10 Best Call Recorder For Android In 2022 [Record Calls While Talking]

In today’s world, everybody is busy in one work or another. That is why we might not even remember what a person said to us over a phone call. It can be annoying as well as risky if you forget your boss’ orders. Don’t you think so? If you have a short memory span, you should install a call-recording app on your device. Best Call Recorder for Android is also essential for detectives who are always in search of a lead and rely on call recordings for getting clues.

Call recording has several times unsheathed the curtain off corrupt people. It has even led to the capture of many. There are several call-recording apps available on the Google Play Store. Today, we will tell you the ten best call recorders for Android through which you can record your conversation with anyone. You can also check out anonymous chatting apps here.

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Best Call Recorder For Android

Down here you can find the list for top 10 Best Call Recorder for Android.

True Caller

True caller is the first app you download when you want to know the identity of a person. Whenever a person buys a sim card, he has to fill out an application with several details. True caller finds out at whose name the number is registered and displays it on your screen. True caller also provides the feature of call recording. Not many people know of it because it is not free. You have to purchase a premium plan to use the call recording function. Do not worry; the premium plan will not burn a hole in your pocket.


It costs just Rs 49/month and adds many more features along with number recognition. The premium features include call recording, a premium badge that will let others notice you when you call, incognito mode while searching for other person’s number and no advertisements. True caller is a trustworthy app in comparison to others who will compromise your private information for their benefits.

Visit: Truecaller

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Automatic Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder is one of the Best Call Recorder for Android. It packs many features using a small storage spaces in your device. Using Automatic Call Recorder App, you can store, edit, play, and send your recordings to anyone. There is a recycle bin available from where you can retrieve deleted call recordings.

automatic call recorder

It records all calls in HD quality from both sides. It has a simple user interface. You can enable/disable call recording as per your needs. ACR Call recorder also provides the feature of ID recognition that works just like Truecaller.

Visit: Automatic Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call recorder is also one of the Best Call Recorder for Android. It has 4.6 ratings on the Google Play Store, that indicates high customer satisfaction. Using Cube Call Recorder, you can not only record regular calls but also record calls made from apps like What’s App, Skype session, Viber, Hangouts, IMO, KAKAO and many other calls supporting apps. You can record these calls without paying any complimentary fees. It’s available for free. The Cube Call Recorder is easy to use.

cube call recorder

You can record calls in the HD quality. There is an option through which you can select specific contacts whose calls you want to record. It has a built-in file explorer where you can manage your call recordings.
There is also a premium version you can upgrade you, which provides features such as: saving call recordings to SD Card, protect call recordings by using a pin lock, many more audio formats, shake your phone while recording to mark essential parts of the call and many more features. The app also records calls made from a tablet.

Visit: Cube Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder by SMS Robot

The Automatic Call recorder by SMS Robot is the newer version of Callbox app, which was earlier suspended. The Automatic Call recorder has several latest features in comparison to its predecessor. It provides functions such as Google drive synchronization, both side voice phone call recording, shakes to record, and many other features free of cost.

automatic call recorder

All the premium features in Callbox are now available for free in the Automatic Call Recorder App making it one of the Best Call Recorder for Android.

Visit: Call Recorder by SMS Robot

Call Recorder-Automatic Call Recorder-callX

The Call Recorder Automatic is another one of the best Call Recorder for android. It records calls with the person’s phone number or his/her contact name. You can use the app to identify the identity of the user. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls using this call recorder.

all recorder

It uploads your recorded conversations to Google drive or dropbox without any premium subscriptions. You can also share call recordings to Whats App, Viber, and Skype.

Visit: Automatic Call Recorder-callX

Call Recorder by Lovekara

The Call Recorder by Lovekara is a very simple to use tool to record calls. It has been since 2013 and has excellent reviews on the play store. Also, it does not take a lot of space in your mobile’s memory. This app will automatically record every call you make. It has an excellent user interface.

call recorder by lovekara

The app organizes all recorder calls as per time, date, and name of the contact. It comes in handy you want to know when the call was recorded. You can also save the call recordings on your SD Card for free using this app.

Visit: Lovekara

Call Recorder Automatic by Arrow Frankie

The Call Recorder Automatic is a 2-way Best Call Recorder for Android that records both incoming as well as outgoing calls on its own. The interface of the app makes it easier to manage all call recordings and allows you to share the call recordings across Whats App, Facebook, and many other platforms.call recorder

You can download an unlimited amount of calls for free using this call recorder.

Visit: Arrow Frankie

Call Recorder Automatic by Smart Media

The Call Recorder Automatic is also one of the Best Call Recorder for Android. It is a bug-free, call-recording app, which allows you to record calls in HD quality.


Smart Media records both incoming and outgoing calls. It also reveals the ID of an unknown person and saves the recordings by contact names and date.

Visit: Smart Media

Call Recorder S9- Automatic Call Recorder Pro

The Call Recorder S9 is an application specifically optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, you can also use it with any android device. It’s a simple tool that manages your call recordings, records outgoing as well as incoming calls and saves the recordings in the SD card. Best Call Recorder for android samsung phones.


There are multiple recording modes available based on contacts, non-contact, number, or just selected contacts. You can also upload the recordings on Google drive and dropbox free of cost.

Visit: S9- Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Black Box Call recorder by CRYOK SIA

Black Box is a professional tool used for recording calls. It has a clean interface which allows you to manage your recordings easily. Blackbox offers high-quality recordings with a lock feature to protect your calls, a backup feature, white list feature from blocking contacts whose calls you do not want to record and many more.

call recorder

It is free to use and probably one of the Best Call Recorder for Android.



Is Call Recorder safe?

The Call Recorder app has a serious flaw. Anand Prakash, a security researcher and the founder of Pingsafe AI, discovered a defect in the Call Recorder app. Anyone can use the service to listen to a recorded call and save it to the cloud.

Is it illegal to record phone calls?

Federal law needs one-party consent, which allows you to record a conversation in person or on the phone if you participate. Assume you are not participating in the chat but are recording it. You are illegally listening in or wiretapping.

Can Truecaller record calls?

Call Recording is a tool that lets you record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can listen to the recordings in the Truecaller app or on your phone's storage.


In conclusion, these were the top 10 Best Call Recorder for Android, which you can find on the Google Play Store. These apps will make it easy for you to record and manage your calls. Call Recording will not be possible when your device upgrades to Android 10 as Google has removed it. So, if you think that Call recording is essential to you, you should not upgrade your device to Android 10. Hope you liked the post.