Best IP Address For Ps4 | A Complete Guide 2023

Your PlayStation 4 will always have the same internal best IP address for the Ps4 if you give it a permanent IP address, even after a reboot. You should investigate if your router has the option to assign a gaming IP address manually, as some routers can do it. If your router disallows manual assignments, you can configure your PlayStation 4 console with a static IP address.

Best IP Address for Ps4:

DNSPrimary DNSPrimary DNS
DNS Advantage
OpenDNS Home
Alternate DNS

You can accomplish this, for instance, by altering the PS4’s DNS settings. The average gamer doesn’t bother to change their DNS (and may not even know how), although doing so could help their console’s network speed.

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What Is the Best Ip Address For Ps4?

Since the best IP address for Ps4 does not function the same way as other parameters like MTU, DNS, or NAT Type, there is no “optimal” IP address for gaming. The default IP address supplied by your console and router will work fine for most online players.

The NAT Type, which is indirectly tied to the IP address but cannot typically be modified by changing the IP address, is frequently the more important problem for connectivity for games. To address this, one needs to use different approaches.

In conclusion, IP addresses are typically best left alone, even when other associated settings occasionally change for better outcomes.

ip addressSubnet masks change depending on the Network’s size and the user’s location (Asia, Oceania, and South America). The two most used Subnet masks are (for Europe and North America) and (for the rest of the globe). Since there is no real advantage to modifying Subnet masks, keeping them as automatic or default settings is recommended.

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Advantages Of Using A Distinct DNS On Ps4

Domain Name System, or DNS. Imagine this system as the internet’s version of a phonebook. To access a website, you must enter its URL or address. You could attempt to determine the advantages of switching to a different DNS server since they are both like address books. How could that possibly be advantageous for a gamer?

dnsThe best DNS for gaming will offer several advantages. But among others, the following are likely the most crucial:

  • The servers might be closer geographically, enabling faster transmitting and receiving of data.
  • There may be fewer problems and downtime because the servers are potentially more dependable than the ISP server.
  • The server might execute data requests more quickly than the one you typically use, enabling more efficient data processing. 

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What Does Ip Address Mean?

Like other devices, video game consoles can use the best IP address for Ps4. They serve as a singular identification for every device and reveal information like the location and Internet service provider. They perform functions for gadgets that a postal address or ZIP code performs for actual dwellings.

ip addressThe best IP address for Xbox One is required for every device connecting to the internet.

Two IP addresses exist: Public IPs (issued to a single residence or router) and private IPs (assigned to individual devices on a home network – this is the common IP range you may have seen when looking at IP addresses on devices). Individual public IP addresses exist.

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Can PS4 Be Used To Find Someone’s IP Address?

Yes, One may use a PS4 to discover someone’s IP address. You might be shocked to learn that one of the simplest pieces of network data to gather is the IP address.

Will the PS4’s IP addresses compromise gamers’ security and divulge private information? Many individuals have heard the phrase “I know your IP,” thus some may worry that they can discover where you live.

ip hackIn actuality, your IP address reveals your geolocation but not your particular location. An IP address can only provide a general location indication; it is nearly impossible to determine the precise location.

As a result, if someone threatens you, they can use the best IP address for Ps4 to locate you, which is simple bullying. They’re attempting to terrify you.

There are options available to suit your needs if you attempt to find someone. You can discover how to extract a PS4 user’s IP address, locate a player’s precise location, and conceal your IP address in the following content.

How To Track a PS4’s IP Address?

Although PS4 has some measures to prevent third parties from learning your IP address, there are some ways to do so.

Apply Grabify

You may get the best IP address for PS4 using this free utility.

grabifyHowever, communication skills are needed since you must let the other person click on the quick link you generate on Grabify. You cannot obtain the IP address of a person if they do not click the link.

Employ PSN Resolver

You’ll hear folks recommend PSN Resolver, a well-liked free program for obtaining the best IP setting.

psn resolverYou only need the user’s PSN ID to complete this straightforward process. After which, you can get the IP address of a particular player.

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How can I locate my PS4 IP address?

In the destination port, you must enter 9307 and 3074, respectively, for your PS4 and Xbox. You will see IPs below if you correctly follow these instructions. Although there are other PS4 IP address search programs, Lanc is the greatest.

How can I configure my PS4 with a static IP?

Here is how to set a static IP in this more time-consuming manner: Take note of your console's current IP address and MAC address. Obtain a router login. These are found in the Internet Settings' 'Internet Connection Status' page, which is located under the 'Network' menu on the PS4.

On a PS4, how can I locate my DNS server?

You can examine the IP address of your current DNS server in the Settings section of your PS4 console. Navigate to Settings, then Network. You may find details like your DNS server's IP address or name here. By performing a search on it, you can find more information.

Which IP address is ideal for gaming?

Since IP addresses do not function the same way as other parameters like DNS, MTU, or NAT Type, there is no optimal IP address for gaming. The ipv4 Address Xbox one, when supplied by your console and router, will work just fine for most online players.


Namebench is probably the best choice if you want to determine which DNS for PS4 is the fastest dependent on where you live. It quickly identifies the ideal DNS server for gaming. Using Namebench PS4 on the console has never caused any problems.

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