Six Best Horror Channels On YouTube- 2023 Version

Have you ever questioned how you would react if a ghost appeared to you in the twilight? After speculating on this scenario, you will surely be afraid, but enjoy the roller coaster of these horrors and get back to your seats to feel the euphoria of horror. Now, after visualizing this scenario, how would you define horribleness? You will comprehend that one kind of vehement rolls around your mind when you see horror-related content. To give you a peek at such an amalgamation of horror euphoria and fear, we will introduce the best horror channels on youtube. 

The six Best Horror Channels On Youtube are:

  • Mr. Nightmare
  • Lutch Green
  • Criminally Listed
  • Dark5
  • Rob Gavagan
  • Cold Case Detective


A glance at the scariest channels on youtube: Mr. Nightmare, Lutch Green, Criminally Listed, Dark5, Cold Case Detective, and Rob Gavagan. A cluster of horror content is present in this article; keep reading this write-up and explore it. You will also discover the real mysteries that make you believe in wraiths. Click here for the best youtube channels for learning Spanish.

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Best Horror Channels On YouTube

Affraidness doesn’t appear by listening to things, but some creepy youtube channels create magic that will blow your mind and push you to stun your hands and sweat from your head. To open the door of gloomy ghastliness, then here is the key to it; 

Mr. Nightmare

Does a ghost is present in real? If your answer is no, this channel will surely turn it into yes as it portrays some terrible cases where ghosts come into people’s lives. Let’s take a sneak peek at their content;

  • Home alone is a house of fear; this is an actual incident that is bizarre for you, but after going through the video, you will see the fact. Many such real horror stories are available on this channel; relish the horror moments with the phantom.  mrnightmare
  • Do you write a diary to express yourself, but from now on, you will rethink writing a diary after visiting the scariest things mentioned in the mystery diary book?  
  • Have you ever wondered about horror movies that show quality content horror then what is happening on their sets? Visit their channel and discover that. 

Visit Channel: Mr. Nightmare

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Lutch Green

Hard to believe, but it’s a reality that will shock you after going to such a dangerous channel. This channel comes ahead in the race of best horror channels on youtube due to its fearful content. Let’s dive deeper into their content;


  • Take a sneak peek at this channel’s horror movies, some of the top movie shots, and the best incidents through the short videos. These movies have some terrifying tales which you should disclose.
  • Do fictional characters like princes and princesses exist in the real world? There are some disturbing predicaments associated with it, do explore it to know more. 
  • Social media has some catchy horror stories posted by people you might not have discovered yet uncovered through this channel. 

Visit Channel: Lutch Green

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Criminally Listed

The scary play takes the level-up game with this one of the scary youtube channels. Some frightening murder riddles open the box with this channel. A glance at this channel through our fishy eye;


  • To experience a concoction of blood with hidden tragedies, traverse this channel and unwrap the hidden red stories. 
  • Some dark chapters, like the death stories of Henry, are still fresh on the pages of horribleness. There is full coverage available for each incident that unveils those history chapters. Read this article for the best travel channels on youtube.

  • Some authentic crime narratives will stun you; go through these stories and explore the worst part of the world. 

Visit Channel: Criminally Listed

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Some question marks are still unsolved, but this channel has solved them with powerful voices. Here, you can explore various in-depth, mysterious, and hidden places of the world. Dark5 is one of the horror youtube channels because;


  • During the day also, you can glance at horror nightmares with the dark5 nightmare fuel. Here you can see some of the real sketches of police, the strange voice of stalkers, and many things you have never imagined. 
  • This channel also uncovers the terrible part of world war and its various horror game secrets that will shock you. 
  • Some of the footage of dead tales are still alive in this channel to explore such hidden mystery books. 

Visit Channel: Dark5

Rob Gavagan

A YouTuber who depicts strange severe stories, most amazingly, has created one of the best horror channels on youtube. He has created a scary stage with the following content.

  • Rob Gavagan is considered a scary YouTuber because he has a bucket full of terrifying stories that are hard to believe but are valid and scary cabin realities. Open the diaries of killings and their awful effects in his way. 
  • Some of the best-hooked case studies are part of the world, but what are they, and why are they horrific and shocking? Resolve this question by going through this channel. Want to learn the best Entrepreneur youtube channels in 2023? Read This.
  • Some secrets and distressful facts will force you not to fly and eat fast food again. If you probe these videos, then you will never do these things. 

Visit Channel: Rob Gavagan

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Cold Case Detective

With an intent to educate people and make awareness about the lost personalities, this channel comes to a most terrible part. This channel intends to help people by finding them and bringing their voices to the outer world. This channel gains recognization as a top channel due to the;


  • Some detections of the missing person whose complaints of missing were never registered but are uncovered by cold channel detection; you can also take a peek at such stressful and horrendous incidents. 
  • Some murder cases, like Elizabeth Barraza, Cali Doe, and Don Lewis, are unsolved, but this channel acknowledges such things. How to avail local channels on FireStick Amazon? Click here.
  • Some close-to-heart or heartwarming stories will take you to the actual fundamental part of the world. Once you go to the channel, you will concede that. 

Visit Channel: Cold Case Detective


Which youtube channel contains the most bizarre content?

The following youtube channel contains the most bizarre content; cyriak. Alltime10s. MrBallen. David Firth. Chills.

Which are the trendiest niches that I should try?

The most trendy niches that will level up your content are; Comedy Sketches. The album, food, and movie review Subject Tutorials. Software Tutorials. Photography and Video Editing tutorials.

Which YouTuber creates the most horrible videos?

The following YouTuber creates the most harmful content; Corpse Husband. Swamp Dweller. Rob Gavagan. TEX REX.

Who is the Canadian Youtuber who sustains through the Runforthecube youtube channel?

Koneesharun is a Canadian Youtuber who gives the best reviews of toys, candies, and many such catchy things through his Runforthecube youtube channel. He also travels to different places and explores the colorful things he brings you through his youtube channel.


In this write-up, we have explored the best horror channels on youtube, which will make you afraid of many things, but you will enjoy the journey of fun with horror with these channels. These channels have brought you the most difficult actual incidents that will take you to the danger zone of this world. These channels have solved some of the mysteries, and there are some terrific secrets related to them; drive through these channels and explore them differently. Some videos are also created with awareness objectives and to enlighten people about the facts.