Best MTU Settings for PS4 to Speed Up Your Games [Updated 2023]

Suppose you have recently bought a Playstation or have recently started exploring best MTU settings for PS4. And you have somehow come here to the concept of MTU and wondering what it is precisely then you are on the right place or site. Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here, we would be discussing the best MTU settings for PS4.

Whatever the scenario presented in this article below, you will learn everything about MTU in ps4 2023. What is MTU, the ideal value, how to change the matter, and everything between the articles?.

A hilarious thing about this is most gamers have absolutely no idea about MTU value. Still, they alter the value without understanding it really or exactly means. It is necessary to know the best MTU settings for PS4.

It is just like pressing the refresh button by right-clicking on a pc. You might think it can make your computer fast, but it isn’t the thing. 

After this, you don’t need to make another search on google about MTU settings for PS4. 

If you have a hard time understanding a specific concept, let me know by the comment section in the article.

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What is MTU4?

 MTU stands for Maximum transmission unit, and it is the size of the largest and most significant protocol data unit that can be communicated.

The bigger the number means faster the speed. However, it can also lead to excessive heat. On another side, just a tiny number can lead to a delay in rate.

playstation consoles

That is why it is essential to come up with a good number. For ps4, the MTU default size is 1500.

This means only 1500 bits of data can be communicated only at once. We know that 1500 bits are minimal data divided into packets.

Then all the packets are combined to represent the data to us. You have seen that some gamers change the MTU size to a meager value for a faster speed.

The funniest thing is that most gamers don’t know what MTU means. However, they would have seen others doing it, and that’s why they also altered this value.

Lowering the value means smaller data packets, and you must be thinking it should have decreased the speed.

It should, and it will definitely if you set the best MTU settings for PS4 to lower. However, Sometimes data packets can’t travel for any facts, such as speed.

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Best MTU Settings For PS4 To Sign In To PSN

Let us look at some of the best MTU settings for PS4 that might help you fix your PSN issues, whether signed in or download-related issues. 

How To Modify MTU Settings?

This is the first one in the list of best MTU settings for PS4. If you cannot sign in to the PSN, you can try modifying your PS4 MTU profile to 1450 from the set value of 1500. But it would be helpful if you kept that solution in mind. Some people don’t seem to use it, but thousands of PS4 users claim that this solution worked for them, and the error NW-31194-8 has stopped and subsequently allowed them to sign back into PSN settings again. So, we would say it’s worth a try. Below are the steps to achieve this.

  1. Head to settings
  2. Set up a new network connection or edit an existing oneset up internet connection
  3. Change the settings from automatic to customselect 'automatic'
  4. Now set the MTU value to 1450 from the initial value of 1500set mtu value

Please note that this is a temporary solution while Sony is attempting to fix PSN.

This didn’t work for you? Don’t panic. We have got you covered! 

Connect PS4 Via LAN To Increase Download Speed

This is another best MTU settings for PS4. If feasible, it is recommended that you connect your PS4 via LAN [wired connection] as this will improve your download speed compared to Wi-Fi. Before doing this, ensure that the download is paused and resume your download after connecting to LAN.     

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Tweak your DNS and MTU settings on PS4.

  1. Navigate to Settings >Network> Set up an Internet connectiontweak dns and mtu settings on ps4
  2. Choose either Wi-Fi or Local Area Network (LAN cable)
  3. Choose Custom
  4. Select Automaticselect 'automatic'
  5. Click on Do not Specify
  6. Select Manual

Note: You should make sure to have a copy of your default settings in case you want to divert back

Make Changes To Your DNS Settings

  1. Enter a primary and secondary IP Address
  2. Type in: Google – for the Primary field
  3. Type in for the Secondary field
  4. Select ‘Next’ and select Manual to change your MTU settings. Type in 1473. If that’s not accepted, try 1450.
  5. Click on Next and select Do Not Use. A diagnostics test will begin. Select Next.

Now try downloading your selected file and see if that’s any faster!

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Speeding Up Your PS4 With The Help Of A Proxy Server

This fix is one of the best MTU settings for PS4 and it revolves around setting up a proxy in your PC.

  1. To achieve that, type in “free proxy server” in Google search, and you will find plenty of proxy servers. We also recommend that you read all the reviews before you download one.
  2. Startup the proxy server and write down the IP and the port number found in the HTTP port list.
  3. Switch on your PS4 and head to settings and then network and then set up an internet connection.
  4. Now choose custom setup and find where you are supposed to enter the IP and the port number and enter the data you obtained from your proxy server.
  5. See if this has fixed your issues.

We have personally tested out this method for primary PS4 game files, which is more than 20GB in size, and we can confirm the speed difference that we obtained was phenomenal. 

Perhaps Your Broadband Service Provider Isn’t Good Enough

 At times, it could be your slow broadband speeds causing the files to take a lot of time to download from the PlayStation network, or maybe your internet service provider is throttling your download bandwidth. 

If you have had no luck so far, consider calling your provider and asking them about the download speed, and they might be able to assist you with your issue.  Maybe the service provider might recommend you upgrade your existing plan to increase your bandwidths. We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 100 Mbps.

Though it might not be the best MTU settings for PS4, you must give it a try!

Contact PlayStation Support

If your broadband service isn’t the snag and none of the above best MTU settings for PS4 seem to work out, then we suggest that you get in touch with PlayStation support, and hopefully, they will come up with a solution for your problem.

The PlayStation support does recommend that you go through general forums regarding PlayStation 4 and related pages to find any helpful information. You can also head to the Playstation support contact guide.

The above link opens up to a search bar where you can check the issue or enter the error code displayed on your PlayStation to obtain troubleshooting steps needed to resolve the issue you are facing. If still not satisfied, you can find contact details of PlayStation support at the very end of the page.

Should You Change the MTU Value?

If you are not facing any problem, you should not change the value. However, if your game is constantly lagging, you can try adjusting this value.

So Why is PS4 Having an Issue With 1500 Now?

There could be several causes for this; however, some people think servers might take these packets as attacks and shut them down.

I hope the company will fix it very soon, but you should try to alter values until then.

What is The Ideal Value Of MTU?

You have seen some gamers always prefer 1473 or 1480. Let me tell you upfront that there is no outstanding value for MTU. It only depends upon network speed, packet size, server, etc.

maximum transmission unit

You can calculate the actual ideal value for your game only after the trial and error method. You can start with these values (1473,1480). 

How Can you Change The MTU Value in PS4?

For changing the best MTU settings for PS4 value, you should reset your internet connection.

If you want to alter the value to get a hassle-free and lagging-free experience, then here are the steps you need to follow.

Open the Network settings on your PS4 from settings.


Click on the options to set up an internet connection. It will ask for a LAN or WiFi connection.

On the next screen, you need to select WiFi connection or Lan.

set up internet connection

On the next screen, choose the custom option, Do not go with easy.

After this, it will ask you for the IP address settings. Make sure you choose the Automatic option displayed.

Next, it will ask for the DHCP Hostname. Make sure you choose. Do not specify an option. 

For the DNS settings, make sure you choose the Automatic option.

After the DNS settings, it will ask you for the MTU value. Do not choose the automatic option; go with the Manual option displayed. 


It will show you an input field to type the MTU value. As I had mentioned earlier, there is no perfect value, and however, you can start with 1473 because that is quite popular among gamers.

After typing your value, click on the Next option.

After that, it will ask you for the proxy server. I have chosen the Do not use option.

Other than this, you can try a fast network to improve your gaming experience because it would be good if it is lag-free.


In conclusion, gaming is one of the best and most entertaining sources. Lagging can seriously disturb the whole entertainment. I hope to change the best MTU settings for PS4, the value will fix the error you face and enjoy the best gaming entertainment.

Finally, we hope that you have got the solution for the best MTU settings for PS5. We hope you have reached the point and information about the Maximum transmission unit settings for PS4. Now you can happily reset the settings as per the instructions mentioned and enjoy your playtime without any interruption and lagging throughout your gaming session.

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