Top 4 Best Medical Watches For Nurses To Use In 2023 | Updated List

Without medical timepieces, a medical professional’s daily routine is incomplete. Therefore, choosing the best medical watches for nurses may greatly enhance job output.

These technologies support healthcare providers in keeping their schedules and timing the administration of drugs. These wristwatches with second hand are also essential for keeping track of and documenting patient vitals and precisely timestamping paperwork and lab reports.

The best timepieces offer a superb blend of style, functionality, readability, comfort, and cost. To help you with your purchase selection, we’ve reduced the options on this list to the top 10 watches for nurses.

List Of Best Medical Watches For Nurses

Below you will find 4 of the best medical watches recommended for nurses working in medical fields:

The Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 is a fashionable and modern wristwatch that nurses adore. The device’s brilliant OLED display and interchangeable watch faces let nurses effectively deliver information.

It has an option for those who always want to see their screen. So, The OLED display is given that provides a full color.

the fitbit versa 2

Numerous tools are available on the Fitbit Versa 2 to make work simpler. Nurses can handle scheduled antibiotic doses, follow patients on hypoglycemic therapy, and balance many duties using the timer tool. This watch has so many helpful features, so it can be considered one of the best medical watches for nurses while on duty.

The alarm feature is fantastic for individuals who want special daily reminders of jobs or events. Furthermore, its always visible time and date are excellent for updating medical records and timestamping written documentation.

For nurses who are fitness enthusiasts, the Versa FitBit 2 offers excellent health and fitness capabilities. For instance, it includes health-focused apps like a heart rate monitor, step counter, and calorie tracker.

Buy: The Fitbit Versa 2

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The Speidel Scrub Watch

Speidel has made the unique scrub watch for medical industry workers. This watch is specially designed for Medical Professionals, and this stylish watch is popular among medical professionals such as nurses, physicians, and other healthcare specialists.

The scrub watch from Speidel offers a variety of watch faces and watch band hues. It allows nurses to coordinate their eyes with their preferred scrubs, and both male and female nurses can wear them. The changing watch straps are also great for developing a unique look.

the speidal scrub watch

This scrub watch’s stunning wide. The white display has contrasting indications for the 12 and 24 hours for quick and straightforward viewing. Additionally, the show is visible, and 5-second increment markers enable readings to be more precise. It helps nurses who need to check their patient’s pulse.

The red second’s hand makes it easier to follow time, and the hour, minute, and visible hands. The silicone and stainless steel components of the Speidel scrub watch give it a luxury, pleasant feel on the wrist.

Additionally, the airtight design offers water resistance up to 30M (99ft), which is crucial while operating in particular settings.

Buy: The Speidal Scrub Watch

Apple Watch Series 6

One of the top smartwatches on the market and a favorite among nurses is the Apple Watch Series 6. For instance, it has a sharp, clear OLED retina display that is easy to watch.

Additionally, users may modify the watch face to give the display loads of utility and individuality. As a consequence, nurses can quickly retrieve important information.

Nurses may manage their schedules, take phone calls, and get notifications on the Apple Watch. The calendar and timer function also aid work management and precise medical record documentation. This apple watch has features that make it the best medical look for nurses for different activities.

apple watch series 6

Users may monitor their runs and make phone calls using GPS and cellular (on some models). It’s advantageous to leave the iPhone at home or in a locker at work. 

Nurses must be able to receive and respond to important text messages and notifications without using a cell phone. It frees workers from unneeded interruptions, especially in settings where cell phones are prohibited while working.

Apple Watches that are more recent are water-resistant up to 50 meters. As a result, this shields the gadget from spills, splatters, and minor water immersion. The Apple Watch is available in two sizes and several different aesthetic finishes.

Buy: Apple Watch Series 6

Casio Dive Series Sport Watch

Of course, this watch included all the features you’d anticipate from a piece designed specifically for nurses. It has an hour marker design with several colors and a separate date window to follow the monthly cycle. If the budget is considered the priority, this is the best medical watch for nurses, and this watch can take care of them while they care for others.

For patients who need to use the watch during the military time, nurses may keep track of the time using 12- and 24-hour indications. Additionally, a secondhand offers precise readings for particular jobs. For instance, nurses who need to monitor heart rates and take other critical lessons can use it.

casio dive series sport watch

This watch’s display boasts a white backdrop, vibrant numerals, and luminous hands for simple reading. A mineral crystal dial window on the watch face also prevents liquids from seeping into the display.

The consequence is that the watch has exceptional water resistance up to 330 feet (100 m).

Finally, resin and plastic components are used in the watch band and buckle to make cleaning a breeze. It is helpful for nurses who often wash their hands.

Buy: Casio Dive Series Sport Watch


Which watch is recommended best for nurses?

Although every watch mentioned here is unique and has different features, if we had to pick one of the best medical watches for nurses, it would be the Casio dive series sports watch. This watch comes under budget and has so many features.

Can we use an apple watch as a nurse watch?

The Apple watch has many features, but even then, we do not recommend it as the best medical watch for nurses. However, it has many pros which can be helpful for them.

Is it safe for nurses to wear a watch?

Nurses have many responsibilities as they watch so many patients simultaneously. Every patient has a different medical background, so watches can be helpful for them to keep track of many things. The unique eyes mentioned here will significantly help them.

Which apple watch can we consider best for nurses?

There are so many different apple watches, but SE can be considered the priority. It offers numerous features missing from series 3 of the apple watch. However, blood oxygen and ECG sensors are the features that are missing from this watch.


Nurses are important members of any hospital and must take care of many patients with different medical records. Every patient has a particular time to take medicine, which can’t be missed. These watches can be beneficial as they can set medication reminders, receive calls, get notifications for important messages, and show their heart rate. We hope this list is helpful as we have listed the best medical watches for nurses among the variety of available options.

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