6 Best Chrome Screenshot Extension | Take Screenshots In 2023

Taking screenshots on a favorite browser, such as a Chrome program, is simple. You can use the keys from your keyboard to screenshot your preferred screen. For instance, if you use a Windows operating system, you can use the PrtScn button, or if you are an Apple lover, you can use a combination of Cmd + Shift + 4 keys on a Mac computer. This article will discuss the best Chrome screenshot extension in 2023.

Below are some of the best Chrome screenshot extensions:

  • Full Page Screenshot
  • Super Chrome
  • Fireshot
  • Light shot
  • Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder
  • Ninja Capture

You can capture the information before you use these available keys, a strict “NO” for scrolling up or down. Also, sometimes you can block the websites which you find vulnerable. You need alternatives like full-page screen captures, scrolling screenshots, annotations, automatic cloud sync, and more. 

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Follow Basic Methods For Receiving the Best Chrome Screenshot Extension

This is to ring the bell that the best Chrome screenshot extension and tools like DevTools have an inbuilt choice to capture screens. It’s not as consistent as Right-click on-page and selecting capture screenshot like you have on Firefox, yet it gives you some helpful choices. 

screenshot chrome

To capture the screen on Chrome, open the Chrome developer tool by using Ctrl + Shift + I for Windows or CMD + Option + I for macOS, press order + p, or Ctrl + p, and type screenshot. Select the full-page screenshot option. 

You can capture the full-size screen or visible screen. The main advantage is you can even alter the resolution and zoom. It can likewise capture screenshots for the web pages navigated through mobile; you can pick a couple of versatile designs—Snap-on 3 dabs menu on the upper option.

Fortunately, you can also utilize some third-party Chrome extensions to get these extra highlights. We have handpicked some best Chrome screenshot extensions for you! 

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Best Chrome Screenshot Extension To Use 

Here are some of the best Chrome screenshot extension to use in 2023.

Full Page Screenshot

As its name suggests, taking a screenshot of a full page of the current window is best. Full Page Screenshot is an actual screen capture expansion that lets you catch the whole screen with only a single click. It works simply like the local component of Google Chrome to see the screen in a more improved manner. 

one click screen capture

Click on the icon and spare a few seconds for it to traverse the page. It opens another tab to download the screen captures as a picture or PDF. You can change the picture format and the PDF page size from the settings tab. The main issue with the scrolling screenshots is that they consequently don’t perceive and evacuate sticky headers and footers of the website page. It is the best Chrome screenshot extension.

Highlights: no login or sign up, full-page screenshot in one click & save it as PDF

Visit –Full Page Screenshot

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Super Chrome

SuperChrome for Chrome extension gives the quickest method to share and save the screen capture. The incredible thing about SuperChrome is that it offers users a broad scope of options like desktop capture, webcam capture, even editing a screenshot, and so on. This open-source expansion gives users many altering alternatives before saving the picture.

super chrome

The benefit doesn’t stop here, SuperChrome additionally lets the users legitimately share the captured screen with social networks and image-sharing sites.

Visit: save & share, editing options before saving the image

Download –Super Chrome

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Fireshot Chrome screenshot expansion does everything that the previous version in the rundown did. Notwithstanding that, it can also take a screenshot of the page’s visible piece. It can likewise take a screen capture of the chosen region utilizing the cursor. 


You can empower hotkeys to catch the screen and save time. That’s why it is among the best Chrome screenshot extension. However, the most terrific selling point is the choice to comment on, crop, and alter the screen captures in the editorial manager, which you can download from the settings menu. Fireshot gives you more authority over the result.

Highlights: choose an area to capture, comment on, hotkeys, supervise, annotate, crop, and alter the screen captures in the editorial manager 

Visit – Fireshot

Light shot

Lightshot is another extraordinary Google Chrome extension in the rundown, which gives the user a broad scope of highlights. This is likewise one of the essential and effective screen grab tools accessible for browsers like Chrome. It makes Lightshot additionally intriguing in that it permits the user to edit the screenshot before saving it.

light shot

Learn to expect the unexpected with Lightshot; users can include borders, content, and obscure content. The light shot is one of the best Chrome screenshot extension tools that you can try today without any doubt.

Highlights: blur the content, type, border, and edit 

Visit – Light shot

Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

Nimbus packs a ton of great highlights for Chrome screen capture extensions. You can, without much of a stretch, select or take scrolling over screenshots, record videos of the screen, or even catch postponed screen captures. You can see the screen in the portable design utilizing the Nimbus extension. It additionally permits you to get a screen with a slight deferral, and not at all like the whole page; you can choose a piece of the page and look to catch just the essential data.

numbus screenshot and video recorder

You can likewise record videos of a tab, total work area, or through the webcam. At long last, add a watermark to the screen capture in the editorial manager to forestall misuse. Nimbus is genuinely a screen capture-catching tool with numerous highlights, and it is for users who need an adaptable extension. All this makes Nimbus the best Chrome screenshot extension tool.

Highlights: Screen-grab with a built-in screen recorder, delayed capture, select and scroll capture, annotate

Visit – Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

Ninja Capture

A fantastic Chrome plugin is called NinjaCapture. It is software that handles everything in one location for you. You may effortlessly share your screen video with NinjaCapture Software from any device anytime. ninja capture

You have a variety of screencast options to choose from, including a visible page, a whole page, and choose an area. Grab everything with a single click or three times. The screen capture extension for Google Chrome is readily available on any device.

Ninjacapture makes recording audio with just one click simple and fosters positive relationships with audiences.

Ninjacapture acknowledges web camera recording to connect personally with the target audience. You can choose between webcam and screen capture during a video recording or resume with both.

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Visit: Ninja Capture 

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot Without an Extension

Without an add-on, full-screen capture is also possible. To do it, adhere to the instructions below.

  1. Open the menu in Chrome and select the More Tools and Developer Tools icons. menu in chrome
  2. After clicking the three-dot on your screen, choose the Run option. run optionYou must then press the Ctrl+Shift+P icon.
  3. In the search box, enter Screenshot. screenshot optionThe next step is to choose a full-screen Chrome screenshot. Using this method, you can snap a full-page Chrome screenshot.

How to Screenshot a Full Page on a Mac Without Extensions

How to screenshot an entire page on a Mac is a common question. Four recommendations are made to us to assist you better.

  •  Launch DevTools from within Chrome: You can select full-screen capture without extension on your Mac PC. You can use Chrome’s DevTools feature to accomplish your goals. Here’s how to screen capture an entire page with it.

dev tools chrome mac

  1. Open Chrome and then go to the More Tools icon. You must then choose “Developer tools” from the menu.
  2. On your Mac PC, you must use command+Shift+P to open the command menu. 
  3. You can choose full-screen capture Chrome after choosing the “Capture full-size screenshot” option.
  • Print the Entire Web Page and Save It as a PDF: You can also use the following technique to capture the entire screen on a Mac.

print to pdf

  1. Launch Chrome on a Mac and choose File > Print.
  2. You must click the “Save” icon to export your page as a PDF file. You can use this procedure to attempt a full-page screen capture.

Using a Mac-only Third-Party App: Capto

Capto is a third-party tool that can assist you in taking a screenshot of the complete screen if you don’t like using the Mac’s built-in way for taking screenshots. capto

You may record videos using this program, then edit them afterward.

To capture the complete screen, adhere to the instructions below.

  1. You must choose the “Web” option after starting the program. Then choose to snap a screenshot of the webpage you’re on. You must choose “Snap Active Browser URL.”
  2. The screenshot you just took can now be edited, and you can store it wherever you like on your Mac.


Is there a Chrome extension for screenshots?

Chrome Extension for Movavi ScreenShot. Take screenshots of the entire webpage. Capture, modify, and save them as PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG files before uploading, printing, and sending to OneNote, the clipboard, or email. Movavi ScreenShot is a Chrome add-on that allows you to capture complete and partial screen captures.

Is Awesome Screenshot safe?

Awesome Screenshot does not collect any further personal information. Awesome Screenshot uses Google Authenticator to connect your Google account to your Awesome Screenshot account. It does not preserve the password. So no need to be concerned about password breaches.

How do you use GoFullPage?

GoFullPage is a browser extension that allows you to capture a screenshot of a complete web page viewing in your browser. If you click on the extension icon, it scrolls down across the current page you're viewing in your browser, combining each scroll window into a single image in a new tab.


I hope you have a better idea about picking the best Chrome screenshot extension. Some of them can record the screen too. You can also share these best Chrome screenshot extension tools with your friends and enjoy hustle free life.

These extensions quickly get your work done and have a user-friendly interface. Tell us which screenshots extensions you like the most.

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