10 Best Controllers For Retropie | Top Picks for Using in 2023

Playing retro games on the Raspberry Pi, such as arcade and classic PC games, requires the best controllers for RetroPie, which turns your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming computer.

To meet your needs for vintage gaming, at least one controller should be available. Although most of these controllers are USB-only, the list includes a few wireless choices. We will examine the best controllers for RetroPie in this article because we need some controllers to play these games.

Since then, the selection of Best Controllers For Retropie, Bluetooth, and Wireless RetroPie controllers has increased. From exact duplicates of iconic console controllers like the 8BitDo SN30 Pro, inspired by the SNES, to precise recreations of vintage home computer joysticks like the Competition Pro USB.

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10 Best Controllers for Retropie Our Top Picks

Given below is the list of best controllers for Retropie.

Wireless Xbox Elite Controller

To play RetroPie games, the Raspberry Pi can be connected to the Xbox Elite Wireless controller, among the most best Controllers for Retropie, with various features. It has paddles that can be changed out and swappable parts with hair-trigger locking. Gamers can customize this controller to their preferences to make it more comfortable.

best elite controller for retropie

The Xbox Elite wireless controller’s finest feature is that it can be charged with a USB-C cable and has a forty-hour battery life, which is excellent for gamers.

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

For the past 30 years, the 8bitdo has introduced several controller devices.

8bitdo gamepad controllerThis controller’s motion controls and rumbling sensation, which weighs only 250 grams, is the best USB controller retropie. Bluetooth connects the X-input and D-input.

Wireless DualShock 4 Controller

Although it was made for the PlayStation, this retropie controller may also be used to play games on the RetroPie. It contains controls on its side that are highly sensitive, a light bar on the controller that changes color in response to game actions, and a 3.5 mm audio connector that lets you attach a hands-free device to the controller.

best controller for retropie

Moreover, it contains an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer that detects tilt and rotational motion. Moreover, it can be connected to the Raspberry Pi and PCs and includes built-in speakers for hearing the game noises.

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has made the Xbox One controller available and can be wired to the Raspberry Pi. The Xbox One controller’s primary feature is its cable connection to the PC and Raspberry Pi.

xbox one controllerThe controllers’ curves fit in your hand. Improvement in the controller’s D-pad so it can detect motion.

An Xbox 360 Controller

If selecting which controller to use with the RetroPie compatible controller, you should also consider the Xbox 360 controller games and discuss it with the readers.

xbox 360 controllerThe Microsoft team also unveiled this controller, among other controllers for retropie, which comes in white, grey, and other hues in addition to black. 

Best RetroPie Controller For The Nintendo 64

The controller’s form is almost everything when simulating the Nintendo 64! In particular, if you intend to play something even remotely as absurd as Mario Party, the buttons and joysticks must be prepared to withstand some significant abuse. Check out this next USB N64 controller for the dependable tri-grip joy you’re most accustomed to.

RetroPie NES Controller

A SNES controller will not provide a true NES experience. The controller for this vintage Nintendo system had a distinctive design and feel. Furthermore, The layout and button placement gives a quality response. Hence, we determined the Premium NES controller from Hyperkin was the ideal choice for NES emulation on RetroPie.

RetroPie PlayStation Controller

PlayStation controller for retropie is unquestionably an excellent option for RetroPie, regardless of whether you want a PlayStation experience or love the vintage aesthetic. The PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller syncs up easily with the Raspberry Pi and provides the responsive gaming feedback you need. They come with industry-standard quality and have many buttons for both old and new platforms.

RetroPie Arcade Controller

The Switch Fighting Stick Mini by HORI is an arcade controller with official Nintendo Switch licensing, but it also functions well with the Raspberry Pi. It connects via USB and includes a traditional arcade joystick and button layout.

All-Around Best Wired

If you prefer connected best controllers for Retropie, you need something dependable. Microsoft’s official Xbox One controller provides the instantaneous response times you expect from a wired device and connects through USB. As a result of being an officially licensed controller, you can anticipate high-standard quality with a contemporary console feel.


Which wireless controller for Retropie is the best?

Due to its compatibility, the 8bitdo SNES30 is one of the Best Wireless Controllers for Retropie. However, you should try the Bluetooth-enabled 8BitDo gamepads if you require a wireless controller for your Retropie gameplay. However, after testing them out, we discovered that the 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Controller's many settings share a similar design.

Can you use a Raspberry Pi to play old games?

To play RetroPie games, the Raspberry Pi can be connected to the Xbox games and Elite Wireless controller, one of the most popular gaming controllers in the world with various features. Gamers can customize these best controllers for Retropie to their personal preferences to make it more comfortable.

Can you use a retropie controller to play Wii U games?

Most Wii U video games, including Mario, and all Virtual Console Wii U games are compatible. Retro gaming on the specially constructed Raspberry Pi console, Mac, or Windows requires a Retropie controller. Many generic Genesis, NES, or SNES replica controllers are available on the market.

Is RetroPie compatible with the Steam Controller?

Yes, technically, though not without considerable trouble. The Steam Controller has been used successfully with RPi3 systems, but there are now concerns about it not functioning with RPi4. This Reddit tutorial demonstrates configuring a Steam Controller to work with RetroPie. On your Raspberry Pi, manually install the Steam Controller drivers, then configure them as necessary to achieve this.

Is RetroPie compatible with PS3 controllers?

Yes, the PS3 controller setup in the RetroPie controller is simple. Select 'Manage Packages' from the RetroPie settings, then 'Driver'. The PS3 driver can then be chosen from the menu by selecting 'Install from source' under the heading 'PS3 driver'. Quit the RetroPie setup menu after installation and exit the RetroPie setup menu and return to the EmulationStation home screen; your PS3 controller should now be able to be connected in the usual way.


Many other best controllers are available, along with the best controllers for RetroPie. This article examined the many types of support for the Retro pi controller. We hope you like it. Keep Visiting!

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