10 Best Discord Bots to Use | {Updated}

Discord is heaven for people who love to play multiplayer games. The primary function of Discord is to allow gamers to chat with each other while playing a game. It is widely used while playing games such as Pubg, free fire, and Fortnite. Discord is a voice and text chat app for gamers, which is free, secure, and works on your phone as well as your PC. On best discord bots, you can create a server where you can invite people to become a member. A Discord server is just like a community group with different rooms. Each room is known as a channel. On a particular channel, you can drop a message or start a voice chat with people already connected.

Here are the 10 Best discord bots to use:

  1. Mee6
  2. Groovy
  3. Poni
  4. Dank Memer
  5. Rhythm
  6. UnbelievaBoat
  7. Taber’s Bot
  8. Tatsumaki
  9. Nadeko Bot
  10. Dyno

Today, we will tell you the ten best Discord Bots that you can invite to your server for best management. If you’re interested in Bitcoin mining, we have gathered some of the best Bitcoin Bots to help you with crypto mining.

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10 Best Discord Bots to Use

Here is a list of all the Discord Bots you could use.


Mee6 is one of the best Discord Bots. It is a multi-purpose bot. Its main purpose is the moderation of the server. The Mee6 Bot has a dashboard through which you can control its activities. It gives or removes roles automatically to members based on their businesses in the server.

It identifies the members with the highest activity and rewards the most active members of your community. Whenever someone joins the server, it will automatically send a message regarding the rules, topics, or ongoing events of the server.


If someone fails to abide by those rules, they will kick those people out within a few minutes. The best thing it does is that it protects your server from ads, spam, swearing, and excessive emojis.

Visit: Mee6


Groovy is one of the best Discord Bots, which lets you play music while on Discord. Its main source of music is youtube. Thus, you can pretty much play any song that you want. Some of the best features of Groovy are that it is stable, will provide a lag-free experience even when thousands of players are using it at once, and is very easy to use.


If you upgrade to discord premium, you will be able to use features like video control and audio effects.

Visit: Groovy


Poni is a trusted and widely used Discord Bot. It is effortless to use and performs a wide range of activities. It is a modular Bot used for giving or removing roles to members, activity tracking along with a leader board, kicking in-active members, and many more activities.


Developed by Poni Development, it has been in use since 2017 and used in over 26K Discord servers.

Visit: Poni

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Dank Memer

Memer is, without a doubt, one of the best Discord Bots. It is a feature-rich Bot. It acts like a moderator by welcoming members, kicking spammers, and tracking the activities of users. Dank Memer is also used to play music.

Dank Memer

It uses Spotify support to play your favorite songs and has additional setting options like bass boost, custom playlist, and many other features. Having over 100+ meme commands, you can create and share a wide range of memes using this Bot. You might not need another bot if you use it on your server.

Visit: Dank Memer


Rhythm is a Bot, which focuses on mainly one feature: giving the best music experience to its users. It is effortless to use and very stable will ensure a lag-free experience.

Rhythm is provided with constant updates to enhance your music listening experience on Discord.


It is easy to add to your discord server, and you can use it for free.

Visit: Rhythm


UnbelievaBoat is a widely used bot across 316,000 servers. It provides a server with activities such as automatic moderation, economy, allocating roles, and many more features.


You can also run music using UnbelievaBoat if you upgrade to Discord Premium.

Visit: UnbelievaBoat

Taber’s Bot

Taber’s Bot is a utility bot. It performs moderation duties and role management and is also used for performing fun activities on the server. It also conducts activities like anti-raid, anti-images, anti-links, and anti-ad, thus saving your server from shameful events.

tabers bot on discord

You can assign someone the admin role to control Taber’s settings.

Visit: Taber’s Bot


Tatsumaki is another one of the best Discord Bots serving a particular purpose. It is a Bot, which encourages users to increase their activities on the server. The most active participants are rewarded with XP Points and given high-level ranks. There is a reputation system served in Tatsumaki Bot that allows one user to upvote another user.


Members with the highest reputations also come on the leaderboard. Members can even personalize their profiles by adding to their personal information and using attractive backgrounds. You can even kick a member from your server and have Tatsumaki send them the reason.

Nadeko Bot

Nadeko Bot is another one of the best Discord Bots you can find. It performs activities like moderation, utility, fun, and economic activities. There are more than 416,000 servers that use the Nadeko Bot. Nadeko is a blissful bot for gamers.

Nadeko Bot

It displays your gaming stats, notification whenever your favorite streamer comes online, speed typing and many more features. It is effortless to use and add to a server.

Visit: Nadeko Bot

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Dyno Bot is a very widely known bot on Discord. It is a customizable moderation bot with an intuitive dashboard. More than a million servers on Discord use Dyno Bot.


It performs a wide range of activities like playing music, performing moderation activities, automatic roles, reminders, and many more. It is easily one of the best Discord Bots.

Visit: Dyno

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Is there a jail bot for Discord?

The bot enforced restrictions, confining users to a single category's access, and automatically lifted these restrictions upon completion of their ‘jail sentence.’ A designated tickets channel stores historical records and displays a ticket for each jailed member, with updates made to the ticket upon their release.

Can Discord bots read your messages?

It's essential to understand that Discord bots can access all messages sent in a server or DM, provided the server admin permits them during installation. The bot owner can view all content visible to their bots if they choose to do so. It's vital to exercise caution and adhere to best practices when using bots to ensure privacy and security in Discord conversations.

How do I view Discord bots?

Open the Discord mobile app and go to your main channel. Select the bot's profile icon located under the member's listing. After that, you need to check the ‘About Me’ section on the bot's Discord account to find the commands or inputs required to initiate the bot. If you're in a channel, enter the specific chat command to activate the bot's functions.

How to make your own Discord bot?

Enable the ‘Developer mode’ feature within your Discord account settings. Select the Discord API option. In the Developer portal, from there, choose ‘Applications’. Create a name for your bot and then click Create. Access the Bot menu and generate a token by selecting Add Bot. Utilize the provided bot token to program your bot, and remember to save the file containing the code.


Well, these were some of the best Discord Bots, as per us. E-sports teams such as Soul, 8-bit, Entity, Skul, and many other organizations on their discord servers use the bots listed above. Thus, you can blindly trust them. Anyone with knowledge of programming can develop a bot on Discord. You just need a good hold of languages like C++ and Python. If you know of another bot that you think we missed in the list, comment down below. Hope you liked the post.

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