11 Best Anime YouTube Channels For Hardcore Anime Lovers

Nowadays, people worldwide are fond of anime, its lively characters, animated graphics, etc. If you are a hardcore anime lover and need clarification about the best animes to watch, here are the 11 best Anime youtube channels for you.

The best youtube anime channels you can watch are:

  • Gigguk
  • Glass Reflection
  • The Anime Man
  • Nux Taku
  • Mother’s Basement
  • AkiDearest MaStar Media
  • Crunchyroll
  • Bobsamurai

Are you anxious about why these animes are the most watched and the favorites of most people around the globe? Let me show you the reasons and look at the best anime youtube channels for you.

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Why do animes possess such a great fan base?

Animes generally possess a great fan base and global appeal as they offer a tranquil and happy mood to people watching them. The effective use of graphics, innovative styles, and energetic, animated characters certainly gives goosebumps to real anime fans. Apart from showing realistic elements, it also points to unique and special features of each character, like supernatural powers, magical deeds, etc, more like a movie or novel. Its appearance also widens the range of its viewers from childhood to adulthood. Irrespective of age, animes are a form of entertainment and stress buster.animes There are many anime youtube channels where you can find anime content for free. Many people have even started youtube channels that cater to the need of anime lovers to review and analyze their favorite anime movies and characters. These influencers certainly have a significant role in making a new anime watcher free of confusion regarding which anime is the best to watch.

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11 Best Anime Channels

Here is the list of the 11 best anime channels on youtube for you to enjoy.


Gigguk is one the best anime youtube channel owned by the Thai-British Youtuber Garnt Maneetapho
With admirably great graphics cards and effects, he has an everlasting impact on the animes world. His videos based on critical analysis of anime enabled him to gain much popularity among anime lovers.gigguk His immense love for anime and his efficiency in analyzing it made him a popular Youtuber among anime channels. He had left his full-time job to work on his youtube channel, which has made him no loss or regret as he is now the most famous anime Youtuber.

Visit: Gigguk

Glass Reflection

Glass Reflection is the free anime youtube channel of the Canadian anime reviewer Tristan Gallant. glassreflectionThe channel offers a wide range of review series on the web based on diverse areas of anime. This feature is the main factor that attracted the people to his presentation. This channel would be the best choice if you want an insightful approach to anime.

Visit: Glass Reflection

The Anime Man

The Anime Man is owned by the Australian-Japanese Youtuber Joey Bizinger, who often does both anime and manga reviews. His videos mostly focus on Japanese cultural entertainment as he emphasizes more on their popular cultural forms such as manga and anime. the anime manApart from being a fan of anime, he talks of more knowledgeable facts through his channels. This reveals his wide span of wisdom. From the year 2013 till now, his youtube channel has got the attention of several anime fans all over the world.

Visit: The Anime Man

Nux Taku

The Canadian anime Youtuber Nux Taku mainly focuses on videos featuring an analytical approach to anime. nux takuRather than presenting in a monotonous, serious tone, he uses a light-hearted approach where viewers find him comfortable and fun to watch. His way of presentation, sense of humor, sarcastic temperament, excellent editing, etc are the major factors of his success as a Youtuber.

Visit: Nux Taku

Mother’s Basement

Mother’s Basement is the channel of Geoff Thew, an American Youtuber whose major interest lies in analyzing anime characters and video games. mother’s basementHe has a huge fan base, as the way he analyses an anime is extremely systematic. He even brilliantly talks of the major changes and reformation in the anime world.

Visit: Mother’s Basement


The channel AkiDearest is owned by the American Youtuber Agnes Diego, who deals mainly with Japanese popular culture elements. akidearestThe most distinguishing feature of this channel is that apart from a mere analysis of animes, this channel gives an overall outlook on Japanese life. She also closely observes all the animes she watches and even gives a detailed review of the characters. She even focuses on anime-based makeup tutorials, which show her intense observation of each anime she follows.

Visit: Akidearest

MaStar Media

This channel is run by an American Youtuber who talks of the famous and admirable anime Dragon Ball Z. The major peculiarity of this channel is that he creates animations including anime characters.mastar media Also, his honest reviews made him a huge fan base.

Visit: MaSTAR Media


The American streaming company Crunchyroll offers free, ad-supported streaming of popular anime. crunchyrollThis is now the most popular anime streaming company as it offers over 1000 animes and more than 80 manga shows. 

Visit: Crunchyroll


Bobsamurai mainly focuses on giving a logical and well-defined analysis of anime.bobsamurai His analysis is much wider and more in-depth. This channel gives a crisp and clear-cut scrutiny of the anime’s plot.

Visit: Bobsamurai

Anime Sensei

This is a famous youtube anime channel that offers a thorough analysis of the sensei’s. Such a study on a particular area is an attractive feature of this channel. anime senseiThough the channel began in 2017, it has attained massive popularity over a short period of time.

Visit: Anime Sensei


This is one of the most demanded anime channels owned by Muse Communication where you can watch your favorite anime for free.museasia This channel has facilitated to make of these popular animes accessible to everyone.

Visit: Muse Asia


Who is the most popular anime Youtuber?

Now, the most popular Youtuber is Gigguk. This is definitely due to the way he presents his analysis with relevant points along with an entertaining, comic approach.

Who are the best anime reviewers on youtube?

Several anime reviewers focus on several aspects of anime. Gigguk, The Anime Man, AkiDearest, Nux Taku, Glass Reflection, Mother’s Basement, MaStar Media, etc. are the most popular anime youtube reviewers.

Why is anime so popular?

Anime is mostly based on entertainment purposes with vibrant effects, innovative styles, light-hearted temperament, and much more relatable. Watching anime offers a sense of relaxation and entertainment most of the time.

Which is the best channel to watch anime?

There are so many websites and channels to watch anime. Among them, some popular sites are Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet, Netflix, Hidive, etc.


Though anime is something based in Japan, a wide range of anime lovers worldwide watch them through several online streaming apps and other platforms. For anime lovers, finding the best anime youtube channel and the best anime reviews is a hectic task. Thus, this article provides guidance on the best anime youtube channels for fans. Here are some of the most creepy YouTube channels you may enjoy!

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