway is one of the simplest networks monitoring software available in the market. The layout and the usage are very easy to get accustomed.

The opening window shows very detailed information about the system, RAM, the server load, traffic, etc. The beneficiaries of this software are the big IT firms that employ it to monitor their regular traffic. The system handling of the servers is impeccable.pulseaway network monitor

The other things that can be observed are that the software has PSA integration and handle cloud system to perfection. The user should note that it is paid software.

Visit: Pulseway

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Nagios is one of the oldest software that has been available to the customers since 1996. It is free software. The handling of the tasks is fluid and flexible. There are various particularly specific tools present to customize the software and increase the net usability of it. The most notable tool is the alert tool.

nagios network monitor

Nagios alerts the user about and surges in the regular or expected traffic. It also prevents an unexpected increase in the data transfer from the firm’s (organization) servers. It should be taken into account that the system itself is powerful only when it comes to the hands of an expert. The UI is dull and can be very difficult for a typical user to follow.

Visit: Nagios

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There are very few software on the market that are as advanced as LogicMonitor. LogicMonitor is one of the frontrunners of the Best Network Monitoring Software in the market. This is very beautifully crafted software.

The dashboard gives a very informative description of the system while the graph and charts that are generated by the software are very detailed in nature. There are very security features for the cloud systems like SMS alert, automatic usage ban, selective permission, etc.

logicmonitor network monitor

There are various configuration based tools as well. The dashboard can also let users select the permission of a particular system or systems to use. The ability of manage the sheer amount of data is mind-boggling.

Keep in mind that such great product comes with a hefty price tag. So if you want a great and secure solution for your firm, be prepared to empty your pockets.

Visit: LogicMonitor


PandoraFms is a perfect network management tools for the small-scale business establishment. The general usage is very well configure. The handling is very smooth in the software. There is a total of 10000 nodes that generate by the software to handle the operations of the network. The compatibility of the software is good with Windows 7 or higher.

pandora network monitor

There is a facility to notify the user if any irregularity arises. The authority of the user is absolute when it comes to handling the software. The central user can add as many permissible users as he wants.

There is also an added feature to compare the observed data to the global data in the servers of PandoraFms. This feature helps businesses calibrate and understand their situation better. The open version is free for all however, you have to pay a fixed fee for the enterprise version.

Visit: PandoraFms

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Auvik is arguably the most stable and powerful Best Network Monitoring Software on the list. This best network monitor software is a just pure joy to use. Right from the dashboard to its configuration board, this software has everything that you need and more.

The dashboard has information about your system, cloud, servers, users, etc. The availability of integration of multiple MSP clients is just icing on the cake for this software.

Auvik Network monitor

The configuration is very easy to get use to and has easy accessibility to other functions of the software. It can handle multiple clients at one go without any cluttering as well. Just remember that it is a paid application.

Visit: Auvik

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Labtech is sturdy software when it comes to handling various operations at ones. The IP address management is top notch. The availability to provide various statically available IP to the users and manage them in such a way that no exceptions arise are very difficult to pull off.

Another point that works in LabTech’s favor is that it can manage Software-defined networking quite easily. The path of various networks never hinders the path of one another. This provides flexibility and ease of usage to all users in the network.

LabTech Network monitor

The self-service deployment is another area where it beats the rest of the competition. The pricing is also fair when compared to the outcome of the product.

Visit: Labtech



In conclusion, I hope with this list you can assess the usability of the Best Network Monitoring Software. This list is compiled to provide readers with enough information to make a choice about network monitoring tools. It is important to remember that need and use precede the application.

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