11+1 Best Chromecast Apps for Android and iPhone

Smart TV’s have been in the market for some time now, which let you cast content, watch
various things connecting to your WIFI. But what if you are stuck with your old LCD or
LED, well worry not as Chromecast has got you covered. Manufactured by Google, costing
just a few bucks and not putting much pressure on your pockets chromecast is just a mini device with
HDMI pin connects to your LCD and makes it pretty much ‘SMART’ as the company Google
is. Below is the list of Best Chromecast Apps that you can use to cast your phone screen on TV.

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Let’s say if you don’t have a smart TV at home but still you want to access internet services on it so chromecast is a solution to this problem, which simply mean that anything that you can watch on your mobile phone can now easily be seen on your big screen television with
ease. There are innumerous android and ios apps available which support chromecast. Although Chromecast doesn’t store apps on the device itself, you’ll need to keep your apps on your smart device to use them. These applications are easily available on android play store and iphone app store.

12 Best Chromecast Apps

Google Home

Google home helps you control your chromecast devices. It is a versatile application, it not only helps you control chromecast devices but also helps you control home products like lights, thermostats, cameras etc. Google home helps you to customize your TV screen, helps you browse trending content, and play or pause content.


Google home app is one of the best Best Chromecast Apps available for android as well as ios devices and is must to have installed if you are considering multiple chromecasts for your home.

Download Google Home here

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Videostream is one of the best applications which help you play your videos on TV. You can directly install the application on your phone and use it. And moreover, it is a free application for both android and iphone.


The video and sound quality on the app is smooth and is quite easy to use. The application size is also space friendly. It is just 9.8MB for android device and 12.7MB for ios device.

Download Videostream here

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Netflix is the most well known video-on-demand and Best Chromecast Apps platform where you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies. It is one of the most subscribed service for watching TV shows and movies. Netflix application works well with chromecast.


It is a great app for casting on TV. As per records it hasn’t shown any glitches while casting. Although Netflix subscription is not free of cost but the video and sound quality which it provides while
casting is remarkable.

Steps which you need to follow while setting up Netflix on your TV

a) Connect your chromecast device to your TV, and configure it to the network to which your phone is
b) Open Netflix on your phone and tap on the “cast” icon.
c) Select the name of your chromecast and finally pick the show you want to stream on your TV.

Download Netflix here

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LocalCast helps you to stream videos from your android phone, iPhone, iPad, or any embedded video on a webpage. It is one of the Best Chromecast Apps that helps you to connect to any folder on your phone or computer and lets you cast them to different devices. You can also choose to stream videos directly from google drive and dropbox to your TV.

An additional advantage of using LocalCast is that it lets you stream your video to your TV but listen to audio using headphones, if you don’t want to bother people around you. Also it is available free of cost on both android and ios devices.

Download LocalCast here

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YouTube is one of the most used and one of the Best Chromecast Apps for streaming videos. It is also available which makes it much more convenient for user to play videos on their phone. YouTube helps the content creators to share their work on a platform with large user base. Now since chrome has added chromecast with YouTube you can now directly stream all your videos onto your TV. YouTube application is easily available on app store of both android and iPhone devices and is free of cost.

It also consumes very less space of your phone’s storage. It contains videos on almost everything going on around the world and also with quality options. YouTube videos can be easily casted to your TV by taking into account few basic steps.

Download Youtube here

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With twitch you can watch people playing games live. Along with watching it live it also allows you to do live chat. It is a popular app with PC, Xbox, and mobile phones and now with chromecast you can watch gamers play on your home’s big screen instead of small screen of your phone.

Twitch not only help you watch live games but also helps you to broadcast your very own content. It is available for both android and ios platform and is also free of cost.

Download Twitch here


TED talks are best if you want to expand your knowledge and want something to ruminate on. It is now available on android as well as ios platform with chromecast support.

There are more than 3,000 inspiring talks available on TED application which you can watch on your television instead of wasting your time watching unproductive TV channels.

Download TED here


AllCast does not only help you cast videos onto your TV but also helps you to send music and pictures from your mobile phones to TV. Although this application has viewing limit in order to remove the viewing limit you’ll have to upgrade to premium version.


Download AllCast here


HBO Go lets you stream your favourite TV shows and movies. It has launched its web application with chromecast support but currently it is only available in US.


To start casting HBO Go, just check you have its latest version of application, open the app, tap on cast and enjoy watching your favourite shows. This application is available with both android and ios.

Download HBO Go here


Hulu is just like Netflix. It lets you stream your desired TV shows and movies online and now it also allows you to cast your videos on your big TV screen.


Hulu application is available on both android and ios platform and is one of the Best Chromecast Apps but it is only available for some specific part of the world. It is not free of cost but allows casting your videos easily and smoothly.

Download Hulu here


A never ending library of various genres, having a collection of old to new songs, Spotify
tops user’s preferences while listening to music.


Having access to various radio stations make it an added advantage. Costing a few bucks this choice can never go wrong if you want to experience music at a whole new level. Connect it to your Chromecast and enjoy music on your speakers.

Download Spotify here


If you are really into those Monday night football matches, cricket or baseball you should
give this app a try. For a minimal fee the app offers you schedules, latest news, points table, match highlights and written updates about completed/on-going matches. The app is compatible with Android as well as IOS.

Download WatchESPN here


Chromecast is a handy device which helps you watch your favourite videos on your TV screen through your smart devices. Contents of various web applications such as Netflix, YouTube can be seen on big screen just by casting it through your mobile phone. Although, casting this content on television require high speed internet connection. Chromecast apps are very useful and have made peoples life exciting.

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