9 Best Golf Youtube Channels To Become A Pro Golf Player

There are ten best golf youtube channels included in this article. The best youtube golf lessons, reviews, and advice for players of all skill levels may be found on these channels, which offer content relating to golf. Golf professionals and experts administering the channels provide insightful commentary and helpful tips for developing your game. Besides live broadcasts, the channels also offer vlogs and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of professional golfers. These YouTube channels might be an excellent resource to upgrade your game.

Golf Digest, Rick Shiels Golf, Me and My Golf, Golf Magic, Golf Monthly, GolfChannel, Golf Clash Tommy, Peter Finch Golf, Golf Sensei, and The Golf Guys are a few of the best golf YouTube channels that you should subscribe to if you want to better your game and become a pro player. These channels include various material, such as equipment reviews, golf course vlogs, instructional videos, and tips & tricks. These channels have something for you regardless of your skill level or goals for your game.

You should check out the YouTube channels mentioned in this post if you’re serious about improving your game and becoming a pro. These channels are run by seasoned PGA professionals and other golf industry experts and feature a variety of instructional videos, drills, tips, and additional information. Regardless of your experience level, you may find tips and insights on these channels that will help you improve your game. So if you want to have fun and improve your golfing, check out these top 10 YouTube channels.

The Top 10 Golf YouTube Channels for Aspiring Professionals

Golf is a popular sport that needs skill, cunning, and patience. If you want to develop your game and become a professional golfer, YouTube might be a helpful resource. Many best youtube golf channels are accessible, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 to help you get better.

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels, a PGA golf instructor and trainer, controls the famous “Rick Shiels Golf” YouTube channel. For almost a decade, he has worked in the golf industry. He has trained with a few of the top golfers in the business and has expertise in the golf industry for almost a decade. Also, Check this out to get sky sports for free to watch your favorite golf match.

rick shiels

A variety of best golf lessons on youtube is available on his channel, including reviews, vlogs, and one of the greatest golf lessons on YouTube. Rick’s DVDs are a great resource for golfers of all ability levels since they are professionally made, educational, and entertaining. Check this out if you like to watch golf sports on Hotstar for free on PC.

Visit: Rick Shiels Golf – YouTube


A comprehensive golf channel that covers all aspects of the sport is GolfWRX. Whether you’re looking for the best youtube golf instructions videos on YouTube, gear reviews, or news and commentary, GolfWRX has you covered.


On the channel, a group of golf experts offers insightful advice and suggestions for developing your game. GolfWRX also has a sizable golfing community that engages with the content and contributes their opinions.

Visit: GolfWRX – YouTube


“Me And My Golf” is a famous YouTube channel that features PGA golf pros Andy Proudman and Piers Ward. They provide in-depth studies of golf swings and strokes and critiques of new gear and equipment.


Me And My Golf includes vlogs, behind-the-scenes views of their life as professional golfers, and an instructional video.

Visit: Meandmygolf – YouTube


GolfMagic is a golf channel established in the United Kingdom that provides a variety of programming, including instructional videos, gear reviews, and news and commentary. A team of professional golfers and instructors share helpful insights and ideas for improving your game on the channel.


 GolfMagic is also available. In addition, GolfMagic offers a vibrant golfing community that interacts with the material and contributes their viewpoints.

Visit: GolfMagic – YouTube

The Golf Boys

A group of buddies share their passion for golf and travel on The Golf Boys’ YouTube channel. Videos with instructions, vlogs, and enjoyable challenges are among the many types of content on the channel.golf boys

The Golf Boys are a terrific resource for golfers who want to get better at the game and have fun since they are well-known for their animated and amusing movies. Check this out to watch your favourite sports on live streaming.

Visit: The Golf Boys

The Golf Guru

Matt Walter, a PGA member, has a YouTube channel called The Golf Guru. You may discover golf-related videos on his channel, including tutorials, exercises, and advice for enhancing your game.golf guru

Golfers of all skill levels may benefit significantly from Matt’s educational and well-made films, which are available online. The Golf Guru offers instructional material, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his career as a professional golfer.

Visit: The Golf Guru

Golf Sensei

David Phillips, a professional golfer, is a featured user on the Golf Sensei YouTube channel. His channel has a wide range of golf-related content, including instructions, drills, and suggestions for improving your skills.golf sensai

Golfers should watch Dave’s films since they are excellently made and educational. In addition to vlogs and behind-the-scenes looks at Dave’s life as a professional golfer, Golf Sensei provides educational content.

Visit: Golf Sensei 

Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is a well-known golf channel with information on all aspects of the game. A group of seasoned golfers and instructors that work on the channel provide informative analysis and beneficial tips for improving your game.

golf channel

The Golf Channel also has a sizable golfing community that engages with the programming and offers commentary on the sport. Everything you need is available on The Golf Channel, including equipment evaluations, news, analysis, and instructional videos.

Visit: Golf Channel – YouTube

Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly is a golf channel established in the UK that provides a variety of material, such as instructional videos, gear reviews, news, and commentary. The channel comprises a group of seasoned golfers and instructors who offer insightful analysis and helpful advice for developing your game.

golf monthly

 The golfing community at Golf Monthly is active and contributes their opinions to the publication’s material.

Visit: Golf Monthly – YouTube


GolfTEC is a golf channel that offers lessons and instructional videos for players of all skill levels. A group of seasoned golfers and instructors are featured on the channel, and they provide insightful commentary and helpful advice for developing your game.

GolfTEC is a unique and essential resource for players wishing to advance their game since it significantly emphasizes employing technology and statistics in golf education.

Visit: GOLFTEC – YouTube

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What advantages come from watching golf-related YouTube channels?

Watching the best golf YouTube channels has several advantages like you may learn new skills and enhance your game by watching the instructional videos and suggestions that are available on many YouTube golf channels. YouTube golf channels offer a wide variety of material, including tutorial videos, reviews of golf equipment, and more. This makes it simple to locate information that is pertinent to and helpful to you.

How can I pick the greatest YouTube golf channel for me?

It's crucial to select a golf YouTube channel suited to your ability level if you want to get the most out of the stuff there. You should think about your degree of competence in addition to the kind of stuff of your interest. The Best Golf YouTube channels provide a range of choices, including how-to videos, product reviews, and tournament coverage. The instructors and golfers featured on the channel are other things to consider. Some of the most popular channels showcase experts with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Does viewing golf-related YouTube channels help me get better?

Indeed, following golf-related YouTube channels may be an excellent method to pick up new skills and raise your game. Several of the best golf YouTube channels offer some of the best golf videos and advice from pros and coaches, which may provide insightful information and direction. Nonetheless, it's crucial to keep in mind that viewing videos is only one part of raising your game. For significant progress, you will also need to practice and gain experience on the course.

Are there any dangers to viewing golf-related YouTube channels?

There are typically no hazards involves in viewing golf YouTube channels. You should understand the drawbacks of internet resources, too, and you shouldn't rely entirely on them for advice. It's a good idea to see a qualified instructor or coach if you want to make significant modifications to your game. Be careful of how much time you spend viewing videos and try to balance it with other tasks and duties.


YouTube is a great resource for golfers looking to improve their game and become pro players. The 10 best golf YouTube channels in this article offer a wide range of content. That includes instructional videos, gear reviews, and tips and tricks for players of all skill levels. Experienced PGA professionals and golf industry experts run these channels.

They offer valuable insights and advice for improving your game. No matter how skilled or inexperienced you are at golf, you can learn something from these channels. So check out these top 10 YouTube channels if you want to improve your golfing.

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