7 Best Chemistry Youtube Channels For Chemistry Lovers

Are you passionate about chemistry? Do you want to improve your understanding of this fascinating subject? Therefore, this article will provide a list of the 7 best chemistry YouTube channels to help you learn more about chemistry and excel in your studies.

The 7 best chemistry YouTube channels for chemistry lovers are LearnChemE, Periodic Videos, ChemistNATE, NurdRage, Chemical Bouillon, Extractions & Ireland, and Chemistry in Everyday Life. These channels offer instructional videos, demonstrations, and simulations that can help students understand complex concepts. So it provide the ability for students to connect with others interested in chemistry. chemistry

In conclusion, the article discusses the benefits of using YouTube for learning chemistry, including its user-friendly interface and ability to provide content at the user’s pace. It provides a comprehensive list of the seven best chemistry YouTube channels for chemistry lovers. Above all, the article offers valuable information for anyone interested in learning more about chemistry through YouTube.

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7 Best Chemistry Youtube Channels For Chemistry Lovers 

YouTube is an excellent resource for learning chemistry. Additionally, YouTube has a user-friendly interface and allows users to learn at their own pace, making it a valuable tool for students of all abilities and learning styles. The platform offers various instructional videos, demonstrations, and simulations to help students understand complex concepts and principles. Moreover, the platform’s diverse content, including videos created by professional educators and other students, provides a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. To sum up, YouTube is a valuable resource for anyone learning chemistry.

Check out these documentary youtube channels if you are keen to learn about facts based on real events and persons.

Additionally, YouTube allows students to connect with others interested in chemistry, in addition to the previously mentioned benefits. Students can ask questions through the platform’s comment and messaging systems, share their knowledge, as well as engage in discussions with their peers. This can help create a sense of community and support among learners, which can be especially valuable for those studying chemistry independently.

nuclear chemistry

Many videos and channels are specifically designed for use in the classroom, as are instructional guides and tips for teachers. Furthermore, YouTube offers a wealth of resources for educators looking to incorporate the platform into their teaching. This can help educators effectively incorporate YouTube into their lesson plans and make the most of the platform’s many benefits.

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Here are some of the best YouTube channels for chemistry:


The University of Colorado at Boulder professors created LearnChemE with a target market. Hundreds of screencasts from LearnChemE can replace experiments or demonstrations of interesting chemical reactions as your university professor’s lecture. Their films include a wide range of engineering and science topics.

learn chem e

This is extremely technical content best viewed by someone well-versed in the area to brush up on a topic or learn something new.

Visit: LearnChemE – YouTube

Periodic Videos

There is a substantial collection of material to see on Periodic Videos, which has been operating for eleven years and is produced by the University of Nottingham. Even one playlist provides each element’s attributes in the periodic table in chronological order. Their demonstrations and experiments are the things that first piqued our interest in chemistry. Because of their consumable, brief movies, you will feel free from a lecture hall.

periodic videos

There are other channels for that, but Periodic Videos excels at bringing back the original motivation for studying chemistry.

Visit: Periodic Videos – YouTube


A website called ChemistNATE provides educational screencasts on various chemistry topics for college and high school students. These videos focus more on providing answers to specific queries that are typically left unanswered on other channels than covering lengthy chapters. Check out these video recorder softwares, if you want to record videos for future reference.

chemist nate

We advise all chemical students to do this.

Visit: chemistNATE – YouTube


This channel is focused on using chemistry, just like Extractions & Ire. It shows you how to produce everything, including thermite and glow sticks. As a result, you will like the content on this channel whether you are a chemistry professional or a novice just starting to become interested in the subject.

nurd rage

The fact that it has more than 100 million views since its creation in 2008 attests to this.

Visit: NurdRage – YouTube

Chemical Bouillon

A special chemistry YouTube channel called Chemical Bouillion combines science and art in a novel way. It seeks to undertake various chemical processes to determine whether they result in a novel or fascinating patterns, (check out these youtube channels if you are interested in art). Although it may seem strange, it has evolved into a widely regarded abstract painting style.

chemical bouillon

Chemistry is frequently perceived to be a dull, lifeless science, however this serves as a reminder that it is not.

Visit: Chemical bouillon – YouTube


CAMERA (Chemistry at Manchester Explains Research Advances) is a project of the University of Manchester that consists of several brief videos showcasing the work of the Chemistry Department at the university. Although some of it might sound promotional, which it undoubtedly is, CAMERA outlines some of the key topics of current chemistry research as well as some of the practical applications the school employs chemistry for.


If you are a student debating whether to pursue a chemistry degree, therefore this channel is a good way to see the field of chemistry in a broader context than the classroom and chemistry lab at school.

Visit: Chemistry at The University of Manchester – YouTube


Adam Dylewski, the director of programming at PBS Digital Studios, launched this channel. It aims to raise awareness of the value of chemistry in daily life and is owned by the American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios.


It covers fascinating subjects in food chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and the biomolecules found in living things.

Here are the top 7 best chemistry YouTube channels for chemistry lovers, which offer educational materials for those looking to study chemistry

Visit: Reactions – YouTube

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What are the trending chemical topics?

Innovative topics for chemistry research Using pesticides sparingly in agriculture. Analysis of Polymers in a Limited Environment. Synthesis of Sustainable Elements. 3D printing with photocatalysis. Use of Nanophotonics in Aviation. Modification of the BRCA1 gene and medicinal chemistry.

What is the toughest topic in chemistry?

The most difficult area of chemistry is physical chemistry. It involves the study of the physical characteristics and composition of matter, in addition to the principles controlling chemical combination and chemical reaction theories.

How can YouTube help with studying?

With audiovisual information, subjects with challenging ideas and complicated theories become entertaining. Furthermore, YouTube has facilitated learning and teaching for both students and teachers. Students have the chance to learn about other points of view on the subject thanks to the content educators from across the world posting on YouTube.

What kind of content should I expect to discover on YouTube channels for chemistry?

Chemistry, A wide variety of information is generally featured on YouTube channels, such as instructional films on chemical ideas and reactions, examples of experiments, and discussions of current affairs and chemistry-related issues. Additionally, several channels offer advice and tools for students studying chemistry and conversations with chemistry experts and professionals.


In conclusion, YouTube is a valuable resource for anyone interested in chemistry. The platform has a user-friendly interface and a variety of content, which includes videos made by experts. It offers a fun and comprehensive learning experience. Most importantly, there are channels available for use in classrooms, as well as instructional guides and tips for teachers as a result it can help teachers effectively use these channels in their classrooms. Making it an effective tool for educators. Students who are interested in chemistry can connect with others on YouTube, consequently creating a sense of community and helps learners feel supported. 

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