Best Blue Light Filter for PC | Top 5 [Updated for 2023]

Blue light is that part of the visible light spectrum that reaches deeper into your eye. Its cumulative effect can motive harm to your retina. It is connected to the improvement of age-related macular degeneration. Worst of all, it makes your brain extensive unsleeping while you are approximate to go to sleep. In this article we tell you about the best blue light filter for pc.

Are you experiencing eye stress, dry eyes, or occasional headaches while you spend an excessive amount of time using your gadgets? It’s a sign that you must, in all likelihood, reduce the time you spend looking at displays for positive. However, that won’t continually be feasible.

The good news is you could start using a blue light filter software program to reduce eye strain and, in a few cases, even improve your sleep. We put together a list of the best Bluelight Filters for PC. you can also check out how to use word in dark mode here.

Blue light: A Threat To Our Vision

Blue light is responsible for your eyes hurting after spending too long watching your device display screen. Continued publicity to blue light can suppress melatonin or sleep-inducing hormone manufacturing. This manner that persevered use of your devices keeps you alert and extends your day; however, it additionally disrupts your herbal sleep cycle. That could be causing your eyes to experience worn-out and overworked at the quiet of the day and reason diverse sleep issues and even despair over the years. blue light filter for pc

One epidemiological research has also shown a compelling correlation between daylight exposure – a herbal supply of blue light- and an improved chance of early age-related macular modifications in humans. However, this particular association of effects from blue light is hard to evaluate in human beings and warrants further observation.

Filtering out blue light can assist repair your natural sleep cycle and help other biological strategies on your frame, which we might determine through the degrees of light that your body’s uncovered to. Here are some of the best blue light filter for pc.

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Best Blue light Filters for PC

Here is a comprehensive list below.

Iris Mini | Mac, Windows, and Linux

Iris mini is one of the excellent unfastened apps that you could get to lessen the blue light while using your laptop. It’s incredibly simplistic and minimalistic: no UI, multiple-choice menus, and vain buttons. Once you download and install the software, Iris will seem for your screen as an icon within the ribbon menu of your computer. 

Iris reduces the color temperature and brightness of your screen without increasing the glint price of the screen. In Automatic mode, in the day, the coloration temperature is 5000k, and brightness is stored at 100%, and night it adjustments to 3400k and 80%. The handiest three-mode versions are Automatic, Manual, and Paused. 

Manual mode lets you hold the coloration temperature at 3400k and brightness at 80% at all times, while Paused approach pauses the app’s work. iris mini

You can also get more excellent alternatives to customize the Iris mini by purchasing the Pro model for $8 (one-time price). Otherwise, the app is loose and must be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Iris changes the color temperature of your show. Natural light is bluer, at the same time as most artificial daylight (together with candlelight) is warmer. Incandescent bulbs, which we’re all used to, end up redder in tone while you dim them. But more modern LEDs and CFLs don’t – this includes the backlight to your screen.

You’ve probably dealt with this if you’re a photographer since pics taken internally at night are always a whole lot browner than pix outdoor. Iris also innovatively adjustments your show brightness without PWM flickering. Iris Mini, however, is unfastened. This app deserves to be on top of the best blue light filter for pc.

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Redshift | Mac, Windows, and Linux

Redshift is an unfastened and open-source blue light filter app for pc that determines your vicinity and adjusts the shade temperature of your display consistent with the solar’s role. You’ll see your screen transition to exceptional color temperatures throughout the sunlight hours when there’s a natural supply of light and at some point of midnight to suit the light from the synthetic light sources surrounding you. redshift

At night time, the coloration temperature should be set to shape the lamps in your room. This is commonly a low temperature at around 3000K-4000K (default is 3700K). During the day, the shade temperature needs to be light from outdoor, generally around 5500K-6500K (default is 5500K). The light has a higher temperature on an overcast day.

The developer also considers whether it’s a bright or overcast day on your location and correctly adjusts the color temperature. 

Redshift is free and open-supply, with the source code to be had on GitHub.

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SunsetScreen | Windows

SunsetScreen is a free (may be used without spending a dime in change for sharing PC assets) Windows app for non-public use, facilitating taking the glare off your screen in the nighttime. Scientific studies have proven that melatonin – the chemical the brain makes late in the day – is decreased while exposed to blue mild.

Sunscreen takes regulating your display screen’s brightness to the following level. SunsetScreen continues the display screen brighter for an extra extended time throughout winter.

In wintry weather, it receives dark in advance, but you would possibly need to hold the identical working or analyzing timetable as earlier than. The app allows you to set your sunrise and sundown instances to shape your productivity cycle. You can create your personal presets and select the brightness and color temperature degree you need for your pc display screen. 

It will become simpler to wind down properly at night and, as a result, have an extra restful sleep by tempering this blue light. Whether you’re a morning lark or night owl, SunsetScreen allows you to set the time of the sunset and dawn so that you can have complete manipulate over your sleep cycle.

The app is free to download and use. However, there’s the handiest version for Windows available for the time being.

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CareUEyes Lite | Windows

CareUEyes Lite is a free blue light filter software available for Windows. Installing the Lite model of CareUEyes is an excellent manner to test out the blue light filter app. Rather than earlier than shopping for the Pro model and spot how you like it first. 

CareUEyes can robotically clear out the blue light and make the display look warmer and comfortable. This ensures that your eyes do not feel worn out. This utility has several presets that regulate color temperature and brightness, including popular, clever, workplace, recreation, and nighttime.

CareUEyes is a watch care software program with a blue light filter, display screen dimmer, and bread minder(rest timer). This software program presents eye safety for folks who use their laptop constantly for hours. Using this eye care software program, you may apply a blue light clear out to the pc display screen to reduce eye U eyes lite

You can manually modify the show color temperature and brightness to use the blue light filter and relax your eyes. Apart from that, it also comes with eight special predefined filters based totally on diverse sports, and you could apply them to your screen with only a click.

CareUEyes Lite comes with a brightness manipulator. It allows you to modify your display screen’s brightness to various ranges, from 20% to 100%. Since CareUEyes Litemakes use of 600kb of disk area and as little CPU time as less as possible. It’s an app that you can deploy even on a bad-performance laptop. 

However, if you want more fantastic functions like the blue light clear out, the sunrise/sunset transfer, and timer, you may purchase the Pro license that starts at $1.90 in line with the month. You can check out how to download bluestacks offline here.

Night Shift | Mac

If you’re a Mac owner, you shouldn’t download a third-party blue light filter software to filter the blue light at night. Night Shift shifts your display to hotter colorations at night, permitting you to preserve working in your computer safely after sunset.

To switch on Night Shift in your Mac, comply with the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift course. There you have an option to Schedule the blue light filter out to turn on and off collectively with the sundown and dawn in your region and pick out a custom timetable for it. nightshift for mac

Night Shift is the best Blue light filter for mac. The Manual alternative turns the blue light filter out on until sunrise. You also can set the display’s color temperature, which you pick, transferring the toggle from Less Warm to More Warm. You can also check out how to block websites on Mac here.

This was the list of the top five best best blue light filter for pc.


Why should I use a Blue light program?

The blue light coming directly from the Sun or your devices harms your retina as it penetrates deep into your eyes. It is crucial to protect your eyes from this blue light. Various filters are available for this purpose.

What is the 20-20-20 rule?

Set a timer to remind you to look away every 20 mins at an item. This is about 20 ft away for a full 20 seconds.

What screen color is best for your eyes?

When it comes to coloration combos, your eyes prefer black text on a white or slightly yellow heritage. Other darkish-on-mild combos paintings are exceptional for the general public. Avoid low assessment textual content/background color schemes. If you wear contacts, your eyes work tougher when observing a screen.


The blue light emitted by the devices poses a significant threat to our eyes. It can lead to less visibility as well. Studies have shown that blue light accelerates macular degeneration in our bodies. Thus, it is crucial to minimize the penetration of blue light into our eyes using blue light software.

Windows 10 and Apple Mac have inbuilt blue light filters or so-called dark mode. But, there are numerous blue light filters we can choose from. Hope, this article has helped you.We hope that you know which are the best best blue light filter for pc for you.