List Of 10 Best Football Tipsters On Twitter [In Detail]

Are you searching for the Best Football Tipsters on Twitter? This blog contains the information and stats for each of the top ten best football tipsters on Twitter and their profiles.

Some of the best football tipsters are:

  • James Murphy
  • Pinchbet
  • Andy Robson
  • Mark O’Haire
  • Mark Stinchcomb
  • Neil Macdonald
  • FootySupertips
  • FootyAccums
  • Betting Buddha

The names mentioned above were the top 10 football tipsters on Twitter, but you should also know why and how each of them is good at their skills, leading you to make a wise decision while choosing the best football tipster.

So let’s get going and have a deep look into it.

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Top 10 Football Tipsters On Twitter

James Murphy –178K+ followers

James Murphy’s Twitter account is the first one that we heartily urge you to follow. One of the taglines on the page reads, “James Murphy has managed to change a meager £25 into £1K more times than the famous Ronaldo has undergone eyebrow waxing, “This Twitter account “offers you a decent idea of its voice.  Murphy humorously administers this account, but he has done well in the relatively short time he has been posting football predictions. james murphyMurphy creates incredible accumulator forecasts and markets that you might typically think of as an average sports bet. There are rumors that he has exceeded the 1,000% return mark. As you can see, Murphy has a respectable following of more than 178K, from which we can say that Murphy is one the best football tipster.

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The team at Pinchbet asserts that they have generated a return of more than 3,000% in only a few years. However, it is challenging to attempt to track the performance of a Twitter profile because they are unwilling to provide specific statistics (of course).  This is a tremendous return, which could explain why this Tweet has hundreds of followers.

pinchbetHe can be termed as one of Twitter’s best football tipsters. To learn how to track followers on Twitter, tap on the link.

Andy Robson

This is the place to be if you seek well-researched football betting advice. Since sharing his advice on Twitter in 2015, Andy has grown his following to an astounding 300,000 people worldwide in only these last five years!  Although the free football betting advice is posted by just one man on this Twitter account, a whole team is at work in the background. andy robsonThis Twitter account’s general sports betting predictions frequently succeed, and that’s why he is also one of the most accurate tipsters in the game of football. This is amply supported by the level of interest in the professional football picks they offer, as there are currently more than 500K+ followers. 

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Mark O’Haire

Football expert and writer Mark O’Haire. Write reviews for sites like 188bet and Matchbook. We can find Excellent football betting previews on the We Love Betting Twitter account. Several football tippers offer free picks for a variety of football competitions. Quality analysis is frequently used to support betting previews.

mark o'haireEven if we believe that free football tip services are proof in the pudding, it is always advisable to find an account in which the operator has had some connection to gaming in the first place. Although Mark may have fewer followers than some other accounts, it is evident from the recommendations he has posted recently that he prioritizes quality over quantity.

Suppose you want a renowned football expert’s free, top-notch, and epic football tips. Then Mark O’Haire would be someone you should follow on Twitter.

Mark Stinchcomb

I found Mark Stinchcombe while listening to the Matchbook betting podcast. He immediately stood out as someone who treated betting professionally, thanks to his strategy for football betting and analysis. On the Betfair football betting podcast, Mark is still offering advice. If you want someone who takes a professional approach to betting on football and provides good and top football tips, look no further because he is undoubtedly one of the top football tipsters

mark stinchcombIf yes, Mark Stinchcombe is a person and the best football tipster you ought to follow.


Discreet Twitter tipster Bet On Value frequently provides sage guidance by identifying value trades across various markets. He offers predictions that wise counsel always supports. You will discover a reliable method for choosing value wagers from international football markets. Suppose you’re trying to find the greatest and most reliable football tipster who can find value in all football betting markets.betonvalue It is much worse to watch Bet On Value than to do nothing.

Neil Macdonald

Football genius Neil Macdonald has profited from the major football marketplaces for a long time. Neil’s paid service, Bookie Insiders, has amassed a remarkable gain of £21,728 after 5316 wagers over eight years. Furthermore, Neil routinely tweets free advice from his service and suggests options that he believes would be worthwhile.  See protected tweets on twitterneil macdonaldAre you searching for a long-term winner among renowned football tipsters? Therefore Neil Macdonald is another of the top Twitter users to follow for appropriate football betting advice.


The above-mentioned is one of the more well-known and top football profiles available on the internet and Twitter, as it has amassed more than 400K devoted Twitter followers. They provide you with daily football predictions for numerous international competitions. Everyone has been counting on this tipster for a while, from supporters of a South Korea K-League to those of the Vanarama National League.footysupertips Although it can assist you in various other sports, including kickboxing, golf, and horse racing, most followers go for football-related tips.


Footy Accumulators have developed a stellar online reputation over the past few years for their correct and best football betting tips.  Their connections to the top bookies in the UK and their specialized news section deserve a significant portion of the credit. They currently have 600,000+ followers on Twitter. Additionally, there are recently winning acceptors and a How-to section to simplify things. footyaccumsThey are successful due to all of these and are also called winning tipsters.

Betting Buddha

Being one of the most prominent and best football tipsters on Twitter, Betting Buddha consistently has something fresh to share. You can find accumulators and basic bets here that always stay the same. Additionally, it is one of the few accounts that give you in-play recommendations and numerous chances to make extra money throughout the day. You will also receive daily “Double Your Money” slips, which have the potential to double your winnings.betting buddha You can trust this tipster to be completely honest.


How can I locate a reliable tipster?

If you approach every tipster with the utmost suspicion, you could find a decent one. They are examining their outcomes. Bet tracking; Verifying their legitimacy reviews; Questions to ask the tipster (while exercising caution); What to learn before you start following; and, finally, Red flags, Conclusion

Which software offers the best football predictions?

The most useful app for wagering on football games is Overlyzer, which has a high accuracy rate. And, Overlyzer is the Android app that makes football predictions the most accurately. Both live betting advice and potent statistical analysis of recent football matches are provided.

Should I buy football predictions?

In conclusion, it should be noted that only serious gamblers should consider paying for betting advice, even if it is worthwhile in contrast to the available free options. It isn't in the overwhelming majority of situations.

What bet is the most popular?

occer. Around 70% of all legal and illicit betting worldwide, both in legal and illegal markets, is on soccer, according to betting and sports statistics researcher Sportradar


The above ten tipsters distinguish out as a few of the best football tipsters on Twitter. The preceding tipsters all approach football betting shrewdly. Each has sound justification and a genuine comprehension of locating gain in the football betting markets.

We hope we have effectively assisted you and facilitated your search for the 10 best football tipsters on Twitter. We would like to hear any queries, worries, comments, or ideas you may have and to help.