Best Gaming Routers for PS4, PS5, and Xbox | Updated List 2023

PS4, PS5, and Xbox are quite demanding gaming consoles. A gaming router is required to provide you with a seamless gaming experience. It prevents inconsistency and gives the 5Ghz bandwidth to continue with a good internet speed. This article will teach you the best gaming routers for PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

The best Gaming Routers for Xbox One in 2023 are noted below in order of their rankings:

  • Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Pro WiFi Router
  • Speedify K7 AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
  • TP-Link Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Wireless Router
  • Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router
  • Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 Router
  • D-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router

Most of the routers in the above list are discussed in the following article.

You need a Wi-Fi router with MU-MIMO technology, gigabit ethernet support, and a tri-band model. This way, the heavy usage devices can easily use the 5Ghz band, and the rest will use the 2.4Ghz band. Also, while purchasing the router, ensure it is compatible with your ISP.

Top 4 Best Gaming Routers for PS4

In this article section, you will learn about the best gaming router for PS4 gaming consoles that you can get and enjoy high quality and speed.

TP-Link Archer C5400X 

TP-Link Archer C5400X is a router with a high WiFi speed for gaming. You have a wide range of eight ports to connect the wired devices. It comes with a free TP-HomeLink subscription to provide you with 

It has a built-in Beamforming technology that will lock with the connected device. With this connection, you can now move around, and still, you will be connected to a strong network. You will find eight extended antennas that provide a faster transfer rate.

Buy:  TP-Link Archer C5400X : Flipkart

NetGear Nighthawk Pro XR500 

The NetGear Nighthawk router has an in-built VPN that gives you encryption for your network. It has an app called Nighthawk that gives you remote management of setting up the router and internet connectivity.netgear-nighthawk-pro-xr500-

It has an aggressive gamer-oriented design that is quite impressive for the players. The advanced gaming feature allows the user to allocate bandwidth across different devices. You also get a high data transfer rate with its dual band frequency.

Buy: NetGear Nighthawk Pro XR500: Flipkart

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Speedefy K7 AC2100: Best Gaming Router For PS4

Speedefy K7 AC2100 gaming router for PS4 has high-speed connectivity through which you can connect up to 25 devices. It has four ports to connect wired devices with a dual-core CPU that will provide you with efficient management.speedefy-k7-ac2100- 

With a high speed of 2100Mbps, it covers 2500 sq ft of area. It also uses MU-MIMO technology and comes with parental control for limited access for kids. It is easy to install, and you can access it remotely through the Speedefy app.

Buy: Speedefy K7 AC2100: Amazon 

RockSpace AX1800 

RockSpace AX1800 router supports WiFi6 technologies and can connect up to 35 devices simultaneously. With this technology, the user experiences a lag-free connection with this router. Its robust quad-core makes the functioning smoother.rockspace-ax1800- This processor with 8 x 8 MU-MIMO technology helps to maintain the same speed for all connected devices. Its BSS color technology eliminates any interference from the neighboring networks. This router has a coverage area of 2500 sq ft and speeds up to 1800Mbps without lag.

Buy: RockSpace AX1800: Amazon

Best Gaming Routers for PS5

Now that we have discussed the best gaming routers for PS4, let us talk about the best gaming routers for PS5.

TP-Link AC5400 

TP-Link AC5400 has eight antennas to provide you with quality gaming and browsing. It also comes with an in-built VPN that protects your system from malicious threats that can damage or corrupt your 

Trend Micro powers the router and has an in-built antivirus with advanced features to provide more security. Now you can imagine the level of safety you get in this router with speed for your game and other devices.

Buy: TP-Link AC5400: Flipkart

Tenda AC10U 

Tenda AC10U’s best feature is its 1GHz CPU made with a 28nm process. Being a wireless router, it can process data faster and save energy. You get HD quality to stream and play games with the Tenda router.tenda-ac10u-

Tenda router uses advanced MU-MIMO technology and solid dual-band to provide speed and better connectivity. It gives you with 1200Mbps speed for processing data and avoids any failures. You can also limit access with parental control in the Tenda router. 

Buy: Tenda AC10U: Amazon

Linksys MR9600

Linksys MR9600 has a coverage area of 3000 sq ft with 6Gbps speed. With such an excellent speed, you can connect more than 40 devices as it uses WiFi6 technology. So, to expand your coverage, it is equipped with Intelligent Mesh technology.linksys-mr9600

It comes with a Linksys app to control your router from anywhere. Therefore to avoid interference, Linksys router isolates its network from nearby networks. You also get parental control and guest mode with smart security updates to protect your connection.

Buy: Linksys MR9600: Linksys

Best Gaming Routers for Xbox

We have seen the best gaming routers for PS4 and PS5 with their specialty. This section will teach you about Xbox Live-compatible routers for your gaming consoles.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is a router with eight large antennas and a good range of USB and connecting ports for wired devices. It has a quad-core processor to transfer data quickly and seamlessly.asus-rog-rapture-gt-ac5300

Its speed covers a wide range of your home, so you need not use it sitting nearby the router. If you are sitting far away from the router at home, you will still experience fast speed with the ASUS ROG router.

Buy: ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300: Amazon

ASUS Dual-Band AC3100

ASUS Dual-Band AC3100 is a budget-friendly router that may not give you the fastest speed but provides vast coverage. It means you can game or stream sitting far away from your router, and still, you will experience the same speed with the ASUS Dual-Band router.

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You get four antennas and ports to connect your wired devices to the ASUS Dual-Band router. This router needs a manual firmware update to keep everything protected.

Buy: ASUS Dual-Band AC3100: Amazon

D-Link DIR-879

D-Link DIR-879 is also a budget-friendly router if you don’t want to buy a fancy router. You don’t get many features in this router; however, it is a good option for those who only game for entertainment.d-link-dir-879

Its data transfer rate is 1300 Mbps, and you can connect wireless devices quickly. D-Link DIR-879 has five slots to connect wired devices so that if you get high speed, you can connect it through ethernet.

Buy: D-Link DIR-879: Amazon


Should I use gaming routers for gaming?

Gaming routers do much work behind the scenes with speed and connectivity. They draw traffic to your device or console on which you are gaming. They provide you with better speed and connectivity throughout your game, no matter how many other devices are simultaneously connected.

Which PlayStation has better WiFi, PS4 or PS5?

Regarding WiFi and speed, PS5 is better as it is enhanced with WiFi 6 technology, and speed goes up to 9Gps. On the other hand, PS4 uses WiFi 4 technology, and its speed is fifteen times less than that of PS5.

Which type of ethernet cable is used for PS5?

Most of the players recommended a Cat-6a ethernet cable to use for PS5. This cable takes care of the internet bandwidth and avoids interference for the player to play fearlessly.

What speed is good for gaming?

It is recommended that you must have at least 3Mbps speed to play. However, numerous routers provide much better speed and are inexpensive, so you get high speed at an affordable price for your gaming.


We have discussed the best gaming routers for PS4, PS5, and Xbox. Without a gaming router as well, you can play games on these consoles; however, to have better speed, connectivity, and coverage, you can always switch to gaming routers.

Always know about the PlayStation Wi-Fi router features and its settings before purchasing and using it to understand what it offers. You can compare different routers and finalize what best suit your game console, requirements, and, most importantly, budget.

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